A Peek Into DID: Kill Me Heal Me vs. Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Here is two for one deal! I have officially completed Kill Me Heal Me and dropped Hyde, Jekyll, Me like it’s hot (stopped at ep.14). Kill Me Heal Me touched my heart in so many ways and I have never replayed so many parts of a drama. Meanwhile, while I love Hyun Bin and tolerate Han Ji-Min, I can no longer force myself to watch it.

KMHM Plot: I can definitely say, the right plot really breaks or makes a drama, especially if you have a similar airing drama to compare it to. What KMHM has is a touching and very tightly spun storyline following a pair of children from their tragic pass to how this affects them in the future. Add in exciting and unexpected twists is just the cherry on top which kept my yearning for the next set of episodes each week. Much of the time you are kept guessing at what really happened which is the point since the main character didn’t even know himself the true story of his past and could only assume at first what had occurred. The drama is literally about different perspectives and how just one act can be interpreted in so many ways, many facets just like Do Hyun himself. Even the ending was perfect and cathartic, a truly healing completion to a emotional roller coaster for the viewers and Do Hyun himself.

HJM Plot: Everything since pretty, fluffy, and dream like in the beginning which seriously drew me in. However, the drama is like a broken carousel (forgive my circus metaphors!). It spins colorfully in the beginning, but has no substance and soon you hear the slowed down and warped music as it comes to a complete stop. The premise sounded interesting as I was already watching the other DID drama, and I wanted to see another take on it, with fewer personality. While the DID Seo Jin backstory was fine including the tragic past with his friendenemy, the rest was really flimsy. First of all, the cops are SO INADEQUATE, loosing the villain a billion times with their ineptitude. Seriously, it bordered on farcical how stupid they were and how this was suppose to keep Tae Joo in play to add a somewhat interesting item to the plot. All the romance moving plot was really not and much like a parody instead of a romcom. Basically, a carousel that goes round and round and round when you wish it would just let you off and finish at ep16.

KMHM Characterizations: Do Hyun is our DID with seven personalities spinning around day and night. Each of these characters are wonderfully fleshed out and given a deeper meaning. We have Do Hyun, our main host and puppy who is naturally compliant, kind, calm, and trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. He spends much of his time making sure his other selves don’t go out of control and cleaning up their messes when they do pop out. An incredibly tiring life that he takes in stride and chugs on without any support from his family and friends. This just belies his inner steel. We have his opposite, Shin Se Gi, the more rebellious, violent, angry alter who takes on his pain and acts out with Do Hyun cannot. He is arrogant, but in a way still childlike as he had never had time to grow and let go of all the pain he harbored. He only listens to Ri Jin, the abused girl he tried to save so many years ago. We then have Perry Park who represents the childhood freedom and carefreeness that Do Hyun lost with his father. Perry Park represents an old ahjussi who just wants to go fishing and have a few beers! We then have twins YoNa and YoSub. YoSub is the highschooler who is a genius, but majorly depressed and often has suicidal thoughts. He represents the thoughts of ending it all when the pain of loneliness and despair become too much. YoNa is the sassy saesang fangirl who pops out when Do Hyun needs a break from the pain, but not violently. She loves her lipstick and her Ri On oppa. You wench, I miss you! Finally we our NaNa and Mr. X, who are truly a pair. Nana, represented by a teddy pair is actually Ri Jin’s younger self that Do Hyun could not save. Mr. X represents NaNa’s father who NaNa always believed would come save her even though he had passed. These characters are so wonderfully connected and reflective of each other while still maintaining different personalities. Finally we have our lovely Ri Jin and Ri On, twice the amazing twin set. Ri Jin, our psychiatrist is so mentally stable and rational, I find that so hard to find in dramaland. Not only does she have her own sweet, yet steely personality, she really balances out Do Hyun and all his alters.  Ri On, the twin is amazing as a support his sister and loving her silently throughout the years as he finds out they are not blood related. He is NOT that noble idiot of a second lead, he can think for himself and come to a rational conclusion.

HJM Characterizations: Seo Jin, Robin, and the shadow of Terry are wrapped in our main lead here. Seo Jin is the main host here, who is a pretty prickly exterior and is very selfish. As the CEO of a Wonderland, he is constantly trying to keep himself in check so that Robin doesn’t push out. However, the more he pushes himself away from dangerous situations, the more Robin comes out. Robin is the kind, nice one, who saves everybody, and is actually kind of boring even though his smile is a million watts. Terry, actually sounds more interesting even though we saw him for 5 seconds as the personality who is a killer? But to be honest, these personalities really don’t make me feel anything and I could care less if they amalgamated or not. Ha Na is as exciting as a piece of cotton candy. All fluff and no substance. Cannot be more flat of character. She is there to play the damsel in distress a million times and scream and be Robin’s playmate. Luckily, Tae Joo as the seemingly kind psychiatrist is actually our crazy eye villain is more interesting. He plays a nice foil to Seo Jin and their process of healing, forgiveness, and revenge.

KMHM Acting: Ji Sung deserves a million accolades for the masterpiece of a DID character he wrought in this drama. While casting was a mess in the beginning, they could not have landed with a better miracle. Ji Sung played not one character, but six. Not only is each of them distinct, but you can still they are the same “person”. What’s even more amazing is that he can act as a personality playing another personality. He is literally acting within acting for each character. He plays ahjussis, badboys, kids, girls, teenagers, so many different types that he must have had a heck of a time studying each type. Just WOW, no words, the best acting I’ve seen in my drama watching career. Hwang Jung Eum, while being on the screechy side, toned that down real fast and is also an amazing actress. I really like her genuine expressions of happiness and sadness. She doesn’t hold back at all and really connects well with viewers. The chemistry between them is insane and even better than their previous drama Secret. I hope that reunion with another drama! Park Seo Joon is wonderful and comedic acting, I had to replay his scenes so many times. He facial expressions are gold and hilarious. He can of course also play the serious side. Such versatility!

HJM Acting: Hyun Bin does wonderful acting as cold Seo Jin and happy go lucky Robin. His smile can really melt ice, I swear! Those dimples, I know I swooned. His intensity as Seo Jin is palpable and his struggle to grow from his past is endearing. He makes Seo Jin complex and much more interesting than Robin. It feels like a one and a half man show. With Tae Joo played by Sung Joon being that other half. I don’t often see him in villainous roles, so it was exciting to watch his crazy eyes and expressions of psychoness. Han Ji Min is just kinda there, like a door you sometimes open. It’s something you need, but really don’t think about much.

HMKM Filming: Pretty, pretty sets that uses a variety of locations that fit well the mood of each scene. The drama focuses more on characters rather than background, I must admit though, not that I am complaining. Though, Ri Jin’s wardrobe really needs to go through a makeover. Where does she find those ugly sweaters?!!?! Do Hyun’s attire for each character is on point though, complete with new hairdo’s each time. Ri On’s hair seems to fluctuate with his mood too.

HJM Filming: Gorgeous and dreamy. Constant use of cotton candy colors of pinks, blues, purples, golds, to create that cotton candy Wonderland feel. We got bubbles, giant trampolines, parades, and all your kiddy fantasies. Plus an awkwardly CGI gorilla with some really bad circus acts!? The drama focused so much on the pretty, that it forgot about plot.

HMKM Themes: A really great light of awareness shined upon child abuse and mental illness. Both again are almost taboo and controversial subjects in some Asian cultures. The drama really emphasizes different points of child abuse. The fact that being an observer not and not helping the victim is like being a perpetrator as well because you are letting it happen when you can do something about it. The fact that parents will abuse young kids, foisting their feelings upon them. The fact that these secrets of abuse are hidden so well and is so hard to expose, just like the kid kept in the basement. Cha Do Hyun’s speech in the hospital at the end of an episode really sent me bawling. He emphasized that these poor victims needed to be told they are capable of being loved and that what happened was not their fault. While some child victims may turn out healthy with the right environments, others break into a many pieces and become a shadow of who they could have become. Again, mental illness is displayed well in this drama, not a farcical attempt, but a true character study of one person. Each of us has many different sides, and with Do Hyun, you can see them clearly. His search of identity is so strong as he grows and accepts his past as well as fears. It is interesting that he clocks the reactions of other people responding to his confession of DID. It represents the reactions we may or may not have when we encounter such situations. Furthermore, he emphasizes that he is not a monster, and we can definitely see that the true monsters of the story are actually those closest to us, and even of our blood. These are monsters of greed and ambition that create such tragedies.

HJM Themes: Ummm….there really isn’t much to say here. Other than, can we please help the cops train their employees better so they don’t lose the villain so many times. I suppose I could talk about hypnosis. Hypnosis is an interesting treatment that is controversial becomes people don’t really know if it works or not and that it only works on some people. Are they pretending, is it really controlling them, we don’t know. All I can say is that it is a creative treatment that is really making Tae-Joo all powerful right now.


ps. tumblr is perfect for gifs. ❤ thanks guys!

9 thoughts on “A Peek Into DID: Kill Me Heal Me vs. Hyde, Jekyll, Me

  1. if jisung didn’t win daesang this year, KMHM fans should go to KBS building n throw poop to their windows xD

    this time i got struck with second lead syndrome, i fall hard for oh rion, everyone in soompi know it. i replay his part so many times. i love his hairs too xD and i also have complains about rijin outfit.. its way too ugly.. but girls like rijin never pay attention to her outfit i think, suit her character xD haha!!

    i kinda miss my love rival, anh yoona, kijibae ya… though you are gone, you are always be in my mind!!

    ps: love that shinsegi gif!!
    pss: haven’t watch Hyde Jekyll n me

    • Hahaha, I hope he certainly wins daesang! he deserves it for paying so many leads so well.

      Oh Ri On was definitely a riot! His expressions while Yo Na was hounding him was so funny. Especially when YoNa captured him in his room and took all those selfies. He tried to trick her by saying he has to go to the army, but hey Yo Na is not a saesang for nothing, she KNOWS!

      Shin Segi – I love him too!
      Erugh, only watch Hyde Jekyll Me if you want to watch a one man show

  2. Lovely post , Ahn yo na stole the entire show for me and the fact that we are able to see this personalities as different people shows how great an actor Ji sung Oppa is . His portrayal of Ahn yo na is so freaking good , she is the fangirl from hell and he wasn’t afraid to be her.

    Cutest OTP for me would be Oh ri on and Ahn yo na , their scenes together was just hilarious.I know it’s not possible but I can imagine .😄

    • Thank you so much! Ahn Yo Na is my third favorite after Do Hyun and Se Gi. She is so sassy! Ji Sung portrayed her perfectly. Her OPPAAAAAAAAA~ and *Peace* will stay forever with me!

      Awwwwn Ri On is forever traumatized by her and even the mention of her name! Haha. *I’m Coming To You Oppaaaaa*

  3. Excellent post! I think like you about both dramas. I could not see beyond Chapter 11 of HJM, and then I tried with the 16, but failed to keep watching. Instead, I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen KMHM. If you can read Spanish I recommend you see about the representation of DID on KMHM in: laclinicadeldrama.com. And I love Oh Ri On oppa, but I’m DoHyunTeam forever.

    • Thank you so much for your thoughts and support! KMHM just connected with me on an emotional level and had a fantastical tight plot. Oh, I can’t read spanish, but perhaps I can use Google Translate? Hahaha Ri On and Yo Na interactions are the funniest!

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