11 thoughts on “Week of June 1st – Love Me Right by EXO

    • The song is pretty good and catchy but thr MV is conceptually a mess. I think they were trying to go urban but American football doesn’t exactly occur in S. KOREA. But street art..forest..railroads…rooms…very random but not unpleasant aesthically. I do love th other songs in thr album. Very smooth and chill…not electronic which I like. How about you?

      • Yeah I agree that the MV is a mess, but I did like that they tried to go for something different rather than just dancing like they usually do. What have been nicer with some sort of story-line it it though.

        I like the song, but perhaps would have liked it a little bit shorter, I was sick of it by the end haha. The other songs are all pretty good, especially Promise, I loved the layering of voices at the end.

      • That is definitely true. I am always tired when SM does the dance in a box with lights game. Though their dancing is still pretty good, but the focus is definitely more on the visual concept this time. Oh yes…not really much of a story line. haha. As for the rest of the album, the songs are quite sensual sounding in my opinion. I like Transformer, Playboy, and Hurt!

      • Hopefully this MV serves as a gateway to some more interesting MV… with a story in them!

        I’m still torn on whether I actually like Transformer or not… I don’t mind the Chinese version, but for some reason the Korea version turns me off. Playboy and Hurt are both cool, I love Exodus and El Dorado too.

      • I hope so too! I also like the Chinese version of transformer better…flows smoother. Ooh El Dorado tune is a delight. And dance for it during the concert videos looks really cool with the lights

      • Aw my internet is so slow at the moment I haven’t been able to check out any of the live performances… I’m currently waiting for the comeback stage for Love Me Right to load (fingers cross it will be done in less than an hour!!!). I’ll have to check it out when my internet resets this month.

        I found with the harsher sounding songs, I tend to prefer the Chinese version. Another example is Machine from the first album…

  1. This MV reminds me of a higher energy version of Shinee’s “View” but with less of a storyline? I MISS TAO =(

    Lolz to the football concept. These boys look like they view less than 100 lbs each…

      • The last I heard was that he’s chilling in Cali now, but no one has confirmed him leaving EXO…yet.

        Did you see that Kris on the cover of China Vogue with Kendall Jenner? My entertainment worlds are colliding haha

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