Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match Episode 1

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A cute lakorn that stole my heart!

I will be making those reviews/recaps really short.

Junior is a cute, rich and popular 18-year old. She basically has it all: nice family, rich boyfriend and a close group of friend. At least that’s what she thinks.

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This dreamy life all goes down the drain when Junior takes comments on her ig pictures way too seriously. Ahhh when social media starts to ruin your life. I think all of us have at least one bad experience – hurtful comments, demeaning posts, unflattering pictures, etc. Comments on her ig mainly criticize Junior’s face, which apparently is too chubby. Is this a joke? Do people even know what’s a chubby face? Also who says that having a chubby face is unflattering…? GIVE ME AN ANSWER~

Junior goes to get a thread lift to make her face smaller. I didn’t even know that was a thing -__- The only problem is that the surgery creates an allergic reaction. Junior is now left with several pimples and scars on her face. The makeup artist did an amazing job at making those so realistic. Much respect.

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Junior’s friends now refuse to hang out with her: With this face, all the boys won’t approach them. Can she join them again when her face gets better?

Junior’s boyfriend wants to take a break: He’s going to study abroad. He promises not to date any other girls within the year. LIES.

Even Junior mother lies to her socialite friends that her daughter suffers from influenza…. The thing is that despite Junior mom being shallow she still cares for her daughter to some extend.

Hurt, Junior moves to Phitsanulok where she will attend university. Major: tourism management. Junior gets her maid, almost family member, Aoi to accompany her.

At Phitsanulok, Junior meets the handsome Seau (meaning Tiger) – an older student who also majors in tourism management. DJ Push it’s nice to see you again!

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Seua is amused by Junior’s shyness and the fact that she is oddly wearing a scarf to cover her face… Ah, she needs to accept her new face already. With the heat and humidity, how long can she wear the scarf!?

Seau also nicknames our female lead as “Joo.” Does that mean something in Thai? Curious to know…

Other cute characters: Tui and Bee. Tui is another senior and leader in the tourism department. Full of energy but not like Bee. I hope to see so much more of Bee! If his name wasn’t an indicator, he is a fan of singer Bie Sukrit. Bee is also into handsome men and let’s say that Seua quickly catches his eyes.

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For the first time since the failed thread lift, Junior enjoys herself. Laughing and being spontaneous. But things still aren’t as good. The first people to see her face pretend that it’s fine but badmouth Junior behind her back. Junior’s three roommates have no choice, but to leave with her despite their disgust. One of the roommates, Nungning, is more open minded than the others as she comforts Junior and tells the two other roomies to quit being scary cats.

Bee also urges Junior to remove her scarf: “Is this a new trend? Take it off. You look like a thief.” Let’s say that this time she had overdone it: scarf + glasses. Hello there. All those accessories need to go.

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Anyway she has no choice as she gets called out by Tui during the welcome ceremony… Seua convinces her to remove the scarf. There is no way she can conceal her face forever. He will be there for her.

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Taking the scarf off was such a big deal. It sounds insignificant, but for Junior it means moving forward. At least now that everyone knows about her face, she can fight back and heal. I am happy that Seua convinced her to do so – affirming his support for her and marking a milestone for their future relationship. It’s funny how dramas that I enjoy are always ones that I am reluctant to watch in the first place.

I love how Junior’s nightmare started because of social media. It shows how most of us are not immune to the hateful and mean comments people leave under her posts and pictures. I think the key is to take those comments lightly, especially if they are not from people you are close with. Who cares what a stranger thinks? Sadly, it’s easier said than done. Junior’s experience was also an eye opener in terms of showing her who truly cares for her. Definitely not her coward of ex-boyfriend and group of fake friends.

I hope Bee won’t turn his back on Junior because of the lumps and pimples on her face. That would break my heart…

~ maniac Ride

9 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling: Perfect Match Episode 1

  1. Aw! I’m recapping too! Absolutely love this precious story. So glad others are enjoying it too!

    And it’s so true about the scarf. It’s seems so small and insignificant but Ju was traumatized by the people sheeft behind, and now here she is in a group of strangers… I was so surprised how emotionally stirring this scene actually was.

    • So glad to see that I’m not the only one enjoying. I feel like the show isn’t sadly as popular as it should because it is truly a gem! Currently at episode 3. Episode 2 recap should be up in a bit!

      • Haha! Just posted my episode a second ago.
        And yea, I’ve been watching since it started airing in May and I noticed so little response. I think it’s basically because it’s not on a major channel, listed as a sitcom and subbing didn’t begin until 5 weeks in. But either way, I love it. If I hadn’t checked out the preview for Esther, I would’ve issued it.

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