So I decided to take a quick peek at Blood, like watched 3/4 of Episode 1 and skimmed episode 2. That is all I could stomach so far. Coming from the same writer, Park Jae-Bum, who wrote the fantastic Good Doctor drama….I can’t believe he wrote this tripe. I didn’t know if I was watching a continuation of the Twilight series, Korean style, in episode 1. Really, we got giant werewolves, some Volturi-looking vamps in hoods, some forest running, teenage angst, pure-bred blood lines all smooshed into one Twilight summary episode. Then we suddenly change the channel to Doctor Stranger, the sequel, but without the decent actors and dumbed down. In strolls, Ji-Sang, genius noble vampire doctor who wants to save lives, but must control his bloodlust. He also likes to push out bullets form his body like Wolverine from X-Men. He meets Ri-Ta, heiress doctor to the hospital (chaebol doctor?), who seems quite arrogant and develops a rivalry to Ji-Sang. But this will turn into an immortal luuuurve to transcend all epic romances, obviously. Then we have Jae-wook who is the chief surgeon …and also the resident baddie vampire who killed Ji-Sang’s parents and is also searching for pureblood Ji-Sang? Like I said….Twilight part. 50. While I’m not finding Jae-Hyeon too atrocious to watch, its clear to me he is NOT leading man material yet. I would say he jumped a little too far after My Love From Another Star. And can we do a little less blood spraying and a little more goggle-mask wearing during surgery? Let’s please make things a little more realistic and have less chance of eye infections for our doctors, yeah? And for the love of God, Gu Hye-Sun, you are just as bad as I remembered from BOF, if not worse. I am so disappointed after hearing you had improved a lot in Angel Eyes. This is you taking 5 steps back. No, actually, there is something new besides your too frozen face, literally why are only your lips are moving? And please put back those eyes in your eye sockets! You also seemed to have developed a weird head tilt. You must have a cramp after filming each episode! Even my neck hurts from watching yours!

PS. This is one of the harshest reviews I’ve written, so I have prepared water for flames!

14 thoughts on “Blood

  1. glad i didn’t pick up this drama.. i read knetz comment on this drama from netizenbuzz blog, they all said goohyesyn was really2 bad.. n someone mentioned twilight too, so i don’t want to waste mytime. i watched queen inhyun’s man remake instead, so far so good, cinematography is very2 pretty. though some said the ancient part (speech) abit awkward but since i don’t understand chinese its doesn’t bother me.. oopppsss sorry for putting an offtopic comment.

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  3. I had so much hope for this drama, needed something fierce after healer.. I have no idea why I actually like jae- Hyeon , it’s probably cos he looks a little like lee min ho to me.

  4. I started this drama too , because I was curious and I pretty much agree with your review. Though I feel like I really want to give it some time and see where it will go. I hope it wont turn into “My lovely girl”, where I forced myself to watch till the end : P I’m gonna write a review about the first two episodes too 😉

  5. Personally, it’s weird but I like it. I’m going to give a few more episodes and see where it takes me. The end of episode two is kinda giving me that vibe of Doctor Stranger. (and I’m not even going to start about Doctor Stranger) I hope and pray that it gets better. I think we just need to see pass Jae Heyon character in MLFAS. Even though he’s not really main guy material but I see him pulling this character off as okay so far.

    • It does definitely give off thr doctor stranger vibes with genius surgeons running around for sure. Doctor stranger was a mess in itself. with ahn jae, I just feel blank. Not great but not bad either. Good luck with the other eps!

      • I watched episode 3 and so far so good. I’m going to believe that he’s still learning so he’s not that smart and that strong yet. Giving this boy a chance to prove himself. I’ll let you know more when this drama ends or when I do give up on it.

      • Oh that is good to hear! Unfortunately, sometimes I judge too fast based on just 2 eps, haha, but I’m watching alot of dramas right now, so I got to cull out the ones that aren’t as interesting to me.

        Let me know what you think of it as it goes one, keep me updated! I’ll be curious to see if it improves a lot or not!

      • Hello PICA. I wanted to come back and leave my reviews on this drama. I actually stuck it out till the end. Episode 4 is what kept me holding on. I’m glad I didn’t give up. As much as it was low ratings, I really do like the drama. I’ll give it 6.5 out of 10. It’s wasn’t fantastic or amazing but it was good. Every drama has dragging parts so don’t be surprise that this one did too. Especially the main character didn’t have their first kiss until episodes 13 or 14 or some teens. It took a long time to build the main character’s story but it wasn’t boring One thing is that it stayed consistent and I think that’s why the ones the enjoyed this drama were those that enjoyed the flow of the storyline. It wasn’t rushed nor it was taking forever to get to the point. It dragged just a bit but I mean a tiny teeny bit only. The reason I gave it 6.5 out of 10 is b/c usually my rating at 7 is when I would recommend for others to watch it. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you have nothing to watch or if you enjoy vampire storyline.

      • Thank you for coming back and telling us about your thoughts! Consistency is a must in a drama, and I am a firm believer in tight plot lines…though I did hear weird things about the ending…probably not going to try this one again, but will peek into the new Vampire drama coming out, Orange Marmalade due to the marvelous Yeo Jin Gu headlining it. Young upcoming actor, but very talented and has a good set of movies/dramas under his belt!

      • Yes. I am looking forward to OM too. I’m not very familiar with the actors but… I do know them.

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