Noble, My Love: Short and Cheesy

Noble My Love

Extremely short! One episode is about 15-17 minutes, which makes it easy to binge on. I am guilty of binging as this is how I spent my Friday night. The plot line is simple and similar to countless others: Chaebol meets girl and falls for her. He then sweeps her off her feet and offers her the world.

Lee Kang Hoon is attractive, single, smart and rich. The main girl, Cha Yoon Seo, is a vet who just opened her practice outside of Seoul. Yoon Seo has loans to repay and strives to make her practice successful. Except that living outside of Seoul, her patients are often cows and her revenue remains meager.

By a turn of fate, Yoon Seo ends up treating Kang Hoon for a knife wound. The encounter is somewhat memorable for both of them, but mostly for Kang Hoon. He impatiently waits for Yoon Seo to contact him, hoping that she will ask to be compensated. When she doesn’t, Kang Hoon goes to her. Shocked and embarrassed by the fact that Yoon Seo asks for her a small amount, he decides to pay her in his own way: Have her move to Seoul where she can open a practice in one of his buildings – a greater and larger location. It’s only just a way to keep Yoon Seo close to him as he is intrigued and drawn to her.

The second part of Kang Hoon’s plan – to his benefit again – consists in asking Yoon Seo to enter a contract relationship. Pretty cliche again. Kang Hoon wants to escape his upcoming blind dates. Of course, as they fake the relationship feelings get real.

When episode 1 ended, I was like wow is this a trailer?! It was so short. I hadn’t realized that each episode would be less than 20 minutes. But it makes it even more adorable. With this storyline, if the director was planning on having 20 episodes of about an hour each it could get boring and we would have a series of side plot lines that often don’t add much.

I love the fact that viewers are constantly reminded that this is a webtoon thanks to cute drawings and visual effects. This is a great show if you have time to waste and it is a nice break from longer dramas.

The only thing that irks me is how pushy Kang Hoon is. He is hell bent on having things his way. He tends to often forget how much Yoon Seo had to give up. In a way, Yoon Seo loses her independence and her dreams. By moving to Seoul, she closes the practice that she dreamed off. She has to start all over again and because she tries to save as much as possible, she sleeps in her office. I get it that Kang Hoon wants to help, but is it the only way? But again he wouldn’t be a typical Kdrama chaebol if he wasn’t pushy and sometimes unreasonable.

I am currently at episode 13, I hope to learn more about Kang Hoon in the remaining episodes. We know so much about Yoon Seo but so little about him, expect the fact that he is rich and handsome blabla… What about his family? Previous love relationship? Does he have any close friends? What does he do when he is not stalking Yoon Seo?

Lastly a picture from the Naver webtoon itself…

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 1.22.13 PM

~ maniac Ride

11 thoughts on “Noble, My Love: Short and Cheesy

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  2. It’s not a webtoon. So the chance of it translated will be close to zero. It’s a naver novel. They have just started building a novel empire in their own country and seems far on the future to wait for their expansion towards any other countries/languages.

    I hope there will be scanlations or so for the novel soon, ’cause people and I myself are really eager to resd their novels. The plus side of theur novels is the picture added to illustrate to flow of the story. 🙂

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