Lady and the Liar (千金女贼)


Lady and the Liar

Instead of progressing on my job searching, what do I do but start a new drama? I remember maniac Ride anxiously awaiting this drama, and decided to have a go as I wait for Cruel Romance (the same time period/style but with Huang Xiao Ming)  Set in the 1920s’ era, one of my favorite time periods, the Lady and Liar is full of birth secrets, lies, and mystery. Jiang Xin, our main girl, makes her living as a magician with her father, but they live in poverty. However, we find out that she is adopted and that her true family is of high class and has been trying to find her the past few years. Jiang Xin, though poor, lives happily in the slums and is in love with a gentlemen from another high class family. However, that man used to be doctor before an accident made him blind. At her urging, he decides to travel to London to receive operation on his eyes. He tells her to wait for him to come back. Meanwhile, the White Wolf is our main male lead and is an astute businessman. However, he isn’t called the wolf for nothing as he is very calculating and constantly has people trying to kill him to take his place. After Jiang Xin saved his life during a magician act, he falls in love with her. Though he tries to press his suit with her, she rejects him totally and prefers to be with her blind gentlemen. After the White Wolf decides to let her go, Jiang Xin is found out by her true family. She had tried to sell a necklace that had her family token on it to get money for her dad’s sickness. Her true family then sends for her, but she gets into an accident on the train. A female thief that she knew before decides to “let her hand go” and steal her necklace while they were hanging from a cliff. The thief takes Jiang Xin’s place in the high class household while Jiang Xin gets amnesia from the accident trauma. Meanwhile, the White Wolf is also in town and finds out about Jiang Xin. He decides to keep Jiang Xin next to him and lies that they were deeply in love before.

I really enjoy convoluted plots such as this one! Jiang Xin is really quite likable despite the dubbing while the thief is really great to hate. The thief doesn’t even show a inch of remorse which makes me just want to slap the beejeesuz out of her. The White Wolf, played by Hawick Lau is so amazingly inhumanly gorgeous. I hadn’t really liked him in ISWAK, but I really fell for him here! Arrogant, cold, calculating, and with such strong eyebrow game! Don’t forget those chocolate abs! As for Mr. Blind, he is such a hopeless romantic who has a small chance of finding his love back again as she has amnesia! He actually puts umbrellas over the flower bushes so that the buds won’t fall off and Jiang Xin will come to visit him. I know I will feel so sorry for him, but the chemistry between the White Wolf and Jiang Xin is off the charts.

Once in awhile I will watch a Chinese drama and enduring the dubbing. Yes the voices of the females are a bit shrill, but hey it isn’t that bad. While CG is used heavily and some action scenes are a bit physically impossible, the drama does make a gorgeous watch. The costumes are so intricate and pretty, and who doesn’t love a man in a suit everyday? It took me 5 episodes before I could tear myself away to write this!

We all know who the true lady is, but who is the liar describing, our thief or White Wolf?

WARNING: No English subtitles are available for this drama yet. I am watching it on maplestage.

Maybe I will recap the series after I finish? But 46eps! O.O With Cruel Romance coming up, I’m not so sure!

Ah, these lovely posters as well!

列印 列印 列印 列印

13 thoughts on “Lady and the Liar (千金女贼)

  1. You gave me so much hope till the very last sentence that there are no eng subs. AWWWWH. I’ve been waiting for this drama to come out since the beginning of 2014. I guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

      • I watched Boss and Me & Battle of the Changsha without sub so maybe I’ll give this a try without subs too. I just hate it when I really want to know what they are saying but sometimes when I do google things, some one or some site has translate some of the dialogue so it helps a little.

        Been waiting for this one and Princess of Lan Ling to come out…..

      • I totally agree. Not having subs make it so hard to watch a drama you have been waiting for a long time. Some kdrama cable dramas are hard to find up to date subs. Chinese dramas episodes come out so fast and so much that it is hard to keep up subs. Lady and liar comes out with 2 ep per day since it is preproduced

  2. I’ve never heard of Cruel Romance…. Gosh don’t Chinese-english people watch Chinese dramas. LOL Do you know they come out on DVD for Chinese dramas with eng sub? I know Taiwanese dramas does…. I haven’t seen Chinese Dramas.

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