Missing Noir M


Crime-related dramas seem to fall into two categories, cop squads who can’t find their own butts or genius detective with a few sidekicks. Now if the main point of the drama is romance with a side of cop, then fine, you can have your incompetent police force. However, for me, I believe a good crime drama needs these ingredients: intelligent problem solvers, interesting crime scenes, actually clever villains, and a certain dash of gray aggressiveness that says hey, the world isn’t black and white. One crime drama in the past met this formula, Bad Guys and Hannibal, and I’ve hit it again with Missing Noir M.

Missing Noir M almost takes after Hannibal in the first two episodes as we are introduced to a gruesome crime scene where a man is barely kept alive using about 50 IV bags. Its a game where the police are suppose to find each victim in a certain timeframe using certain clues. Gil Soo Hyun, our genius ex-FBI agent (we have to have a genius in all dramas, in case you didn’t know) takes after Sherlock and sees details that we usually miss. He is especially commissioned by the first villain to find who killed his poor mother who was gang raped and financially abused for many years. What is at stake is the little sister of a convict through which the villain is filtering his clues through. Dae Young joins as main partner who although may not be a genius, holds his own in crime investigation. Jin Seo Joon is resource techy women who finds out all sorts of stuff for them (wish they would give a better role to female characters in crime dramas). Together these three make up a special missing persons unit who take these mystery cases.

Now, crime procedurals may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s all I drink right now. I enjoy the grittiness and the gray areas that the drama ventures into. Not all the villains are plain evil, though some you do want to punch in the face. The crimes aren’t stupid and I can’t guess what is going to happen next, which is a huge plus in my book. Coming from the intricate crimes of Hannibal, I find myself biased, but the drama meets my expectations for sure. The acting is also decent, though the three main characters are not that well known. Also, Kim Haneul made a brilliant crazed convict with his damn creepy smile and off the hinge attitude. I’ve never seen him in that role, but he plays it well. Each episode is like a puzzle and I enjoy trying to fit the edges together myself. Not all is what it appears to be.


9 thoughts on “Missing Noir M

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  2. Love your recap! Thanks.. ^^. I will keep supporting this drama. Brilliantly written and so much realistic characters,always reminds us that not every person is perfect and everybody has their good and weak side too. Hope that there will be season 2 and on..

      • I really adored Bad Guys, maybe plot wise not as intricate as the other OCN crime dramas? However, it digs deeper into each character’s psyche and motivations. Its more of a character study plus crimes plus overarching mystery. I think you would like it!

      • I really enjoyed 10 too. I didn’t finish Bad Guys but it’s not that I didn’t like it… I was watching other dramas that I couldn’t fit that one in. Since I’m not in the mood for romantic comedy and Missing Noir is ending today, I might have to pick up Bad Guys soon.

      • Did you watch 10 sequel yet? I’m still one ep 2 of 10 and it’s so good!! Ahh I see. I think you will like Bad Guys, the story and crimes and bromance are on point

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