Silent Separation

何以笙箫默 - Silent Separation

What I love about the show

The pace: I hate that a lot of dramas tend to use several episodes giving unnecessary details and adding conflicts that are not needed! I am at episode 11 so I am praying that it remains that way.

I am slowly becoming a fan of Wallace Chung and Tang Yan. Coincidently, I am also watching Too Late to Say I Love You with Wallace Chung, which I plan to talk about soon, and Lady & The Liar. Wallace Chung is so intense. Even when he is not talking, I can feel the emotions he is trying to convey. Tang Yan is just too cute and natural. If only her BFF Yang Mi could take acting classes from her…

Too often in dramas we have a clear break up. Here, there wasn’t a legitimate break up hence the title Silent Separation. I think breaking up without an explanation is common and it should be discussed more often in dramas. People break up without understanding what happened.

Also we have a different depiction of America. Dramas tend to portray America as this wonderful place with glory and riches. It’s refreshing to see how the female lead’s life in America wasn’t all sweet. She was confronted to a lot of difficulties, especially financial ones.

The side story between the female lead’s college friend, Xiao Xiao, and Yuan Feng is the last thing I am anticipating. So far they’ve been bickering a lot and Yuan Feng is into someone else. I hope that their feelings will evolve quickly. The chemistry between them is great and their bickering is hilarious!

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.10.53 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.10.38 AM


He Yichen and Zhao Mo Sheng were college sweethearts who broke up seven years ago. The reasons of the break up are not clear for both of our leads and they still harbor feelings for each other. When Mo Sheng returns to China, after 7 years in the United States, she hopes to run into Yi Chen. Yet, so many things have happened during the 7 years. Yi Chen is now a successful lawyer and Mo Sheng a successful photographer. Mo Sheng is no longer the happy and confident person she was in college. Her family life was troubled and being in an unknown country made her reserved and shy. In addition, Mo Sheng got married…

Things get more complicated as Mo Sheng’s ex-husband (I am not sure if they got divorced. I don’t remember seeing them sign the divorce papers) comes in town. Yi Chen was already trying to clumsily rekindle the romance with Mo Sheng but he’s taken aback when he learns about her marriage. Plus Yi Chen’s possessive sister is still in the picture…


While in college, the bubbly Mo Sheng relentlessly pursues Yi Chen. She even joins the debate club to be closer to Yi Chen. In addition, she writes down the schedule for law students in order to follow Yi Chen anywhere he goes. If you have seen Mischievous Kiss, it’s pretty much how the female lead is obsessed by the male lead. Some sort of cute creepy obsession.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.14.12 AM

Yi Chen pushes Mo Sheng away at first, but she grows on him. Yi Chen was adopted by neighbors when his parents passed away so he wants to make the best of his college years by studying as much as he can. The relationship between Mo Sheng and Yi Chen remains the main topic on campus for quite some while. And OMG young Yi Chen and Mo Sheng are adorable!

The break up between the couple comes as a surprise for many. What happened? As mentioned earlier even Mo Sheng and Yi Chen are not sure…

My take on the break up: A lot of things were left unsaid. There wasn’t much communication between the couple. Mo Sheng did her best but Yi Chen always remained composed and cold. It’s hard to read someone’s mind. Yi Chen broke up because of the social/financial gap between Mo Sheng and him. Mo Sheng’s father was a wealthy businessman when Yi Chen is an orphan. I believe there is another reason that hasn’t been revealed yet. Yi Chen seems to have met Mo Sheng’s father in the past. That is my understanding and I can’t wait to learn more about the encounter.

When Yi Chen breaks up, Mo Sheng was already shaken by a revelation from Yi Chen’s adoptive sister, Yi Mei. The latter boldly and shamelessly tells Mo Sheng that she loves her brother… Mo Sheng is shocked twice as she didn’t even know about her boyfriend’s family situation. It sucks to learn this from someone else.

What I Wish 

I hope to see the bubbly Mo Sheng again. I think Yi Chen is the only person who can make her go back to her old self. It’s hard to erase painful memories but I hope to see them build something together. They’ve both been through a lot and if only they could communicate a little more things would only go for the best.

~ maniac Ride

9 thoughts on “Silent Separation

  1. I’m glad you picked this up. I’ve been meaning to finish the dramas (4 more to go) and write about it. However, I’ve been so caught up with other things.

    Anyhow, you won’t be disappointed. One thing that kept my eyes glue to this drama for 2 days straight was the “love” they have for each other. Yi Chen knew that Mo Sheng was the only one for him and as much as he wants to let go, he can’t seem too. I’m not going to spoil for you but…. Its the first time in a drama that I’ve seen the girl chasing the boy then later on, the boy chasing the girl. It’s not that kind of chasing where it gets annoying or becomes sort of crazy stalking… But I love how it Yi Cheng and Mo Sheng seems to be on the same page whenever a problem arise. Mo Sheng was his savior when they were in college and now, Yi Cheng is her Knight in shining armor.

    Another thing for me that kept me glue to this drama was the actors in the college day. They are very ADORABLE together.

    • Like you said I love that both have a chance to stand up for their relationship! I can’t wait to see more cute moments between both because since Mo Sheng has been back it’s mostly tears and sorrow.

      • When they were in College, she was able to speak her mind anytime but coming back to China, (in her thoughts) it was so hard for her to open up to him because half of her feels guilty. She wasn’t sure if he still loves her and she didn’t want to hurt him more than she had already. At the same time, they were both hurt yet still want to be together if they have that chance.

  2. agree with you on everything. It’s interesting that you mentioned that it wasn’t a legitimate separation that’s why the called it silent separation. And I didn’t realize that they always make american life look glamorous until you said it

  3. Loved your analysis. It is such an awesome love story with really nobody in between. If only YC would listen to MS, he’ll realize she too only has him in this world. BTY, Just heard MBC brought the right to remake this drama.

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