Capture That Moment (Part. Final)

The last of the moments forever impressioned on my mind! Let me know some of yours!

Innocent Man (Episode 9)- “Point of No Return”

Yes, I too was fascinated with the tunnel scene where our two extremely dysfunction individuals decide it’s better to die/suicide/murder?/doublesuicide. Coming from a harsh breakup where Maru basically tells Eun-Ki that he had never loved her and that it was all for show to win back Jae Hee (her hated stepmother who pushed her real mother out of the household). However, we don’t know if he is just manipulating her feelings, but we are quite sure he wants her to stay away from him and his not so nice deeds. Meanwhile, Eun-Ki receives a message that her father is now dead (courtesy of Jae Hee + Lawyer). Our two crazies happen to be driving in the same tunnel and see each other. They drive headlong into each other, not caring about their lives. We end with an amnesiac Eun-Ki who lost most her cognitive ability to be nursed back to health by Maru who refuses to get surgery for that huge bleed in his brain.


School 2013 (Episode 15): “I Missed You, You Bastard”

AHHH. A bromance that rivals a romance! Heungsoo and Namsoon finally totally make up and reveal their feelings about their friendship. Heungsoo forgives Namsoon for breaking his leg (cost him his soccer career though) and tells him that even though he had tried keeping Namsoon out of jail, he went himself. He wanted to find another wayward brother to take care of because he missed Namsoon so much. Namsoon is so sorry for what he did to Heungsoo and tells him that his bff was all he had and how scared he was. TEARS from them and TEARS from me. And soggy ramen to go around.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 10.55.47 PM

Summer’s Desire (Episode 4): “NG NG NG”

Not that I like my heroine slapped into oblivion, but there was some fine acting going on in this episode. Hui Ni, jealous of Xia Mo’s popularity garnered through the drama they are filming decides to constantly NG a bijillion times so she can slap the crap out of Xia Mo’s face all the while with the director allowing it. It is heartwrenching to see Xia Mo go through that abuse. However, after a suggestion to reverse the role, Xia Mo played Hui Ni’s part perfectly, and guess what….stops her hand an inch before Hui Ni’s face. She is the bigger (wo)man and her performance brought tears to those watching the filming. Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Its Okay That’s Love (Episode 16):  “Let’s Wash Your Feet”

This scene really broke my heart. Jae Yeol finally tries to let go of his past and accept the childhood abuse he went through. It is sad to watch him go through the pain, but uplifting as he “washes” away the pain and hurts. He is giving Kwangsoo (his younger self) and himself comfort that he never go to receive as a child. Washing the feet is such an intimate gesture and putting on the new shoes showed that Jae Yeol is willing to start anew. He won’t be limping along anymore due to his “wounds”, but will run in a new pair of shoes!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.06.16 PM

Sawang Biang (Episode 11): “This is What Your Feelings Mean to Me”

Hurhur…when Wee realizes the depth of his wrongdoing to Narin, and hell, I mean I don’t know if I would ever forgive him for what he did. He starts doing everything in his power to try to make up for it and his unborn child. As a chaebol, he never had to really work a day in his life and enjoyed all the luxuries. However, now he sleeps outside in the sun or rain, which is the only place Narin couldn’t keep him out of. He picks flowers for money so that she wouldn’t have to do it. He cooks dishes for her day after day even though she throws it away each time. He grovels on hands and knees for the chance of Narin forgiving him.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.27.29 PM


7 thoughts on “Capture That Moment (Part. Final)

  1. i like that bromance scene.. ahaha.. as for innocent man, i like SJK’s scene with his sister when police taking him and she cryin in the rain and SJK come back scolded her.

    i did mention in your previous post, but i going to add more here..

    reply 1997, this drama is just epic.. this drama listed in my all time fav. and my fav. scene from this drama are:

    ep5 when sungshiwon got to know her father’s cancer.. the whole episode makes me cry a pacific ocean
    and another one when Yoon yoonjae got a message from his brother saying ‘mianhada’, just message but bring too much emotion n meaning..

  2. I couldn’t finish Summer Desire. I wanted the 2nd lead to win. So I hated the drama as a whole. Anyhow, love all the other dramas. I was even thinking about watching Nice Guy again. As for Sawan Biang, I watch that drama at least once a year. Love it!!!.

    • OMG, same here! I skipped watched the last half. I thought Luo Xi was a better fit tbh.

      Ah I just recently rewatched Nice Guy which prompted to write these capture the moment articles.

      • Yes. My sister in law was far behind on Kdrama and asked me about Nice Guy. She decided to watch it after I told her how I feel abut it and end up loving the drama. She’s a bit surprised that I do like it a lot because it’s a melodrama. I hate melodrama with a passion. Usually, I will watch melodrama if the ending is satisfying.

        As much as people talked about Summer Desire and how great that drama was…. I can’t bring myself to watch it/finish it.

      • Ah I see. I like melodrama if the leads have really good chemistry. And you are right, good endings are a must.

        Ahh yup sometimes dramas can get a little overrated

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