Capture that Moment (Part. 1)

Why are we so addicted to watching dramas? I’m sure everyone has a reason of their own. Whether that be their favorite oppa is on screen or hey that plotline sounds interesting! We all on some level connect with the characters we are watching or enjoy some of the emotions they wring from us. There are some scenes from shows that really stick with us, the ones that make your heart ache or so amazingly courageous. They might not always be the climax moment, but rather that small snapshot.

Here are some of my (phoenix) favorite moments that remind me why I love dramas so much:

Healer (Episode 16) : “Come Back”

When Chae Young Shin finds out that her father may have been killed by Healer’s father. Yet, instead of them both being noble idiots, she urges him to find the evidence that his father didn’t do it and come back to her. She even says that if he doesn’t find the evidence, still come back to her. They aren’t going to let the past tragedies dictate their future happiness.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.41.59 PM

Heal Me Kill Me (Episode 7): “I am Cha Do Hyun”

The rooftop attempted suicide scene really pulled at my heart strings. Do Hyun, a man suffering from DID, almost dies as his suicidal alter decides to jump from a building in order to stop their loneliness. To a man who can’t even tell his family about his mental disorder and society who looks down upon such things, he is increasingly lonely as he wars with himself every single day. He never knows when his alters will pop up and what they will do, always leaving his main personality to clean up the consequences. However, Ri Jin, cares enough to call Do Hyun back from his trapped mind. She cares about healing Do Hyun, and not treating him like a monster. He has never known such comfort and the pain in his eyes really pierces through me.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.51.15 PM


New Tales of Gisaeng (Episode 33): “I Can’t Live Without You”

There are actually a lot of gorgeous moments in this drama, but this is by far my favorite one. For a pair of newbie actors, these two played out this makjang wonderfully and I shed many a tear. In the this scene, DaMo just interrupted Sa Ran’s hairaising ceremony. To put this into perspective, Sa Ran, as a dance gisaeng of BuYongGak, decided to marry a CEO twice her age in order to acquiesce to Da Mo’s mother’s requests and her belief that she has no chance whatsoever to marry into DaMo’s household.This is after Sa Ran went through many a selfless suffering and trials of love with Da Mo. Da Mo, who loved her so much, that he, who was an arrogant chaebol in the beginning, crawled hands and knees in BuYongGak, scrubbing the floors and waitering in order to be next to Sa Ran. While she tried to be strong again and again in order to protect him and herself, he only proved his love stronger and was patiently waited it out. Before the ceremony was completed, he burst in to plead with Sa Ran one last time. He falls to his knees before her and apologizes for all the foolishness he had done before. He says he will do whatever she asks of him and literally cannot live with her. Sa Ran who is at her wit’s end, finally caved and while she blamed him for taking away her innocence and ruining her last effort, she cannot hold back her feelings any longer as well. A gut-wrenching confession and pleading that led me to shed several buckets of tears.


Pinocchio (Episode 10): “Impact and Fact”

I was deeply impressed by Park Shin Hye’s performance as In Ha in this drama. In Ha has a syndrome called Pinocchio’s Syndrome where she can’t lie without hiccuping. Her mother is an unscrupulous reporter who refuses to apologize for the tragedy that cost Dal Po (the man who grew up with In Ha and is also her lover) his entire family. At a lecture that her mother gave about giving impact over fact to attract viewership, In Ha scathingly stands up to her mother and lectures her about the importance of truth. She reminds her mother of her faults that she refuses to acknowledge and calls her mother the same trash journalist she was 13 years ago. Even though her mother tries to cut her down, she takes it in stride and still reminds her mother what it is to be a true reporter. It was the first time we saw the Ice Queen that is her mother crack and really take words to heart. It takes so much courage to stand up to your own mother and say such cutting words to the woman she tried so hard to reconnect after many years.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.30.35 PM

Bridal Mask (Episode 27): “I Can’t Kill You”

Bridal Mask has always been the top drama in my heart. The scene that I really enjoyed was the fight between Shunji and Gaksital, after Gaksital killed Shunji’s father. The fight was brutal, both sides taking raw punches and hits from each other. As if they were trying to make up for all the times that they missed in their ex-friendship and for all the hurts they caused each other. They are so furious with each other, but both sides have killed each other’s family in the name of different sides of the Korea and Japanese war. Yet, at the final moment, Gaksital could not kill his previous friend Shunji. He remembered their deep past friendship where Shunji stood up for Gaksital at his poorest moment. A friendship that had crossed nationality at such a precarious time. However, Shunji is now so twisted with revenge and hatred, his face actually wanted Gaksital to kill him, to end all his suffering. The cannot forgive, yet they could not kill each other.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.37.54 PM

Startling By Each Step (Episode 34) – “Spread my Soul”

Contrary to popular opinion, the pair that actually gave me most feels was Ruo Xi and 14th prince. While their love wasn’t as romantic or epic as the ones with 8th and 4th, it was more subtle in it’s romance. When it was Ruo Xi’s last moments in Qing dynasty, it was with 14th that she passed away. She sought him as refuge and comfort even if she did not love him romantically as he did her. However, he treated her equally, listened to her opinions, and was her counterpoint. While they describe themselves as cats vs dogs, in reality, I feel as if they are more suited to each other, in modern day terms, not that much so in Qing dynasty traditions. Due to her sufferings in the past, she requested that she be cremated as she did not want to spend eternity in a dark grave being food for grub. 14th prince of course acquiesced to her request, knowingly that he would receive 4th’s anger and reprimands later. Throughout the series he has always had her back.

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