The Wife’s Secret (妻子的秘密)

The Wife’s Secret

Due to my recent Hawick Lau fascination, I decided to check out The Wife’s Secret, because come on, who isn’t swooning over his beautiful face and angsty expressions?  While the drama itself seems okay plot-wise and cinematically, I am not very impressed or interested after two episodes. Perhaps I should have watched two more episodes to see if the drama got more meatier? So far, it just leaves a bland taste in my mouth and a simmering hatred for the mother-in-law. The story is about Zhang Bai He and Li Ming Lang, heirs to huge corporations and about to get married, before a horrible tragedy befell the Zhang family. Due to an arson at the family company and a tragic car accident, Bai He lost her parents as well as her family fortunes. Ming Lang, faithful and thoughtful husband that he is feels a responsibility since he was driving the parents when they got into the crash. He puts all his efforts into supporting his almost-wife while his mother puts all her efforts into breaking them apart. The mother-in-law, now that Bai He lost everything, hopes to push Bai He out of the marriage since she believes the daughter-in-law will drag the family down. By moving Bai He into her house, she can now bully her at her own discretion when Ming Lang is at work. She takes the utmost pleasure in making Bai He suffer while Ming Lang’s brother plays two-face as well. So far, all that has developed for me is a healthy hatred and annoyance at Ming Lang’s mother. Her constant shouting and nagging is god-awful and so grating. She just never shuts up! I understand that she wants to protect the family fortune as they had been extremely poor before, but the way she goes about is so childish and shows her lack of compassion. Miss Second-Female is also up the scale in annoyance. Clingy and whynotme-plznoticeme always playing up the dramatics to attract Ming Lang. The problem for me right now other than the two two-facers is the lack of chemistry between Ming Lang and Bai He. Coming off of Lady and Liar, I just don’t feel the passion between the two. Perhaps the drama wants to focus on a more understanding type of relationship and how they work it out between husband and wife? It’s just not enough to catch my attention and I don’t feel the motivation to see if later episodes amp anything up. In fact, I think I will just get more annoyed at the mother-in-law’s antics. I think I like my makjang more dark and dysfunctional than the slew of chaebol-poor girl-mother-in-law tropes I see here. Plus, I heard the ending was a dud too….

C-dramas are definitely a hit or miss with me and this one is definitely a miss! But hey, it’s just my taste, perhaps you can find a silver lining that I missed? Sorry, but even Hawick Lau can’t make me sit through 54 episodes of this….though I didn’t get to see the second male lead yet, but he seems quite dapper in the posters.

PS. English subless and dubbing warning!

4 thoughts on “The Wife’s Secret (妻子的秘密)

  1. I gave this one a try too, but I couldn’t get pass the 1st episode. I don’t even think I made it through the 1st episode. Although he is very hot!!

    I did pick up a C-drama yesterday and stayed up till 2 am. awwwh. Why do I do this to myself? Silent Separation starting Wallace Chung and Tiffany Tang… So far so good in my opinion.

      • Yes. I believe it also goes by “You are my sunshine.” I’m almost done with the drama. This one intend to keep it on the safe side. it’s not too rush yet too slow. It’s consistent. if you liked “Boss and Me,” you’ll like this one. I’ve read that it was the same producer so you get that same feeling.

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