Destined to Love You – Military Style / 偏偏喜欢你


When it comes to Chinese dramas, I tend to marathon them. Breaking away after watching 10 episodes, I am finally here to write about this hilarious sausagefest. Destined to Love You is set in the 1920’s era and takes place in a military academy. In the beginning, Bao Bao, our main character is circus entertainer by trade, but is trying to escape from loan sharks and save her ailing mother. She manages to slip onto a train heading to LongCheng and makes friends with a psychology professor, Xiao Han, a lady who is heading to the military academy to teach. She is also heading there to marry her first love and with whom she is in an arranged marriage with. Meanwhile Xiang Hao, wayward soldier who lived on the streets for about a year is being dragged back to the military academy that he had rebelled and quit from. He is a very skilled soldier, but a huge jokester and prankster. He takes nothing seriously except loyalty for his brothers in arms. Of course these Bao Bao and Xiang Hao cross hairs due to multiple understandings. Unfortunately on the train, several people are already trying to assassinate Xiang Hao and Xiao Han is accidentally thrown off the train and into the river beneath. Because Bao Bao is trying to save her mother, she decides to pretend to be Xiao Han in order to get military health benefits. Of course Xiao Han has not really died and seems to be still recovering.

Meanwhile Bao Bao has entered her military academy as an instructor, but has to go through a 15day probation period in order to be hired on as permanent staff. The principal and his scheming son are intent of getting rid of her due to popularity and political benefits. However, Bao Bao is able to save many problems in the academy, bring about change, and the students adore her. Of course at the academy, Xiang Hao has a rival, Shen Wen Tao with whom he used be good buddies with. However, with the accidental death of a friend between them, their relationship had grown bitter, but seemed to be on the mend with Bao Bao’s help. As you already probably guessed, the love triangle will be around these three.

What I enjoy about this drama is that Bao Bao is no fainting female. She one ups the military students and is able to solve so many challenges by her own power. She can not only pose as the psychology professor convincingly, but it has gotten to a point where all the students admire her for her brilliance, perseverance, and skills. As we are at ep10, I hope Bao Bao will still be this kickass all the way through and not be over-dominated too much by “love” and the men. As for Xiang Hao, he is such a prankster all the time that it is really rare to get a serious moment from him. However, when we do, I very much enjoy the 180 degree turnaround from his countenance. Shen Wen Tao is also fantastic as the rationale and calm rival who is Xiang Hao’s total opposite. I really hope their relationship mends and I get to see some bromance as that is abundant everywhere else! So far I really adore this drama and am nervous what will happen to Bao Bao once the real Xiao Han recovers and comes back! Onwards march!

7 thoughts on “Destined to Love You – Military Style / 偏偏喜欢你

  1. I watched until ep 3 and felt that it was ok. Like you, I usually marathon through an entire series of cdramas in days however, I didn’t seem to be addicted to this one. Wondering whether I should head back into it. Currently watching Yunge from the Clouds and it’s absolutely addictive. Too bad there’s not enough episodes out.

    • It started out slowly and pretty much farcical for me as our lead Xiang Hao is always the big joker. However it really gets better and I stay for our main girl Bao Bao who is really quite amazing. Try it again!! What is Yunge about?

      • love triangle between king, girl, and the king’s relative that was banished. They met when they were young and promised to look for each other when they get older. When the girl tried to look for the king (she didn’t know he is now king) she mistook someone else for him. She ends up falling for the king’s banished relative but the king is waiting for her

  2. I’m glad you picked this one up. I loved it so much that I marathon the drama RAW. It was the main characters that grabbed my attention. I do have to say, YES, it did kinda start out slow but once it picked up, you never really want to stop. It actually start picking up after the 10th episodes b/c that’s where the real Xiao Han comes back and the love triangle starts too. BUT it was more of BAO BAO and Xiang Hao relationship that made me stick it through.

    • I totally agree! It was definitely my fav chinese drama of this year. I marathoned the whole thing in about a week. Bao Bao and Xiang Hao are amazing together and the second lead just broke my heart. I just loved how awesome Bao Bao was all throughout and was so strong…did not become a damsel in front of the men and proved herself even better than them at times. The ending wasn’t as pleasing though….

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