Moon River – BOF Flows Again! / 明若曉溪


BWAHAHAHAHA. This is pure crack and I am so addicted. I came into this Taiwanese drama with the lowest of low expectations. From the previews and the first 20 minutes, this was Boys Over Flowers 2015, minus one flower boy (the gangster one?). You would think that after the Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese versions, I would be sick of another similar adaption. While the show does give you Hana Yori Dango feels, it has its own spin. I daresay, I enjoyed it better than Meteor Garden and Meteor Shower. SO if it is another BOF, give it to me anyways. Why? Because Xiao Xi, the main female lead is what I had wanted all the female leads in the other adaptions to be. While Xiao Xi is your typical quirky, innocent Candy….there is one thing she has above all others. She is a Kung Fu Master. HAHAHAHA. So amp up that kickass beatdown on those bullies! Coming from a really traditional village, she is a fish out of the water on a scholarship at the elite school for the rich.

On the very first day, Xiao Xi attracts trouble as she, of course, saves her good friend from the bullies. Oops, she just pissed off the elite club at the school and attracted the attention of the three princes. We have, THE ONE, Liu Bing, head of the Elite Union, but actually NOT a douchebag jerk like the other BOF princes. While not a teddy bear either, he isn’t a mindless bully who glories in pushing classmates down. He actually doesn’t agree with the bullying practices, but just needs a push to break status quo. We got MR. VIOLIN SECONDARY, yes yes, okay he is the softie, nice, VIOLIN playing man of our dreams (really who needs the others? eh?). Of course Xiao Xi would fall for him first before the lead. Who wouldn’t? Anyways, we have PLAYA NUMBA THREE. Mhmm, yup Mr. I am too cool for school and look like I should be in a k-pop video. Now that we got all of that settled, of course we have Sha Xing, b**** extraordinary who doesn’t like the quirky new girl in her personal man bubbles. Time for her to move her plastic face over. And finally we have cute little sister of PLAYA PLAYA who is Xiao Xi’s new best friend. So basically, BOF setup where girl must go to school to earn the pride of her whole family and village. Rich bullies don’t want her to leave for ruining their status quo. BUT WAIT, one by one the three princes are going to fall at her feet….either in love or from her roundhouse kick!!

Anyways, I know none of the main actors, only that this is Chinese-Taiwanese co-production. The acting is tolerable…but in a Taiwanese fashion. Trust me there is a big difference between the styles of Korean vs Chinese vs Taiwanese acting. It is definitely more humor and cutesy based rather than serious. Think of seeing a live-adaption of anime. While I am picky about acting, I did find it more than tolerable and amusing. Even though Xiao Xi did seem to contract a strain of Jan Di from BOF acting. BUT it’s cute in a way, country bumpster, not aggravating at least.

Another plus for me is that this drama will spit out all it’s episodes at lightning speed. It airs Monday through Thursday! Two episodes for 4 days each week! YESSS! Marathon time. And guess what? I don’t have to wait for subtitles!!

– phoenix

10 thoughts on “Moon River – BOF Flows Again! / 明若曉溪

  1. Loving this drama more than BOF so far tbh! I also started this without any expectations but the lead actress is nailing her role. She is cute and naive but not a pushover. The lead actor also isn’t a total jerk – wow, what a difference from k-dramas. Hate to admit it but I’m looking forward to new episodes of this more than Yong Pal..

    • Same as me! I went in with zero expectation, but am really addicted to it now! The main guy does the usual petty hair pulling, but it is relatively harmless teasing rather than the bullying that actually draws blood like in k-dramas. I am glad you enjoy it so far! Looking forward to more of your feedback as the drama goes on!

      • Okay, watched 10 episodes so far and I STILL LOVE IT. One thing that really sticks out to me is that the male lead doesn’t just “randomly/quickly” fall in love with the female lead. It’s also evident (to me at least) that he didn’t “like” her in a romantic way at first. Call it slow pace but I feel like it’s very realistic. There’s actually nothing extraordinary about this drama but the director is doing a good job at making a “typical” drama good. BOF is what I consider a “should-be-typical” but was just directed badly. Kind of reminds me of the kdrama Healer– didn’t really have a complex and spectacular plot but the actors and actresses did a hella good job to make it memorable! Hope you get what I mean!

        I also agree with you that even the bullying in this drama isn’t that serious. I like that it’s still a lighthearted drama. Btw, Liu Bing is so darn funny sometimes. His expressions always kills me when he’s with Xiao Xing. The fashion in this drama for the females…is getting a bit better…

        Can’t wait for next week’s episodes. Is that a jealous Liu Bing from the preview? Hehe ^^ Wonder how they’ll carry out the story line from now on.

      • Thanks again for the additional feedback! I am also at ep10 and enjoying it even more so than BOF as well! Even though this is an idol drama, I find Liu Bing decent in his acting and precious in his smirks/when he tries to act all casual after doing something special for Xiao Xi. Although the drama uses cheesy tropes such as our violin guy stepping in to help with each situation, I find it funny that Liu Bing gets so jealous. I hope the drama keeps its lighthearted fare going and will not turn into a draggy too-much-angst melo later.

  2. Thank you for uploading. before it was even subbed i already watched it raw because im that excited since sam, evan and pets tseng is acting. cant wait for the next episode to be subbed!!

  3. I watched this drama because of the title because I always heard that song here in our house but like almost all of you never expect anything from this drama but for me it’s better than BOF and MG. Almost the same story line but different in character. Like it better especially the 3 leads.

    • I totally agree. It definitely starts out like BOF but it is better since the leads act more mature, less dramatic than the other versions in my opinion. The main guy Liu Bing matures espicially well and is not violently abusive. We also have a really powerful female lead.

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