Mia Taeng (เมียแต่ง)


Khong Khai is a spoiled rich brat, who refuses to take anything seriously. His mother is worried about his future and decides to give him a good bride. Arunprapai is pretty, simple, hard working, and honest. Arunprapai agrees to marry Khong Khai to escape from her ex boyfriend. Poochom – the ex boyfriend – cheated on Arunprapai and made the third party pregnant. Arunprapai knows Poochom has new responsibilities and a relationship between them is now impossible. She does her best to push him away, but he refuses to let go.

Things would be a lot simpler too if Khong Khai wasn’t in a relationship with Brung, a famous model. Brung sees her relationship with Khong Khai as a getaway from her abusive adoptive family, especially her brother who has feelings for her. Brung’s adoptive family is interested in Khong Khai’s family business and they are willing to do anything to get full control. Khong Khai’s mother knows Brung’s family intentions and in addition she thinks Brung is not suitable.

Pause. I want to mention the amazing song that plays throughout the drama:

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Mask(가면): Two Faced


I love me some melodrama full of angstyness, extramarital births, makjang, and dysfunctional relationships. Though Mask fits true to formula complete with young traumatized Min Woo who suffers from some type of mental illness as usual and Candy Ji Sook who is busy earning money as a department store attendant to pay off family’s massive debts. Not again, you say? I beg to differ.

While the plot line may be old and used, Min Woo and Ji-Sook really breathe life into what would have been a boring drama. Min Woo seems to almost have dissociative disorder or some kind of uncontrollable rage since he is out of control when his emotions run high and can’t remember his actions later. Furthermore, he often has not only visual, but also auditory hallucinations as well, unable to differentiate reality from his imagination. He suffered a past trauma where his mother drowned as they tried to run away, probably some type of family drama due to him being the product of a extramarital affair.

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Missing Noir M


Crime-related dramas seem to fall into two categories, cop squads who can’t find their own butts or genius detective with a few sidekicks. Now if the main point of the drama is romance with a side of cop, then fine, you can have your incompetent police force. However, for me, I believe a good crime drama needs these ingredients: intelligent problem solvers, interesting crime scenes, actually clever villains, and a certain dash of gray aggressiveness that says hey, the world isn’t black and white. One crime drama in the past met this formula, Bad Guys and Hannibal, and I’ve hit it again with Missing Noir M.

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Producer (프로듀사): Episode 1


The drama opens with Baek Seung Chan starting his first day in the variety department of the broadcast channel KBS. The first day of work, or orientation day, gives a glimpse of what truly happens behind our TV screens.

  • Rookies are expected to hit the ground running – learn the ropes as you go!
  • Not everyone is motivated and dedicated
  • Office politics, which often involve gossiping, are necessary in order to succeed
  • Celebrities on the TV shows can be bratty and annoying while lacking talent…
  • It’s all about RATINGS. As a PD, if your show has amazing ratings you are the top dog!

It’s easy to see that Seung Chan is confused and NAIVE. He had several misconceptions about the industry, and simply decided to join the field because of his college crush.

Let me introduce our female lead: the fierce Tak Ye Ji! She is a producer in the variety department. I can already tell that Seung Chan’s life can only get harder from now on. Everyone fears Ye Ji… When she is in a bad mood, everyone in the department is alerted.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.29.46 PM

For instance, the alert text sent will mention Jindo dog #1, #2 or #3. Number 3 being the case where if you don’t bother Ye Ji, nothing bad will happen, and number #1 meaning wartime. Despite being strict and easily angered, she is on top of her game.

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Orange Marmalade: A Sweet Taste


While the rabid Twilight era put me off most vampire stories/movies, fortunately, Orange Marmalade runs in a different vein. What I had expected when I decided to open up episode 1 was a light fluffy romance between human and vampire, much like Hi!School-Love On (angel and human). While I did get my fluffy teenage blossoming romance, there is something about the drama gives it a dark twinge as it features vampires who are treated like second class citizens.

The story itself tells of a high school boy, Jung Jae Min, who is popular at school and musically gifted with the guitar. However, he seems to have a hatred against vampires, propagated by the fact that his mother married one. I am not sure what happened to his biological father, but perhaps that had something to do with his uneasiness with vampires? He had even quit his guitar playing due to past traumas. He refuses to acknowledge his mother or his new father who is also a teacher at his school.

One day, Jae Min unwittingly falls in love with a girl that he runs into on the subway to school. Ma Ri is a vampire girl, who grew up being ostracized and called a monster by her follow peers. She just transferred to Jae Min’s school in hopes to be not discovered again. Her family is a cute vampy family who by all means act and live like normal humans albeit with sun protection vaccinations and meals made of animal blood disguised as tomato juice.

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Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat: Thoughts (Up until episodes 5-6)

I am done with the show, but this will just cover the show up until episodes 5-6. I will post later concerning the ending. If you want to know more about the show itself, check my first post on it!

Chit quickly moves into the house and her nightmare begins. Abuse on top of abuse. She gets all the material possession she could want, but who cares when Wee mistreats her so much?

Chit only cares about the house and tries to bottle up her feelings as much as she can. Alcohol seems to be a great way to cope…

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.01.40 AM

Wee having a fiancee and a mistress is the talk of town. Everyone wonders what kind of freak show this is. So is probably the most affected by the rumors since she is so worried about appearances and reputation. Yet, she could walk away… Don’t we all know that’s not going to happen though?

Let me walk you through this mess…

The director of the drama skips the r-scenes, meaning we don’t see the full act. Viewers are free to use their imagination.  To be honest, I am perfectly happy with that. Lakorns tend to glamorize r-scenes, which can be pretty unhealthy.

Honestly, I have been bothered by the way the topic of rape has been addressed in the drama. In episode 4, Wee’s secretary tells Yuwadee and  that’s because women behave badly and dress provocatively that rapes happen. I feel like that the secretary’s words reflect a common opinion, which saddens me. A woman, no matter what she is wearing or saying, shouldn’t be blamed for her own rape. It’s just too ridiculous.

Lakorns, especially slap-kiss ones, display several scenes. It’s generally accepted, but I wish that it wasn’t justified.

Dynamic between Wee and Chit
Their relationship is explosive; Kawee in Sawan Biang has nothing on Wee in terms of abuse. The latter is even more disturbed in his own rights.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.24.53 PM

Basically, Wee has a condo and the house. The condo is to spend time with So, or stay by himself. The house is reserved for his matters with Chit. Surprisingly, but not really, Wee starts spending more and more time at the house. For Chit, it’s like torture. Wee coming unannounced to sleep with her makes her paranoid.

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Who Are You? School 2015: Who Am I?


I’ve always loved a doppleganger switcheroo trope and the secrets in the this show are keeping me interested for sure! The show is about Eun-Bi and Eun-Byul, a pair of separated twins who cannot be leading more different lives. Eun-Bi lives at an orphanage and is like a mother to all of the younger kids at the Love House. However, at school, she is viciously bullied around by a trio of girls led by the nasty So-Young. So-Young is an entitled transfer who gets pleasure out of torturing Eun-Bi for the reason of “just because”.

While Eun-Bi tries to stay positive, the school system is against her and does not help her, a child with no parents. Meanwhile, Eun-Byul lives with her adopted mother and is popular at school and loved deeply by her mother. Eun-Byul has a stand-offish personality and prefers mostly to keep to herself other than her other two popular buddies. She also has a tentative relationship with Han Yi-Han, a rookie but talented swimmer. He knew her when they were younger and its a mutual crush between them two even though she tried to cut off their relationship.

What is odd though is that Eun-Byul seems to know of her twin’s existence down to where she lives, but Eun-Bi has no idea she still has family left in the world. Eun-Byul would sometimes send gifts to her sister under her mother’s name. On a school field trip, Eun-Byul arrives at Eun-Bi’s town, intent on finding her. However, on the way, she seems to be bothered by a mysterious person who keeps on texting her threats. Judging by her conversations with her peers, Eun-Bi seems super stressed, exhausted, and threatened. Eventually, she goes missing, possibly kidnapped or a runaway.

Meanwhile, Eun-Bi is expelled from her high school for an incident that she did not cause, but got blamed on. She has had enough of suffering and decides to commit suicide off a bridge. However, we see that someone saved her, but we don’t know who it was. She ends up in a hospital, but WITH NO MEMORIES.

However, she was wearing a sweatshirt that Eun-Byul has one of too and Eun-Byul’s mother’s handkerchief. It is possible that her twin saved her and exchanged their lives for some reason. Eun-Bi now lives the life of Eun-Byul without knowing any better and only has minor flashbacks that she can’t decipher. Everyone notices her complete personlity change. Meaner forces are at work in this supposedly greener side of life. She seems to be set up to be a thief as a classmate implicates her for a jewelry robbery as they found the item in her school locker. Did Eun-Byul steal it, was she set up, but what an inconvenient time for no memories for poor Eun-Bi who can’t defend herself.

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