The Technicians / The Con Artists


I’ve always loved a good heist movie…plus Kim Woo Bin as a con drew me in. However, I wasn’t very impressed with the movie at all. Did I set my expectations too high? The bar just wasn’t reached and I was left feeling mehh about the whole affair. The movie is about Ji Hyeok, a thief, who has a special talent of breaking into all kinds of safes. He and Goo-in, an engineer buddy make a life out of conning other people into buying their fake products and stealing the real deal. They also recruit hacker Jong-bae who may or may not have a history of betraying his colleagues. These three decide to perform a diamond heist, but hit up the wrong jewelry store. The executed their plan perfectly, but the diamonds they stole were from Chairman So, a gangster-like boss. However, the Chairman wants them to perform a bigger heist of stealing 150 million from Korean Customs. In order to this, they must break through several layers of security while not even having the guarantee of safety after they perform the job. Luckily, genius Ji Hyeok has already thought ahead multiple steps to plan out a con to con the original con….while also getting the girl. What you think are betrayals are just twists of plot, so don’t be fooled (but don’t worry, it’s predictable).

As a result, this movie is extremely predictable. I guess this also comes from watching too many American made heist movies as well when I can guess the next step. The plot just wasn’t original and the story wasn’t as gripping as I had hoped for. There really was no sense of urgency or surprise or even satisfaction.

While I had always loved Kim Woo Bin’s previous roles which gripped my heart and mind, I feel like he didn’t put his all into the role. Or perhaps, the role just did not suit him completely? Don’t get me wrong, he was still very charismatic as Ji Hyeok, but there was no spark like his other characters. Hyun Woo who played hacker boy still has his baby face. As I have watched his acting roles since he was a child, I still unfortunately see him as a child! He too, was just average in the movie. Not bad, but not enticing either. Ko Chang-seok as least provided me a measure of humor in this bland movie. Kim Young-cheol of course played our villain who really is a joke and nothing new.

I hope Kim Woo Bin’s new movie with his bros will at least give me some laughs!

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