Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 9 (Final)

Finally at the end of this recap journey! I enjoyed every bit and pieces of it as I totally fell in love with this lakorn.

The wake up call for Joo is rough but much needed. While everyone is dancing or flirting the night away, Joo is having her pity party in the bathroom. Bee texts her to let her know that he left the party with the sexy guy he met. Our Bee might have just found love! 

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.52.18 AM

Meanwhile Seua looks for Joo, asking Tui and Nui about her. No one seems to know where Joo is.

When Joo finally decides to get out of the bathroom, the timing is totally off. A bunch of drunk guys walk into the restroom. They take a peak from the adjacent bathroom stall and once they realize that it’s Joo in there, the situation gets awful. The guys start harassing Joo, who is freaking out of her mind. I totally would too. Joo cries even more and screams for help.

Luckily, Seua walks into the bathroom and chases the perverts away. Joo recognizes Seua’s voice and hesitates before coming out. But she quickly answers to Seua when he threatens to break the door. Seua is surprised when he realizes that it’s Joo inside but this gives both of them an opportunity to clear some of their problems. While standing right outside the stall’s door, Seua apologizes to Joo. He’s sorry for talking crap to her. He also apologizes for making her cry. Eh, you are not the only reason why she was crying haha. But I guess he doesn’t need to know that. 

Seua leaves before Joo answers. It takes her a few seconds before she runs out after him. Yayyyy!! Joo finally realizes that Seua has been the guy who’s always been there for her when she is in trouble. No matter how ugly, stupid and stupid she acts. Joo also realizes that wealth and being good looking aren’t enough. What truly matters is that the person genuinely cares for you. While Joo runs around looking for Seua, we get a series of flashbacks of the happy moments she had with Seua.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.04.08 PM

Still looking for Seua, Joo runs into Ryo. He tries to take her home. Some inappropriate wrist grabbing here. This dude needs to go ASAP. Joo tries to get away but Ryo insists on taking her home. He explains that it’s late and not safe. Joo is probably safer late at night, walking by herself than with HIM. Joo gets tired of his insistance and ruthlessly pushes him. Ryo falls and Joo yells at him that he’s probably the most dangerous. She may be stupid but she’s not easy. Good for Joo! Her eyes are finally wide open. Lastly, she throws one of her shoes at him. Ryo is shocked but then replies with a curse… Who cares? 

Joo finally sees Seua! He was right about to leave. He refuses to stop to listen to her at first. But Joo throws the last pair of shoes at him! Haha those shoes have been through quite a lot. Joo then runs to him and hugs him tightly!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 7.35.08 PM

Joo asks Seua to not get away again. Oh, I am sure he won’t. Seua is surprised that Joo isn’t scared of him anymore. Joo answers that she knows Seua will never hurt her.

Joo: Will you date me?

Seua (sniffing): Are you drunk?

Joo: I am not drunk. I like you.

Seua: You do? What about the pretty boy with the mini Cooper?

Joo: He’s dead. I smacked him down over there.

Both are smiling.

Joo: Let’s date. Please, please.

Seua: But I am poor.

Joo: I know.

Seua: If you go out with me, you have to ride my old motorcycle. Can you take it? You have to eat noodles from a street stand and you’ll have to help me earn money too.

Joo: It sounds fun just thinking about it. I enjoy being down to earth, especially with you. Date me, please please?

Seua plays hard to get but Joo urges him to say yes. This chance doesn’t come often. Seua stop playing hard to get! We all know how happy you are! Seua apologizes once again for talking smack to her. He admits that he has a hard time controlling his mouth when he is angry. He promises to take better care of her from now on.

Joo: Do you love me?

Seua: I do love you.

And this….. OMG I feel like I should even stop the recap/review here! What else can I add???! So excited. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 7.47.08 PM

Fast forward… Joo is back home for her mother’s birthday party. Seua has been complaining about them being far away and their phone interaction is 😍… They have been apart for ONLY three days but both obviously miss each other so much. Joo’s Aunt Aoi is arranging flowers but that’s just a pretense. She is clearly eavesdropping. Every time Joo utters words of affection, the aunt cheers or claps! I would too. We’ve been waiting for this for so long. 

Joo invited Alice to her mother’s birthday party. Alice is another member of the Ugly Duckling Club and the main character of the second part of the show. I started the second part but I dropped it really fast. Sorry Alice, you are cute and all but the show just wasn’t cutting it for me. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 7.55.32 PM

Alice and Joo exchange a few words before Joo gets a phone call from her ex. Remember the one who dumped her when she got her zits and pimples? Yes, that one. The nerve of this guy. He wants to ask Joo out and wonders if she is still mad. Joo explains that she isn’t mad anymore and that she is actually happy that things went down the way they did. Thanks to him, she discovered a lot of things during the past year. Thanks to him, she also found a new love. Joo wishes for him to find someone too. Alice is happy for Joo and congratulates her on the turn her life has taken.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 7.57.39 PM Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 7.58.29 PM

Joo has to leave Alice as her mother calls for her. Joo’s mother introduces her to a friend of hers – Lady Amporn. The latter is the owner of a huge import-export company and a university; she is only visiting Thailand as she lives in Switzerland. The purpose of the introduction of Lady Amporn and Joo? Joo’s mother hopes to set her daughter up with her friend’s son. Leo, the son, has graduated and moved back to Thailand after refusing to work for the family business. Joo’s mother is thrilled and explains that Joo is single so this would be great. How does she know that Joo is single? She missed several episodes of this show 😏.

Joo then confesses that she is no longer single. Look at the mother’s jaw drop haha. 

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.04.43 PM

Joo’s mother is shocked! How come Joo never told her this! Who is this guy? The mother hurries to clear this with Lady Amporn, lying that Joo IS single. Eh, Mrs. she just said she wasn’t single! Just drop it already. While Joo tries to explain that Seua is a nice guy, we hear someone say: “I really feel happy for this guy. If he knows the credit his girlfriend has given him, he’ll surely be happy.”

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.09.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.11.12 PM

Oh hey there Seua/Leo – whatever you want to call him from now on… Seua introduces himself as Leo and Joo’s mother might be even more disappointed that Joo isn’t single. Her daughter could be missing out on this handsome one…! The mother urges Joo to hang out with Seua, taking him for drinks. Oh, they can even go talk in her bedroom.

Joo is so disturbed by the ressemblance.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.13.12 PM

Seua tricks her a little more by making her doubt. But he can’t hold it anymore too: Seua = Leo. They both have been hiding their background from each other. Seua explains that Joo isn’t the only one who wants to find someone who loves her for who she really is. OMG Ning… If only Ning knew oh wow. I can’t even.

Seua used to be someone who wasted money carelessly. Being rich, handsome and with a good family background, he was pretty much spoiled. Seua also used to have a girlfriend that he loved A LOT. He gave this relationship is all despite warnings from his mother. The latter was worried that Seua’s girlfriend wasn’t as genuine as he thought. The girlfriend was only there because of his money and Seua had to find out the hard way. He tested her by telling her that his family was going bankrupt. We can all imagine how that ended. She left him in the blink of an eye.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.22.59 PM

Seua: No money, no love.

Heartbroken Seua moved back to Thailand soon after. He wanted to experience a simple life and that’s why he picked the province of Pitsanulok. He gave up his family’s money and lived off of his many part-time jobs – a first for Seua. When he first met Ning, he thought she was the one. Well, I guess for a while she was. He admits that the downfall of his relation with Ning was partly is fault. He was too focused on making money and forgot to spoil her once in a while. Seua adds that he might have been too hard on Ning.

Then fate brought Joo in his life. She acted strange and covered her face like a con, but her shiny eyes and her good heart drew him in. Joo was so innocent, naive and nice. Oh, and this episode finally confirmed what I thought all along. Seua is the one who paid for the jackets!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.29.16 PM

Finally, Seua confesses that the more het gets to know Joo, the more he loves her. I guess they are the perfect match. Let’s not forget the three spies who want them to make out without further ado.

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.31.42 PM

The Perfect Match series ends with our couple enjoying a romantic afternoon with Joo taking a nap and Seua teasing her until she wakes up!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 8.33.32 PM

The rest of the episode reintroduces the character for the second part of the Ugly Duckling show: Alice.


Wow, thank you to everyone who followed this recap journey! I was absolutely in love with this lakorn.

At first, I was confused by Joo taking a nap on Seua’s shoulder at the end of the episode. Was Seua being Leo just a dream? I had to rewatch twice to make sure. But to be honest, I think Seua is Leo. If she was only dreaming of this wouldn’t that make her a little materialistic? I am sure that’s not how Joo’s character is supposed to be perceived. Also what kind of dream would last so long? I am sure the director of the lakorn knows better than that.

I have mixed feelings about Seua being the rich Leo. It makes for a cute ending and we know that their parents won’t be against their relationship. The parents will even push for it. Just look at how Joo’s mother is already acting! On the other hand, it makes the love less beautiful. Just a tiny bit less beautiful. Joo loved Seua for who he was from the get go. They could have just kept his character as the poor temple boy. But eh whatever! It’s not that big of a deal. Ning must be the one who regrets the most haha. I actually feel a little sorry for her – like at 2%.

I tried the other parts of the Ugly Duckling Series but they were not that interesting. I will probably try watching the last part with Esther and Sean. I loved both of them in their previous lakorn. Hopefully, they won’t disappoint me!

~ maniac Ride


3 thoughts on “Ugly Duckling Perfect Match Episode 9 (Final)

  1. I loved the end too. At first I thought it was too easy that Seau was actually rich. I was sure Joo’s mom would’ve fallen over his good looks just like the aunt/maid did. Eventually letting them be together even though he’s a poor temple boy. Much different from Ning’s parents. Oh yeah, felt bad for Ning too (a little bit) because she messed up big w/ Seua. But then it turned out to be a dream and it made feel that Joo was a bit similar to Ning. Anyways, I’d love to see Joo and Seua in another lakorn. Or just Seua. And the rest of the Ugly Duckling series too.

  2. i love this couple, this is the first time i watched Push, and i’m pretty sure i can’t get over him 😀
    i feel a bit confuse too about the ending (was Joo dreaming or not) , and i’m agree with your review.
    i also not really interested in other part of Ugly Ducking except the Boy’s Paradise because i love Sean and Esther

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