Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat: Thoughts (Up until episodes 5-6)

I am done with the show, but this will just cover the show up until episodes 5-6. I will post later concerning the ending. If you want to know more about the show itself, check my first post on it!

Chit quickly moves into the house and her nightmare begins. Abuse on top of abuse. She gets all the material possession she could want, but who cares when Wee mistreats her so much?

Chit only cares about the house and tries to bottle up her feelings as much as she can. Alcohol seems to be a great way to cope…

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.01.40 AM

Wee having a fiancee and a mistress is the talk of town. Everyone wonders what kind of freak show this is. So is probably the most affected by the rumors since she is so worried about appearances and reputation. Yet, she could walk away… Don’t we all know that’s not going to happen though?

Let me walk you through this mess…

The director of the drama skips the r-scenes, meaning we don’t see the full act. Viewers are free to use their imagination.  To be honest, I am perfectly happy with that. Lakorns tend to glamorize r-scenes, which can be pretty unhealthy.

Honestly, I have been bothered by the way the topic of rape has been addressed in the drama. In episode 4, Wee’s secretary tells Yuwadee and  that’s because women behave badly and dress provocatively that rapes happen. I feel like that the secretary’s words reflect a common opinion, which saddens me. A woman, no matter what she is wearing or saying, shouldn’t be blamed for her own rape. It’s just too ridiculous.

Lakorns, especially slap-kiss ones, display several scenes. It’s generally accepted, but I wish that it wasn’t justified.

Dynamic between Wee and Chit
Their relationship is explosive; Kawee in Sawan Biang has nothing on Wee in terms of abuse. The latter is even more disturbed in his own rights.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.24.53 PM

Basically, Wee has a condo and the house. The condo is to spend time with So, or stay by himself. The house is reserved for his matters with Chit. Surprisingly, but not really, Wee starts spending more and more time at the house. For Chit, it’s like torture. Wee coming unannounced to sleep with her makes her paranoid.

The relationship between Wee and Chit could be as simple as a business transaction. It’s sick to say that, but let’s not beat around the bush. Things get more complicated as Wee starts developing a soft spot for Chit.

He spends more time than necessary at the house, bothering her.

Jealousy is another indicator of growing feelings. The friendship between Chit and Chai is being the cause of Wee’s jealousy. He can’t stand seeing Chai coming to play tennis, or drinking coffee with Chit. Wee goes as far as to take Chit to Paris – a trip that was supposed to be a romantic adventure with So.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.30.39 PM

Wee figures that in Paris, there will be no Chai and he can keep a close eye on Chit. His idea has a totally different effect since Chai is also in Paris. I guess it’s reunion time for Chit and Chai!

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.31.12 PM

Wee doesn’t miss an occasion to remind Chit of her status as his mistress and how she can’t be flirting with others, especially Chai. I can’t even say how many times he mentions Chai. Chai here, Chai there…

Wee is so paranoid/insecure/crazy that he follows Chit to her aunt’s house, making sure she’s not having a secret rendez-vous with Chai. The time they spend together at the aunt’s house ends up being one of the first moments of mutually enjoyed intimacy. Wee opens up about his parents and childhood. Things I doubt he even told his so called fiancee. Need more to see that Wee isn’t indifferent to Chit?

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.04.51 AM

His faltering relationship with So is the consequence of his growing feelings for Chit. So feels the threat, and is becoming clingy and bitter. She was always portrayed as an understanding, patient and nice person. Not so much anymore.

So is becoming a venimous snake because she senses that Wee is slipping away and also because her mother is pressuring her. So starts questioning Wee’s every moves and harassing Chit. What’s funny is that every time So tries to hurt Chit, she ends up being even more annoyed herself. Stop hurting yourself So because Chit is all about keeping calm and carrying on!

It’s clear that Wee had other girls before. So was never troubled by it, especially since they didn’t have a status. Here, Chit does have a status. She’s Wee’s mistress. It’s not the best status but it is one. Everyone knows who she is. Chit also gets all the financial perks – purses, car, credit cards, house, maids, etc. Did So get that much? I don’t think so. Wee is investing everything he has – money, time, feelings.

I have to say that I feel like Wee was already interested in Chit since he first met her in Paris. During the few days he spent with Chit in Paris, he fails to return So’s calls. He doesn’t even try. Wee still ignores So’s calls when he feels like it or let say when he’s busy with Chit.

Also Wee gets impatient. The more So clings onto him, the more he gets annoyed. Perfect example is when they attend a reception in Paris with Chit and Chai. That’s when Wee realizes Chai is also in Paris :-D. So criticizes Chai and Chit saying that how come someone respectable like Chai is falling for a low woman/hooker like Chit. Wee calls her out saying to watch her mouth. He implies that she should have a pretty mouth not meant to vulgarly disparage others. Two things to note here. So being called out and Wee speaking out for Chit. In his eyes, only him can torture and speak badly of Chit. Others, including So, should keep their mouth shut. Being defensive of a simple mistress isn’t he?

So & Co.
So and her mother just need to quit it. They can’t blame other people for their stupidity. Why in the world would you be with someone who has a mistress? That’s just so disrespectful. It doesn’t matter if you came first, sometimes you just need to let go.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.04.08 AM

In my first post about the show, I called So’s mother the voice of reason. I take that back. From her appearances in the last few episodes, I gathered a few things – greedy, fake, delusional.
The mother used to be on the Wee ship. He had no background but was wealthy. Now, she isn’t anymore because she saw another prospect: Chai. The latter is wealthy, educated and a hi-so. It helps that he has no mistress. As a mother, she fails to let her daughter learn the most important thing in life: being responsible for your own choice. Assume it all! So picked Wee; she should go through it or quit it. Playing the victim card is just tiring. In my opinion, So is a weakling. She runs back to her mother with every single problem. Her mind isn’t strong and I wouldn’t be surprised that it affects her health.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.02.13 AM

Contrarily, Chit is full of energy and strong. A perfect match for Wee. So is just boring.

What about Chai himself?
He’s adorable but the truth is he can’t save Chit from Wee. All he can do is to be a good friend and confident. Plus his feelings for Chit are already creating a rift with his mother. The two are close but she can’t accept the thought of him being with Chit, Wee’s mistress. I understand where the mother comes from. She wants the best for her son and everything is against Chit.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 6.23.59 PM

I could talk about the doctor and the reporter, but I would rather NOT. They take too much unnecessary time on my screen.

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 11.03.32 AM

Shoutout to the all the participants in the Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat thread on the Asianfuse forum. I have a blast reading all their comments and thoughts. One funny discussion revolved around how many times did So say the words marriage or married. Conclusion: way too many! 😀 If people could get married based on their desire for it, So would have been married with ten kids by now!

~ maniac Ride

8 thoughts on “Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat: Thoughts (Up until episodes 5-6)

    • I have mixed feelings about the show. My expectations were high and the show lives up to it until episode 8-9. Then it all starts going down the drain. The writer spends too much time focusing on side characters, barely giving enough screen time to the main couple. I would watch this one if you don’t have anything else for now, but don’t get too involved.

  1. I didn’t want to watch this show so I told my mom about it. Good thing you have people who are willing to watch it for you. So my mom watched up to episode 8 so far. I guess she seems to like it because she called to ask where can she watch more episodes….

    Great reviews. I might give this a try when all the subs are up.

  2. Hi picdrama, is it alright with you if you can do a review for ep 8 – 16? Thank you in advance and sorry for any in convienence

    • Hi! Sure will post it as soon as possible. Although I have to say that due to the lack of subs, my recap won’t be as detailed. It will be more of a quick rundown. Hope you understand!

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