Sirius – Shine Bright



So intense. Usually for a 4-episode special, I would have just gone ahead and finished it before writing about it. However, just with the first episode and a half, I had to pause to take it all in. This short suspense thriller has hit the trifecta for me, strong acting, great soundtrack, and tight plot. In this drama, Do Eunchang and Do Shin Woo are a pair of twins who are as different as night and day. Eunchang is the lively and charming boy who does not take hits lying down. Meanwhile Shin Woo is the quiet, bookworm twin who gets bullied every single day. They share the same face to the disappointment of both, but you can clearly tell that they care deeply for each other still. Eunchang is constantly defending his brother and even beating up his bullies for him. However, Shin Woo hates himself for being so defenseless. Unfortunately one day, things go too far and Shin Woo’s bully falls off the school roof in an accident while fighting with Eunchang. Eunchang had went to his brother’s school in place of Shin Woo to teach that bully another lesson. This lands Eunchang in jail for 8 years while their mother blames everything on Shin Woo. She even requests that Shin Woo go to jail in place of the other twin as she clearly has Eunchang as her favorite son.

With his brother in jail and him in a glass prison at home, Shin Woo forces himself to study hard for the bar to make something of himself. Shin Woo becomes Chief of a police force while his twin becomes a delivery boy when he comes out of jail. Their mother had died of a drug addiction from missing the other son so much. Because of this, he is very focused on going after drug busts. Furthermore, years of suffering under the insults of a crime that his brother committed and having to endure watching his mother fall apart made Shin Woo bitter towards his twin brother. He wishes that Eunchang didn’t exist as he thinks that is all everyone ever see compounded with them having the same face. Eunchang is still the cheerful person he was before jail and understands that his brother does not want anything to do with him. Unfortunately both of them become involved with a drug ring and chaos ensues. Chief Shin Woo is trying to chase down the mob boss, but gets into a horrible car accident. Eunchang is forced to take Shin Woo’s place as Chief of the police by the mob boss in exchange for his younger brother’s life. To worsen the situation, Shin Woo does not know that Eunchange is trying to save him rather than being one of the boss’s cronies. Poor Eunchang feels so helpless in this situation. It is a complete turn around from when they were younger.

The actor who plays the younger version of the twins and the one that plays the older set are SO AMAZING. Park Hyung Shik, a relatively new idol turned actor is busting his melodrama chops to deliver such a great performance. Might I also say that ZE:A, the kpop band he was in has churned out three amazing actors so far, Park Hyung Shik, Yim Si Wang (Misaeng), and Kim Dong-Jun (Girl K). Anyways, Park Hyung Shik playing the younger set of twins is very moving in his angst and torture of being the one ignored and unwanted in the family. He strives for recognition from his family, but is always overshadowed by his older brother. Now the older set is played by Suh Joon Young is also quite wonderful and pairs really well with the younger version. His acting of both twins is so great that at one point, I really thought they were two different actors!! Not even half-way through the drama, my heart already hurts for these two brothers. I really hope I get to see them reconcile or at least be on the way to patch up their past misunderstandings and hurts. It is so clear that they care deeply for each other and have a connection no one can break.

EDIT: I finished this drama and now I feel empty. I wish it was longer! It was such a joy to watch both younger and older set of twins played by these versatile actors! I also can’t believe how underrated this special was! It is truly a gem to be discovered!

4 thoughts on “Sirius – Shine Bright

  1. Thank you for the widely spread love of Sirius on your blog. I watched this one right after Bleak Night ( that is more than 2 years ago) in which I “scouted” SJY and put him on my top-5 list of young actors from whom I expect practically everything ( given the chances in this particular industry, of course!). And who can forget PHS?He was amazing, too! I couldn’t believe he’s an idol; I had to check AsianWiki to make sure time and again..!

    Sirius is one of the best Drama Specials I’ve ever watched and what puzzles me is why such a good script wouldn’t have become a full-length drama instead. On the other hand, ratings frenzy can easily destroy marvellous ideas ( like Yong-Pal or Mask) and we should be grateful for the artistic liberty that is provided to DSs by the major networks. We always benefit greatly from CEOs’ lower expectations, right?

    • This is my first drama with SJY, and I couldn’t believe that I haven’t seen him in other things. He is so talented. I wish he was more well known and given more roles. He is so versatile and definitely better in my books for acting than more popular actors such as Lee Min Ho or Kim Soo Hyun.

      I also enjoyed watching PHS in a more serious role versus the more romcom ones in his other projects. I hope he will be able to take more roles like this in the future.

      I agree that Sirius is definitely one of the best specials I have watched. Even though a full-length drama would have given me more double twin actor goodness, I feel like the intensity of the drama would lessen. Because it is compacted, we experience so many feelings at once rather than having it drawn it week by week. You are also right that rating frenzies can ruin a good idea and that Sirius might have petered out in the end if lengthened.

      • You’re surely open-minded and have no fear comparing LMH and KSH to “low-level” actors, LOL! That’s the spirit, my dear!;-)
        SJY is really, really good in everything and I think Sirius was PHS’s first drama. So, dramaland does have excellent actors and idols who can act. All they need is good projects like this one for them to shine, right? 😉

      • Oh yes, haha, I definitely have no fear on that front. It is not that LMH and KSH are bad actors, but they are not “fantastic”. They certainly are great on the visual front, but for me, their acting is average. Just not memorable, so I am not sure why they are so popular! For me, I enjoy watching actors like Joo Won with Gaksital, Ji Chang-wook with Healer, Lee Jong Suk with his multiple varieties of drama roles, and Jung Kyung-ho with Cruel City. For me, discovering these underrated actors is such a joy!

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