Capture That Moment (Part. 2)


So I realize that I like my men angsty and in need of catharsis. Just putting it out there….

Not that I don’t like them full of joy, but I guess the angsty scenes just hit me harder, I suppose.

And wow, I never realized how much time it takes me to refind all these scenes!

Autumn’s Concerto (Episode 23) – “All The Lies”

The moment that comes where all truth is revealed and Mu Chen must come clean to GuangXi as he remembers everything of his past previous to his brain operation. Having fallen deeply in love with GuangXi, painfully leaving him so that he can receive the best brain surgery, having his child, and then pretending not to know him has taken a huge toll on GuangXi’s psyche. He is so furious and in so much pain because he can’t trust his memories, his past, and now his future. He left his fiance who he was going to marry before, needing to hash out his past. He had almost rekindled their love even with his memories not intact, feeling the familiarity.He doesn’t know that Mu Chen loves him still desperately, and believes everyone was watching him as a fool. He believes that she left him because of his surgery and that she loves Tao Ye. The point that really hit him hard was that Mu Chen had his son call him uncle even though he was his father. He vows to get his son’s custody and to cause Mu Chen the utmost misery. He can’t forgive Mu Chen for deceiving him so heavily. Although this scene is obviously the highlight of the drama, it gives me a sense of catharsis as everything comes clean so that the relationship can rebuild. Even though it seems like they will never heal, sometimes it takes an ugly break to grow back even stronger.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 11.40.10 PM


Heartless City (Episode 20): “It Must Have Been Hard For You”

Poor Park Sa who has been living a lie the whole time finally receives a moment of catharsis as his good noona friend finds out that he is a undercover cop instead of the head of the underworld drug mafia. The noona doesn’t want revenge him, even though she practically raised him and is part of the underworld herself (with ties to the police of course). Instead she tells him that she is sorry he had to go through all these hard times and sufferings. She wished she could have been more of a support and is proud that he is really cop. Park Sa who had been forced to do unscrupulous things even though he has high moral standards can finally let his guards down. He had such a tight reign on his emotions, it is one of the few times he completely let his walls fall. Such amazing acting!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.04.39 AM

Time Between Dog and Wolf (Episode 13): “I Am My Worst Nightmare”

What a heartbreaking event it is when Soo Hyun recovers all his memories. He has become his worst nightmare. Starting out, he had been set on revenge on the man who killed his mother in his childhood. After becoming an NIS agent, he even faked his own death to become a spy to Mao, the man who killed his mother, but is also the father of his true love. Unfortunately, playacting becomes reality as he almost drowns and loses his memories. He really becomes Kay, Mao’s trusted right hand man who is loyal to the bone. However, a mission by Mao sends him one step too far and recovers everything. He cannot believe what he has done, the one person he didn’t want to become. The worst is that no one from the NIS came and he really lived his life seeing Mao as a father. To dig the knife in further, not only does he realize he let his father die, he had stood by without helping. Soo Hyun cannot forgive himself and even tries to commit suicide.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.01.11 AM

Monstar (Episode 8): “Duets on My Guitar”

To my pleasant surprise, Junghyung of BEAST gave a great performance in the musical drama Monstar paired with Seyi. The two gave us a unique duet on one guitar with Junghyung playing the strings on the body of the guitar while Seyi played on the neck. Together, they played and sang Sanulrim’s “Your Memory”. It gave me delightful shivers, their unique combination and amazing chemistry. I was blown away by the feelings of nostalgia the song created. The song embodies the lighthearted first love of youth.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.13.03 AM

It Started With a Kiss 2 (Episode 20): “Through Thick and Thin”

As much as I love the reconciliation scene just a little before, it is actually the family reunion scene that really takes the cake. With Xiang Qin realizing she has inheritable night blindness which turns out that she has a progressively declining vision that will eventually leave her permanently blind, she runs away! She loves Zhi Shu, but doesn’t want to ruin the perfect family, let alone pass it to her future children. However, Zhi Shu, although extremely cold all through two seasons, finally shows us the depth of his love and his true need for Xiang Qin in his life. She fulfills the emotions and is the stimulation he needs. Furthermore, her family loves her incredibly much and the actual part that moved me to tears was when her little brother in law said, even if she becomes blind, he will hold her hand to take her shopping. I love the family love in this drama!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 1.28.31 AM

8 thoughts on “Capture That Moment (Part. 2)

  1. another scene that i remember n really2 like is in ‘It’s okay, it’s love’, when GHJ’s (sorry, i forgot her character name) ex-bf came to apologize… she told him everything in the rain, while the senior dr. n kwangsoo (plus Joinsung too) eavesdropping her. “akawo?? i’ve been waiting for it for my whole life” (something like that, i don’t remember clearly her lines coz it long) i cried again… the rain makes me cry harder!! *ah~* T,T

  2. It was great to read this entry. Remind me so much about these amazing dramas. What happen? (currently watching Monstar right now though) I need a drama just like one of these this year b/c 2014 had failed me deeply. Hopefully 2015, a drama can take me “up and down like an elevator” and make me cry, laugh, and scream.

    These scenes does remind me of Fun Fueng where everyone lied to him literally everyone lied to him including his parents and best friend. Worst of all, he doesn’t even have amnesia. He was just a super nice decent man who is in love.

    • Thank you! Did you get to see part 1? Yes, the quality of dramas have not been so good lately with the exception to Healer. Haha, I hope 2015 will give us some good ones definitely!

      Fun Feung? Is that another drama?

      • Fun Feung is a thai lakorn starring Jui and Push. Oh gosh, Push is super hot. It’s more of a romantic comedy. I hate romantic comedy but Push was just too hot for me to pass the lakorn on the side.

        Part 1 of your entry??? Yes I did.

        Healer is so good right now. I haven’t watch this week’s 2 episodes yet but I did read the recaps and I’m going to wait for the finale to marathon 4 episodes. Although I was excited for Hyde Jackel, I’m going to finish Healer first.

      • oooh i may have to check out fun feung then! i haven’t watched a thai drama fully since sawang biang.

        ahhhhh healer is my love right now. they are so functional together! i can’t wait to see what happens in the last two! i hope it ends happily for our leads and that the bro gets whats coming to him

  3. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out much for Thai drama in 2014. Dramas in 2014 disappointed me in some forms or ways….

    I’m sure you will write something about Healer ending and I will put my thoughts on your post. 🙂

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