Falling for Innocence aka Beating Again: A Jumpstart!


I’ve always wanted this plot to come to life in a drama ever since I listened to Timeless by Junsu and Zhang LiYin which came out in 2006. A super long wait which I am finally satisfying with Falling for Innocence. This drama tells the story of Kang Min Ho whose family endured betrayal and a corporate coup instigated by his uncle. As a result, his father died and his mother committed suicide while his uncle ruled the company for 25 years. Min Ho dedicates his whole life to getting revenge for his family and taking down his uncle. He becomes known in the corporate world as a ruthless businessman who is so jaded about life that he doesn’t give a rat’s ass to whoever he is hurting. However, his time is limited as he has a heart condition (that his father also had), which gives him only a month’s time left to complete his revenge. As he tries to land the last blow on his uncle’s company, he meets Soon Jung, a very capable secretary whose father was the one that betrayed Min Ho’s father. Thus, he marked her as public enemy number #2 for payback.

Meanwhile Soon Jung is about to get married to her lovable and adorable boyfriend who is a cop. She and her boyfriend are friends with Joon Hee, who is a lawyer to the same company that the uncle rules. Methinks he has feelings for Soon Jung, too, but does not want to cause trouble with his cop hyung. Unfortunately, her boyfriend instigates a fight with Min Ho to which Min Ho makes a settlement with Soon Jung by offering her to be his own secretary instead of his uncle’s. He shows her the uncle’s true colors and manipulative ways. She also learns that Min Ho is sick as he falls into her arms when they had arranged a meeting to discuss business matters. Min Ho’s condition is found out by his uncle and his whole plan falls apart. He thinks that Soon Jung was the one who leaked the info and completely loses his temper. He is rushed to the ER in a critical state. Meanwhile Soon Jung’s boyfriend find out that Joon Hee is doing illegal dealings as he is ambitious and wants to rise to the top instead of being someone’s dog. The cop boyfriend coincidentally gets into a car accident to which he passes away from. However, not before his heart is deemed compatible for Min Ho who had only a 1% chance of survival and finding a donor heart. Min Ho receives the new heart and possible a new personality change?

Jung Kyung Ho and Kim So Yeon are two of my most favorite and underrated actors(esses). Kyung Ho does brilliantly as the revenge obsessed businessman who is completely jaded to the world and welcoming his own death. His words of “only when I die, can I lay down properly” in response to why he sleeps sitting up (his heart condition makes it uncomfortable for him to lay down) is so chilling and pitiful. However, now he will have to subtly act like Sung Joon’s previous lover due to muscle memory while still showing his own personality. Ever since watching Cruel City with him, I have fallen in love with his subtle acting of angstiness. This brings me to his previous bromance with Yoon Hyun Min who was Soo and PakSa (Jung Kyung Ho)’s best buddy. They were amazing as comrades in the seedy underworld of gangs and crime. I am sad that they won’t be bromancing in this drama! Yoon Hyun Min is also a great actor and plays his ambitious character really well. I like a strong second male lead who is not wimpy. Lastly, my girl crush So Yeon, who I first noticed in IRIS as the badass second female lead has come back in a great role and has excellent chemistry with Kyung Ho.

I am really interested in this concept of muscle memory though. Even though I am in the medical field, I am not sure if it is possible for us to remember things like this just through an organ. I hope this drama does a good job portraying this. However, I wished they showed more of the organ donation process. In the US, it is big deal for the providers to properly ask a family when their loved one is deemed medically untreatable (due to a brain death), if they would like to donate the organs to save other patients. It is also an option these days to have organ donation labels listed on your driver’s license. In case you get into an accident and are deemed unsavable, it is possible that you can save someone else through your unused organs. However, in many cultures, families do not wish the body’s wholeness to be violated even in death. For me, I believe it is a personal decision to make whether you want your body to be used for medical purposes once you are not of this world anymore.

Here is the Timeless MV!

19 thoughts on “Falling for Innocence aka Beating Again: A Jumpstart!

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  2. I too started this drama over the weekend, I was surprised! What a great cast and storyline. Kim So-Yeon is amazing here, and you know what, I like how protective Joon-Hee (if that’s his name, the second lead) is of her. It just makes me melt. Episode 4……not trying to spoil for the readers, but after the scene with CEO, how he took care of her…. and *swoons*

  3. Heartless City reunion+ Heart Transplant concept =A very cheerful and perky girl watching on her screen a new kdrama with an old school melo-ish screenplay that she absolutely adored! Hip, hip, hoorey…

  4. Here is a fans of Timeless MV too. Have been waiting for ages for some drama-writer out there to write the long version of that MV and finally my prayer is answered.

  5. Hi! I was just wondering if you knew what the theme song for this drama is! I’ve been searching everywhere but I can’t seem to find it!

  6. Hi!! Does anyone know what song Detective Ma and later Director Kang have as their ringtone??? Really want to find out! Thanks!

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