Divorce Lawyer in Love (이혼변호사는 연애중): Let the bickering begin


Why?! Oh, why did it take me so much to watch this show?! Just finished 10 episodes in the span of two days.


Go Cheok Hee is a ruthless lawyer specializing in divorce cases. She lives to work and is always determined to win a case. Cheok Hee goes as far as creating evidences if needed and that’s exactly what will put her in trouble.

In order to help the celebrity Han Mi Ra obtain a divorce, Cheok Hee uses an illegal recording of Mi Ra’s husband cheating on her. The divorce is successfully completed, but Cheok Hee loses her lawyer license for malpractice. AngRY Cheok Hee thinks her office manager, So Jung Woo, sold her out. She goes ahead and vent her anger at the innocent Jung Woo and it’s the cherry on top of the cake when she dumps seaweed soup on him. Ooops, let me point out that it was Jung Woo’s birthday soup and the scene is caught by Jung Woo’s mother. Total humiliation. Of course, Jung Woo resigns. I wouldn’t stay either.

You think it couldn’t get worst for Cheok Hee? Well, it could and it does. Cheok Hee finds out that Mi Ra manipulated evidences. Mi Ra knew how fierce Cheok Hee was and no matter what she would obtain the evidence. Out of despair, Mi Ra’s husband kills himself, leaving a guilty and jobless Cheok Hee.

Fast forward three years later

Jung Woo is now Lawyer So and the manager of his office is no other than Cheok Hee. Things start on a sour note. Both hope that the other will quit. Too bad since both are convinced to stay by the law firm owner Bong Min Gyu.

Slowly, Jung Woo realizes that one of his biggest supporters is no other than Cheok Hee. She teaches him the ropes and helps him find evidences for tricky cases. Cheok Hee also learns that being pointlessly stubborn is what put her in this predicament. She becomes a better listener and lets Jung Woo do his own thing when necessary.

Needless to say that both start developing feelings that they totally deny.


What would be a good drama with intricate and numerous roadblocks?

1 – Jung Woo’s childhood friend, Jo Soo Ah, has been abhorring feelings for him for 26 years! She’s the one who paid for Jung Woo’s law school fees by selling her house. Of course, it’s the ultimate sacrifice since Jung Woo doesn’t know. Soo Ah hopes Jung Woo will realize all she’s done for him and return her feelings. When Soo Ah realizes that Jung Woo is falling for Cheok Hee, she drops all her principles and wants to prevent their relationship to grow at all cost. Lying becomes an option.

2 – The rich Min Gyu also falls for Cheok Hee. He tries to use money to seduce her, but he quickly figures out that’s a no go. He uses his sincerity, but still a no go. Matters are even more complicated for Min Gyu as he’s engaged to someone else. You know this chaebol thing where they are always engaged to another rich and beautiful woman? Yes, that.

3 – Jung Woo’s mother can’t stand Cheok Hee. I can’t blame her. The seaweed soup episode is still fresh in her mind. Plus, the mother remembers all that Soo Ah has done for Jung Woo. Supporting the relationship Jung Woo – Cheok Hee will be betraying Soo Ah. But what the mother doesn’t know is that Cheok Hee also did a lot for Jung Woo – something Jung Woo and Cheok Hee are both unaware of.

4 – Jung Woo was in a subway accident several years ago, which explains his phobia of subways. He was saved by a peppermint candy that a lady gave to him – apparently helping him breath better. Guess who gave him the candy? Cheok Hee. The problem is that Jung Woo doesn’t remember her face and we don’t know what’s Cheok Hee’s memory of the event. The only person who knows the identity of the peppermint candy lady is Soo Ah and of course she isn’t willing to give that information away. That’s when I found her character extremely annoying. Soo Ah is purposely not telling him because she thinks it’ll be game over then. But, it is already game over!

Lastly, Cheok Hee has another goal to reach. Regain her license as a lawyer. To do so, Cheok Hee needs to go after Mi Ra. Not an easy thing to do. I have the feeling that she’ll never be at peace before taking care of that matter.

~ maniac Ride

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