6 thoughts on “Call Me Baby – EXO

  1. Never listened to EXO before this song…but now I’m obsessed and back into my kpop phase! Gotta learn all 10 of their names haha. Haven’t tried to memorize this many faces and names since Super Junior.

  2. I’m working backwards, and watching all the performances for, “Growl.” My all-time fave kpop group is definitely SHINee, but EXO definitely has a sexier sound and look.

    I think I’ve got Kai, Tao, and Lay memorized…so that’s just 7 more to go haha.

    • Wow! I don’t think even I have watched all the performances for Growl, that song was on the charts for so long! I really like the unique dances and visuals for EXO, even if sometimes they are weird (lol, WOLF, def not my fav song…but really cool visuals).

      Tao is my ultimate bias, then Lay. Poor Kris and Luhan have left! The varieties are fun to learn about their personalities, and always a bundle of laughs.

  3. Lol you were right; way too many “Growl” performances to watch. LOVING that song though!

    Tao is definitely my bias, but Chanyeol is a veryyy close second. Actually I might love them equally. But then Kai…ah his dancing is so, so good! Don’t make me pick! Haha

    • Haha ikr? Waaay too many…thr song was so popular!

      Yaaas another Tao stan. Haha Tao only stans gucci tho. Mmm I love Kai and Lay when they dance together. Both of them so good. Kai is all fluid grace while Lay is sharp precision. So hard to pick just one bias in exo

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