Week of May 11th – Reset by Tiger JK ft. Jinsil

5 thoughts on “Week of May 11th – Reset by Tiger JK ft. Jinsil

      • i love everything about it… everytime this song play in the drama my heart screammmmmmmmmmm…

        yeah2.. i watched KMHM.. rap and weird voice for chorus but very addictive to listen!! yeap2.. i like that one too.

        btw.. just watch raw ep6… damn… i feel like killing that bitch right now. but.. i love to see taegwang each time he tried to save eunbi!! so attractive.

      • OMG really, i’m a bit behind…..but ewww do i hate that other girl from the old school. so entitled and mindless bullying. also, wahhh i wish taekwang was main lead not the other guy. the other guy seems pretty boring to me right now. Hope he ends up with the twin, eun byul which i think is a better fit since they have real history together

      • sub already released by the time i finish post previous comment. yeah.. i want eunbi ended up with taegwang, she makes him cares… cares for someone means he changed. hanyian should be with eunbyul.. i do pity him bcoz he’s clueless, but eunbi don’t want to tell him anything. pls just let eunbyul live, pls make it actually they mistaken someone else as eunbyul coz the corpse unrecognizeable.

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