I Wanna Be Sup’Tar!


Wan Neung refuses to move to England with her family. Instead of studying abroad, she decides to stay in Thailand to fulfill her dream of becoming a dara (celebrity). Since WN doesn’t have the support of her family, she doesn’t receive a monthly allowance and has no place to live. Her mother can only pray that she won’t do anything stupid for money.

So far, WN isn’t doing so good in terms of becoming a dara. She has no acting or dancing prospects, no job and she seems to fail every single audition. After seeing WN dance and act, I am getting seriously worried. How is she going to survive?! She tends to overact and well she can’t sing at all. It’s painful to watch… I hope she has other talents that we don’t know yet.

WN’s parents also sold their old family house to no other than our male lead: Win, a dara, who just returned from abroad. Win has lived out of the country for several years now, following a scandal. A tape was leaked, which suggested that Win is gay. Until now, he’s been haunted by the scandal. As he moves back to Thailand, Win hopes to live a peaceful life – far away from the cameras. Not an easy thing to do. The rumor is out that Win is back, and fans and the media want more details.

Anyway, Win being back is no good news for WN. She has no choice – well I think she kind of does but whatever – but to sneak in the house every single night to sleep and take a shower. After hearing weird noises and several instances of food missing, Win thinks the house is haunted. He even calls for a monk…

Another interesting character is May, Win’s ex-girlfriend. She is now a popular dara, who used to and still works under the same manager as Win – Wan Wan. The timing might be right to rekindle the flame with Win, but it might be harder to make up for the years lost. May has been married during the time being and she is now entering a divorce procedure. She never forgot about Win but it seems weird that they haven’t talked all those years. Now that Win is back, May is trying to get in touch with him. No success so far, but again I am only at episode 2.

Also, I can tell that May isn’t as nice as she pretends to be in front of the cameras. I hope to quickly learn more about her breakup with Win. Was it due to their mutual career or to the scandal? A little bit of both?

A few comments about Wan Wan. He seems and looks evil on so many levels. He pretends that he cares for Win and only wishes to work with him again. I am not buying it. It’s just a pretense that he puts in front of the cameras. Wan Wan could be behind Win’s scandal and I wouldn’t be surprised.


I have a hard time liking Thai comic dramas. I feel like the humor gets boring and repetitive. This might be one of the exceptions, including Khun Samee Karmarlor Tee Rak and Full House. I was most likely drawn in by Push. Who wouldn’t want to see more of Push? I have to admit that the show itself is good so far.

The trope actually reminds me of Full House in some ways: Two celebrities who struggle with their careers. They move into a new house that previously belonged to the female leads. The female leads are not so successful career-wise. The pairs end up living under the same roof and of course they can’t stand each other at first. Add old romantic feelings… Oh, let’s not forget that living together could shock fans and families.

I just have a comment about all those heroines that sneak in to live in a house. How long are they hoping to stay without the owner noticing? Also, if you are going to be there: Do not eat the food and clean after yourself! WN has been leaving behind half eaten apples and finished some juice in the fridge. Like seriously?!

I am impatient to see how Win and WN will work together to rebuild and build their respective career.

I am happy to see that Win probably has a chance to recover from the scandal. What surprised me a little bit is the big deal that’s made out of it. There are quite a few gay Thai entertainers. I guess the problem is how it affects Win’s female fanbase.

I wanted to say a big thank you to nekomeowmeow.wordpress.com for subbing!

~ maniac Ride.

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