Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 3

Wow wow seems like Seua and Ning relationship is more complicated than expected. Poor Joo for being caught in the middle.

Ning’s parents are against her relationship with Seua because of his poor background and him being an orphan. Seua was raised by monks  that’s why he has several small jobs to pay for all his school expenses. Ning is also dating another guy 😲! Two timing much. The other guy is more suitable in her parents’ eyes as he has studied abroad and his parents are family friends.

Joo finds out about the relationship between Ning and the other dude while eating at the mall with Aunt Aoi. She tries to hide herself, fearing the uncomfortable situation. Later Ning asks her to keep it a secret from Seua as he would make a scene. Seriously who wouldn’t? Unless you don’t care about your significant other.

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Joo is dragged even deeper in this mess as she somewhat helps Ning cover her lies. As Ning’s parents and Boyfriend 2 plan to drop by Ning’s room, Joo is set on a James Bond mission to remove all of Seua’s belonging. Bee’s services are also required to remove clothes, porn magazines and pictures from the room. Make sure to check the part where Bee tries to smell Seua’s undies. Bee kills me 😂😂😂!

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Mission accomplished when the visitors finally arrive.

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Meanwhile Seua is still on cloud nine – forgetful of what’s truly going on. He doesn’t realize that Ning has been snicky and avoiding him on several instances, using lame excuses such as sleepover at friends or extra-homework. Joo tries to ask Seua if he ever thought of cheating on Ning. Seau’s answer: Girls are interested in him, but not seriously enough because he is too poor. It makes it easy to find people that truly care for him. Joo is actually in the same situation. With her face like this, only people that truly care will stick around. True that.

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The director of the drama also add a new element that will eventually lead to a greater interaction between our two leads. Because Joo’s room is under repair, she moves right next to Seua and Ning’s room, where Seua spends most of his time… As of now. Aunt Aoi is drooling all over Seua when she first meets him. Woman has her cougar moment and I don’t blame her!

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Meanwhile we see more changes in Joo’s life. As Aunt Aoi notices, Joo has matured. Yes, because of her looks. But the real change isn’t superficial. She is more thoughtful and independent. Back in Bangkok, it was all about her, her and her. Now, Joo doesn’t want to be a bother and knows how to handle herself.

Another couple is formed in this episode. Tui, the other student leader of the tourism department, and Joo’s roomate Nui are now together. What I love about Nui? She is so confident! Yes, she is overweight but the way she carries herself makes her beautiful and cute. She doesn’t let anyone look down on her and she holds herself in high esteem. Way to go! Also, she was really judgmental of Joo’s face in the first episode but she came around since then.


Once again, I understand Ning’s predicament. She just needs to be truthful. Two timing as we’ve all seen in Lakorn Land and real life brings pain to more people. I also don’t like the fact that she makes Joo cover her lies. Asking Joo to remain silent and asking her to clear the room are two different things. Ning doesn’t realize that putting Joo in this mess could affect her relationship with Seua. What if Seua resents Joo for helping to cover Ning’s lies?

Joo has taken the right decision by remaining silent. She knows that eventually she’ll have to be there for Seua when the truth is revealed but as of now she can only be a bystander.

I also see that Ning and Joo have a lot in common. Both come from a prestigious background and both face similar issues to some extend. Back then, Joo was concerned by apperances, making her shallow. She also dated the wrong guy as she didn’t realize that he didn’t truly care for her. If you haven’t noticed yet, Ning’s Boyfriend 2 seem of the same breed as Joo’s ex-boyfriend. Full of himself and annoying. What makes Ning’s situation worst is that her parents support her relationship with this kind of person. I hope the wake-up call won’t be too abrupt.

~ maniac Ride

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