I Remember You: Who Remembers Me?


Ah the potential is there! While I do enjoy the more grungy crime thrillers that air on the cable channels, I am still open to mainstream types if they are done well. This drama combines lightheartedness with a streak of pitch black. However, what the drama really reminds me of is BBC SHERLOCK, yes Korean Sherlock, down to the tinkling and jaunty musical OST. Not only that, but a genius investigator who sees and processes more information than the average human (floating numbers like Sherlock BBC). Maybe not as psychopathic as Sherlock, but more than halfway there. Anyways, enough with the similarities, the drama does have enough to hold its own.

Lee Hyun, that genius investigator arrives in the middle of a crime scene investigation and nobody knows who he is. Well, except for one person, Ji-An, otherwise known as his childhood stalker. Of course he does not remember her as she only ever watched him from afar. Lee Hyun had come back from studying abroad in America and has a long trail of awards, degrees, and honors behind his name. He was sent along with a egotistical team leader to investigate some recent serial killings. And for Lee Hyun, to find his father’s murderer and his missing younger brother. The team mistakes him as the killer at first. While the first half of the episode is all laughs and jokes, which almost turned me off, the second half roped me in. As Lee Hyun goes back to his childhood home, he remembers his difficult past. As an extremely precocious child, he was mature beyond his years and knew things that others didn’t. This scared his father at times and made him doubt his own child. His father was a criminal interviewer and studies jailed psychopaths. Lee Joon Young is a young psychopath that his father was very interested in, especially in the person’s childhood. Why? Because, the man is also extremely smart and different than others just like his own son. He worries and doubts even more that his own son would grow up to be like this killer. One day, as Lee Hyun takes his father’s forgotten bag to work, he makes accidental contact with Joon Young. They have a conversation and even make a promise before his father finds him and freaks out. Goaded by Joon Young’s insinuation that his son is just like him, the father is scared into thinking his child is a monster. This leads him to seclude his son in a secure place he built so that he wouldn’t have contact with the outside world and vice versa. This was an effort to “protect him” for when Joon Young gets out of jail and to normalize him. What. Lee Hyun is devastated to confirm that his father thinks of him as a monster and doesn’t trust him. The drama begs the question: are monsters born or made?

An interesting pairing for sure, Jang Nara and Seo In Guk. Jang Nara has that super baby face that makes her younger by a thousand years for sure. Her role is meh though in the drama so far, painting her as a almost stalker type who is also happy-go-lucky, not at all the elite investigator I though I was getting from the summary. Hopefully, her character will develop, this is not to say her acting is bad. Jang Nara always had an A+ in acting in my books. Chemistry with Seo In Guk? Hmm not sure yet, to be honest. Now Seo In Guk as Sherlock? Getting there and hopefully will see more in episode 2. Not as psychopathic and a little more adjusted than BBC Sherlock. But still eccentric and a streak of mischievousness. Now, the child actor for Seo In Guk, wow I must say! He is both adorable, but also scarily mature in the way his father was afraid. Very great acting from such a small child! Also, D.O of EXO makes an excellent creepy cameo as Joon Young. While not on the level of creep factor as Lee Joon of Gap Dong, D.O is making excellent strides in his acting career. I was definitely chilled by his emotionless appearance and intermittent smirking. It also might be that D.O’s character Joon Young has kidnapped Lee Hyun’s younger brother to mold a monster out of him.

4 thoughts on “I Remember You: Who Remembers Me?

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  2. I love this show – Thank you bringing it to my attention.
    I believe the father watched the wrong monster in his house. Maybe the secret he told the murdere as a child was that his brother were killing dogs and he had to cover up or something – only a hypothesis 🙂

  3. this drama is driving me crazy. Can’t figure out who’s who now since they are all adults (besides the two leads)… I feel like the prosecutor is the brother and the doctor is Joon Young. But there are other characters that makes me think otherwise too. so confusing… I do love this show.

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