Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 7

Joo is still not accepting Seua’s feelings despite him trying so hard. Seua uses every trick possible to spend extra time with Joo. The best example is Seua staying over at Joo’s because of the rain. He makes himself comfortable, takes a shower and even spends the night over. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Push in the cute little PJ dress. So tight and so cute at the same time!

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.30.54 PM

The good thing is that despite Joo pushing him away Seua is trying. He also respects Joo’s boundaries in some aspects. He doesn’t try to go to far with her. Yes, he tries to get close but he gets the message when she pushes him back. I am all about consent!

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One thing that jumps to my attention is the way Joo acts toward Seua. Yes, they are not in a relationship but all the things she does and says remind me of how a girl acts with her boyfriend. Joo has Seua picking her up for her doctor’s appointment, she worries about him having lunch and even proposes to buy him something. Plus Seua and Joo even argue like a couple! Bee and Nui do not miss a chance to tease Joo: It seems like there is progress with Seua. It’s just that she doesn’t want to admit it. She should stop lying to them 😝.

Joo’s pimples and zits are almost all gone! She still doesn’t feel confident – always worried about people staring. I am almost sure that Joo’s doctor has contributed to this, but maybe it’s also because she is happier. Love can have many effects. With her face going back to its old self, Joo is drawing the attention of more guys. Seua is clearly aware of it and he is ready to take down any competition. Seua’s competitor number 1 is another student: Ryo.

Ryo is quick to hit on Joo. He offers a ride when he sees her going to the doctor, which she refuses the first time. But like Seua, Ryo is not one to give up easily. He adds Joo on Facebook and continues the chase. I have to say that Ryo is cute; Bee can attest 😀.

With Ryo’s appearance, we get to see the less cute side of Seua: Jealous, possessive and insecure. He can’t stand guys staring at Joo and hitting on her AT ALL. It’s funny at first but as the episode progresses, it becomes worrisome. Seua makes it clear to Ryo that he needs to keep his distance from Joo. It’s like a dog pissing on a tree to mark his territory.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 7.01.07 PM

Seua also blames Joo for becoming prettier and attracting the attention of Ryo. I can’t believe he even said that. Before the zits, this was what her face looked like and also why blame someone for wanting to look good? I barely know anyone who doesn’t want to look cute. Things quickly turn sour between Joo and Seua when he uses foul language. Hello, rude! We might need to spray some disinfectant in Seua’s mouth…

While Seua keeps arguing with Joo, who starts to ignore his calls and messages, Ryo is gaining points – acting all sweet and offering little gifts to Joo.

The worst part is that everytime Seua has a chance to make things better, he ruins it! His brain gets clouded by anger and jealousy. Once the latter happens, nothing good comes out of his mouth. Seua incessantly tells Joo that she is crazy over men and their money. He is convinced that she keeps on going to the doctor because she wants to be prettier and get even more attention.

And even when Seua apologizes, it’s half-baked. He is sorry for being disrespectful, but not for what he said . He still insists that Joo is crazy for guys’ attention. The last scene of the episode shows Joo and Seua arguing over the phone. And this time, Seua goes as far as to say that her behavior is becoming as ugly as Ning. Joo furiously hangs up and guess what she does right after? She accepts Ryo’s date invitation.

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 7.01.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 7.02.06 PM


This is an episode that actually makes me dislike Seua. I get that he is jealous and insecure, especially with everything that happened between Ning and him. But how is that any of Joo’s fault? That shouldn’t even be her problem.

The jealousy starts cute at first but it quickly got on my nerves. All the hurtful things Seua said to Joo were just over the top. She has the right to look cute. She doesn’t have to justify what she does with her face and any other part of her body.

I can see that part of Seua is also worried that Joo will get tricked by Ryo. To be honest, I don’t trust Ryo either. But the more Seua acts disrespectful, the more Joo will go toward Ryo. Seua needs to get it together ASAP and quit this foolishness.

~ maniac Ride

4 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 7

  1. Yeah, Seua behavior towards Joo is stemmed from his bad break up with Ning. Joo doesn’t have to pay for Seu’s ex mistakes. But I also get where he was coming from. In his eyes, Joo was having the same problem of appearances as Ning. Ning’s were social status and money, while Joo’s is beauty/body image. Thing was he couldn’t understand how big of a shock it was to her self-esteem. And let jealousy get the best of him. But I have faith in my Seua.

    • I’m just shocked by all the hurtful things he said. I can only imagine how painful it is for Joo. But Seua is not perfect, like anyone else he has flaws. I hope he can quickly make amends. Also I hope that Joo sees that Seua is worried about Ryo. She should keep her distances. Ryo looks like trouble.

  2. Oh, yeah, this episode where it all went bad and I mean really ugly. I got a bit tense from this episode and whats worse is that it didn’t get better till episode 9.

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