Cruel Romance / 锦绣缘·华丽冒险

Cruel Romance / 锦绣缘·华丽冒险 / Jin Xiu Yuan · Hua Li Mao Xian

Well, well, well what do we have here? Is it a Lady and Liar knockoff or is it something of it’s own? I would be lying if I said I didn’t see hints of Lady and Liar in Cruel Romance in the beginning. However, after 4 episodes, the similarities are only apparent at the start and the paths are already diverging.

With Cruel Romance, we have JinXiu, a girl of a prominent family in the more rural areas of China who is pretty spunky and dislikes being fit into the ladylike mold. However, one night her entire family befalls tragedy after she helps a wounded individual. Her family is executed at gunpoint by this unknown evil enemy and she sets out on the mission of finding the enemy with only a controversial compass that the wounded man passed into her possession. On her way, she meets Zuo Zhen, triad leader, Er Yei (hello there White Wolf pt. 2), whom she saves on a ship and who saves her as well as they land in Shanghai. While in Shanghai, she meets Ying Dong who becomes her friend and someone she has a crush on later. He is actually her brother-in-law as JinXiu’s long lost sister is married to his brother.

However, that sister hates JinXiu’s guts because her mother and her were pushed out of the family and starved on the streets JinXiu’s other came into the family. While in Shanghai, JinXiu passes of the compass to YingDong (not that she knows it was him) and still tries to search for her parent’s killers while being pushed and bullied by her sister. Luckily, we have Zou Zhen looking out for her as well as Ying Dong. By episode four, we have Zou Zhen, who really hates romance and entanglements with women, gradually appreciating JinXiu as they save each other’s lives multiple times. Oops, and I almost forgot, our villainous Japanese gentlemen who has some nefarious plans. But wait! He lost his love before who coincidentally looks like JinXiu! That will be a mess for sure!

This is definitely a drama I will follow till the end like Lady and Liar. The drama definitely develops their romance better and more gradually than the other drama. Huang Xiao Min, who has played such a role before in previous movies and dramas, is pretty much the perfect image I see for a triad leader. Very intense and less smirky than usual which is surprising. Joe Chen who plays JinXiu is adorably spunky, but in a naive way right now. We will hopefully see her grow into a more mature character. Ying Dong is so playful and the bromance between him and Zuo Zhen is A+. While I am sad to see JinXiu bullied by her sister, I am not surprised that the hardship she went through made her this jaded towards her sister. I hope they can resolve some differences in the future.

The drama is definitely gorgeously filmed with costumes of a slightly more older generation than the ones in Lady and Liar. Cruel Romance has 1000x more fight scenes, and I mean a lot, in all different locations. I understand that Zuo Zhen is a triad leader which means he probably has a billion enemies, but sometimes the amount of fighting is almost ridiculous. While the choreography of the fights themselves are pretty good, at times I kind of find it funny to see their “knife poses” at the end of beating an enemy. That’s just me though. However, this drama gives us ample fanservice with many reveals of Huang Xiao Ming’s gorgeous abs and fangirly swoon moments. I’m sure this drama will be a roller coaster ride as well!

13 thoughts on “Cruel Romance / 锦绣缘·华丽冒险

  1. Great recap. Even without subs this show is awesome. The actors are doing a great job. Do you know how many episodes they are airing a week? I was pleasantly surprised that episodes 1-4 were out in 2 days. Are they airing 2 a day? Thanks in advance for any info you have.

    • Lol I specifically went back to compare Hawick Lau abs in Lady and Liar to Huang Xiao Ming abs. I was pleased with both. Huang xiao ming has bigger pics I feel like. Hahaha

      • **clap, clap, clap** I love it. Both dramas, 2 different abs!!! oh lord. Will have to get a bigger fan before I watch these 2 dramas. it looks like Viki started subbing Lady & Liar so hopefully next week, 10 episodes will be done. PRAYING! will keep you in the loop when I do watch it.

      • Hahaha fangirl swooning to the max! Cruel Romance gives us more fanservice for sure! Better get an automatic fan then. Oh wow, Viki finally getting on it. Hope they sub cruel romance too soon! Lemme know what you think of both!

      • I haven’t seen a page for Cruel Romance though but I will keep checking. I’m actually happy that China is coming out with amazing dramas now. Although I still hate that it’s super long but….. I’ll take it what I can get.

      • OMG. I started watching The Lady and the Liar and Cruel Romance. Back to back, I have to say, I like Cruel Romance a little bit more. Full of HOTness. Can’t wait for more on Cruel Romance.

    • Cruel Romance is more of my type of drama. I like how Huang Xiao doesn’t fall madly in love with Joe at first sight but he just keeps saving her. It’s fate! I love all the actions. He’s such a badass. (I did watch Cruel Romance without eng subs, all 4 episodes)

      As for Lady and Liar, it was like a push and pull. Hawick was madly in love and lied through his teeth to keep her by his side. I love Hawick how he’s very much in love with her. He’s controlling yet was willing to let her go so she can find herself. I hate how there was like 10 episodes that she spent with the 2nd lead. **annoyed**

      **SPOILER** Can you explain to me why she shot him like in episodes 25ish when her mom died? I skim through it a bit but will go back and watch when Viki subs it….

      • Same! In a way, I feel like the romance moved too fast between Lady and Liar in the beginning, and of course I am not a fan of the second lead. He was too pushy. Hawick always does things silently for her and she always misunderstands him unfortunately.

        In Cruel Romance, we have a more drawn out romance which I like better, plus Huang Xiao Ming is really badass as triad leader. And the second lead is so playful, he is funny and adorkable.

        As for the Lady and Liar spoiler: She shot him because she misplaced all her angst and frustrations on Hawick. She thinks that because Hawick kept her memories hidden or made her situation that way where she can’t easily remember, she lost so much time with her real family. Later on she acknowledges that she wrongly put all the blame on him. However, at that moment, her mom just died and she just remembered everything from the past and her emotions were running high. She wants to return things to the past where “she wished she never saved him (he would be dead)”. Using what she said in the beginning when she first met him, she is trying to return to her past life or situation. It’s so sad that after she shot him, he still tries to take care of her as he is falling by saying “its okay, don’t be scared, let’s go home” . Jiang Xin misunderstands his actions so much it gets annoying sometimes.

      • I do find that Jiang Xin was very conflicted with her feelings about everything. She feels like Hawick was “mistake” in her life. I’m glad later on she realize that she’s alive and taken care of is because of him. Thanks for the explanation.

        Talking about the second lead in Cruel Romance, I’m in love. The moment I saw him, I’m like… “now, who do we have here…” drooling. I’m hope the love triangle doesn’t go into effect like The lady and the Liar. I’m okay with 2nd lead but I hate when the woman can’t make up her mind who she wants to be with and she goes back and forth. I will keep watching Cruel Romance without eng subs if it stays this interesting.

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