Mia Taeng (เมียแต่ง)


Khong Khai is a spoiled rich brat, who refuses to take anything seriously. His mother is worried about his future and decides to give him a good bride. Arunprapai is pretty, simple, hard working, and honest. Arunprapai agrees to marry Khong Khai to escape from her ex boyfriend. Poochom – the ex boyfriend – cheated on Arunprapai and made the third party pregnant. Arunprapai knows Poochom has new responsibilities and a relationship between them is now impossible. She does her best to push him away, but he refuses to let go.

Things would be a lot simpler too if Khong Khai wasn’t in a relationship with Brung, a famous model. Brung sees her relationship with Khong Khai as a getaway from her abusive adoptive family, especially her brother who has feelings for her. Brung’s adoptive family is interested in Khong Khai’s family business and they are willing to do anything to get full control. Khong Khai’s mother knows Brung’s family intentions and in addition she thinks Brung is not suitable.

Pause. I want to mention the amazing song that plays throughout the drama:

Anyhow, Khong Khai has no choice but to marry Arunprapai. The marriage doesn’t stop him from seeing Brung and he promises that he will end things with Arunprapai soon. Brung accepts but keeps an eye on Arunprapai. Dramas start when Khong Khai starts being intrigued by Arunprapai’s behavior. She doesn’t pay attention to his childishness and is not intimated by him at all. Worst, she even ignores him sometimes. Khong Khai’s behavior quickly moves from annoyance to love. He is able to see the sweet and caring Arunprapai. The fact that other men keep chasing after Arunprapai, despite her being married also makes Khong Khai realize what is so special about her.

Khong Khai falling for Arunprapai causes him to neglect Brung, which she doesn’t fail to notice. She does her best to create misunderstandings between the couple and that isn’t too hard to do. Khong Khai doesn’t give much respect to his legal wife. Brung follows him everywhere, including his home. At business functions, Brung wants to be recognized at his partner even when Arunprapai is present. In a way, Khong Khai promised to Brung that she would always have his heart, but at the same time feelings can’t be controlled. Brung is also not the best thing for Khong Khai since she is the daughter of the enemy; it’s not unlikely for her to betray Khong Khai. Let’s just say that Brung also doesn’t push Khong Khai to be the best version of himself – successful and hard working.


This is the first drama that made me hate the pra’ek with a passion. I hated Khong Khai plus I thought Arunprapai was a pushover. I wanted her to resist Khong Khai’s harsh words and Brung’s madness. I stopped watching the drama then tried again. The only reason why I gave it another try is because I was bored and had nothing else to watch.

I was able to understand that if Arunprapai had been irrational and pushy, Khong Khai wouldn’t have changed at all. Arunprapai was patient enough and loved Khong Khai to the point that she was willing to endure. Something that she always repeats throughout the drama is “It’s a wife’s duty.” She has a lot of pride, but is willing to put it aside for her husband and family. She believes that’s how a proper woman should behave. There is a lot of beauty in the thought, but to be honest that concept is a little outdated. Things turned out well because Khong Khai was able to reciprocate her feelings and yes, this is lakorn land. In real life, things are much harder.

To be honest, Brung should have never let Khong Khai marry someone else. It was not worth taking the risk of losing him. Besides, Khong Khai would have never agreed to marry Arunprapai if he truly loved Brung. Let’s face it. Since the first episode, Khong Khai is seen with several girls. Yes, Brung was is favorite girlfriend but she always had to share Khong Khai with someone else.I don’t know what made her think that she would always be the main one. I don’t think she loved Khong Khai as much as she claimed she did either. Khong Khai was her only chance to escape her abusive family. On top of that, he is attractive and has a nice family background. I hated Brung watching it the first time, but seeing what her family put her through I was able to feel pity for her. Plus her relationship with her gay friend Sasha was adorable, until she started abusing him. Poor Sasha. It’s also funny knowing that the actress that plays Brung and the actor who plays Sasha were dating back then. They are now married and they are seriously one of the cutest dara couple!

Another thing that bothered me is the portrayal of women, and I have seen it in other lakorns too. A good woman is a virgin. She is also reserved and humble. Arunprapai is the good one partly because she is able to endure a lot. Whereas Brung was often portrayed as the evil one because she was sort of cray cray, but also because she had several relationships before Khong Khai. Yet, it is alright for Khong Khai to sleep from left to right. He is still a perfect marriage candidate. Double standards much. I believe that a woman’s value means more than her being a virgin.

Lastly I thought Chompoo was perfect for this role. She played the cold one so well and that totally drove Khong Khai nuts. Chompoo’s face is beautiful, but sometimes expressionless. I guess it wouldn’t have been too hard to play this character :-D. Don’t get me wrong! I do like her ~ I actually watched Khun Samee Kamarlor Tee Rak because she was in it again with Rome. It was pretty cute and you should definitely check it out.

~ maniac Ride

5 thoughts on “Mia Taeng (เมียแต่ง)

  1. Oh I have the same issue as well Pica. So the heroine is only the heroine if she’s pure and virginal? But the nang rai is always loose and without morals and not a virgin? And then it’s alright for the guy to have many partners and sleep around, and still be prime material. I know that’s the story telling formula they have but it frustrates me. One because of the gender/character stereotyping and two, because you can only watch the same characters/story line for so long until you get tired of it. I’d like to see lakorn writers change it up a bit. In fact, wasn’t Rome’s character sleeping with his wife Arunprapai and Broong at the same time at one point?

    • I am so glad that I’m not the only one feeling that way. I wish the writers would be more creative and stop reinforcing the stereotypes. In Mia Taeng, I don’t remember Khong Khai sleeping with one after another BUT I do believe it’s implied… And to be honest, it’s not only lakorns. Lakorns take it to another level with the abuse, but even Korean dramas tend to portray women as weak or have the double standards. Always in need of a knight in shining armor, the famous wrist grabbing scenes, etc.

      • You’re right. For once I’d like to see more heroines not just take the abuse but give back as much as she gets. And to be the knight in shining armor to the guy. Whose had a few boyfriends before and not a virgin. That why I loved the character of jang mi in marriage not dating.

  2. Hello my friend showed me the beginning of a drama but I don’t know the name and she can’t remember it either. Can you help me? It starts with a girl and a guy getting married because there are rumors going around that she and her uncle are in a relationship. The girl doesn’t like the uncle but the uncle likes her. She has a brother who got a girl pregnant and so he wants her to get an abortion. Her uncle tells her about it and they follow them to the clinic. But the guy she married sees them and thinks they are actually in a relationship and she is pregnant but he accepts it and actually starts to read up on baby books so she doesn’t have to give up the baby. They are starting to develop a good relationship when one night she falls in the bathroom and her uncle helps her to her bed and he walks in and misunderstood. That’s all I watched. Also it is on YouTube. Please tell me if you can help me I have been searching for it but can’t find it. Thank you

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply. The show is called Piang Chai Kon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (When a Man Loves a Woman). It’s a remake of an older lakorn. I watched this version with Kim and James Ma; and I loved it.

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