Autumn’s Concerto



Ren Guang Xi (Vanness Wu) is the handsome and spoiled son of a prominent family. While pursing his studies in law, he meets Liang Mu Cheng (Ady An), a student and also a worker in the university’s cafeteria.

What started as a bet between him and his friends – getting a kiss from Mu Cheng – will have him develop genuine feelings for her. Both have in common family issues that have left them never truly feeling the warmth of love. Guang Xi’s father passed away when he was younger and since then he has been blaming his mother for his death.

Mu Cheng’s father also passed away when she was young – leaving her stepmother and herself with debts and no where to go. She is now leaving with her stepmother and her partner, who has less than honorable intention toward Mu Cheng.

Both main lead will learn to love again and stand for each other. The first challenge they will face is the attempt of rape on Mu Cheng with the culprit being none other than her stepmother’s partner. In a mini-trial held at the university, Guang Xi, who never had a true interest in law serves as Mu Cheng’s lawyer and he is able to prove that the defendant was in fact trying to rape her.

The other challenge they face is Guang Xi discovering that he has a tumor in his brain. To save him, Guang Xi’s mother asks Mu Cheng to live her son so that a medical team from the United States can save him – giving him a higher chance to survive. The medical team uses a new surgical method founded by He Yi Qian’s father, the second female lead, who also has feelings for Guang Xi.

Mu Cheng decides to leave Guang Xi behind and leave the city with her friend Hua Tuo Ye. She will later give birth to Guang Xi’s son Xiao Le.

A few years later, the two lovers will meet, but Guang Xi, who has lost his memory after the surgery, cannot remember her.

Character analysis

Guang Xi

The prototype of the rich boy that changes when he falls in love with the poor girl is something overused in Dramaland. What makes Guang Xi’s character so different is the amount of things he sacrifices for Mu Cheng – abandoning the bet with his friends, defending her against her abusive stepfather. And more importantly he gave up on the new surgical method because he didn’t want to have anything to do with another girl – Yi Qian. Knowing that he would most likely die within a month, Guang Xi still didn’t want to owe his life to another woman.

Even when he loses his memory, he can still feel the connection with Mu Cheng. When he arrives in the village, he acts like a total douche, but slowly gets closer to Mu Cheng and their son.

The last episodes of the drama also help realize how deep his love for Mu Cheng is. When he finds out the truth, he surely resents Mu Cheng but under the false pretense of holding her hostage, he marries her and has her and their son move in with him. Guang Xi’s approach is not always romantic but the bottom line is that he wants to keep her by his side and never lose her again.

Mu Cheng
One of the rare strong female leads in Dramaland. The story of her life, especially after her father’s death is made of sorrow until she meets Guang Xi. Meeting her first love gave her a glimpse of happiness, but because of the tumor in Guang Xi’s brain, she has to give up on him and raise their son on her own. I admired how she was able to sacrifice her love in order to save his life.

Tuo Ye
Too reckless in my opinion. Although he is full of good intentions, he always creates trouble for himself and others, especially Mu Cheng. One thing is undeniable: his devotion to Mu Cheng and her son.

Yi Qian
It’s always easy to hate the second female lead. In Yi Qian’s case, I simply felt bad for her. She tried to hold on to a happiness that she knew would never be hers and therefore short-lived. She also did a lot for Guang Xi; she arranged the surgery for him and stood by his side throughout his physical therapy.

“If living means having to sell my body and being controlled by others, those days will just have me breathing without a purpose.”

Sacrifice is the main thing that caught my attention throughout the drama. All the characters at some point had to give up something for the one they love. Luckily this drama shows that sacrifices can sometimes (Not always, for example in Yi Qian’s case) be rewarded.

Misunderstanding played a great part in this drama too. I didn’t like the fact that several times a problem could be so easily resolved if characters had spoken soon enough. Several times Mu Cheng could have explained to Guang Xi why she acted the way she did but she choose not to SPEAK! Well I guess that’s why it’s a drama. I am glad that in real life interpersonal conflicts are resolved a lot easily.

~ maniac Ride

One thought on “Autumn’s Concerto

  1. This was one of my top 10 dramas for Taiwanese. Def. it must see. Although it was a typical drama such as illness, memories lost, love one leave, pregnant…. etc. but this drama brings another level to it that makes you hook onto the drama from start to finish. I loved Vanness since Meteor Garden… He has grown so much in acting. This was my first time watching Ady and I loved her in this drama.

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