Love Me If You Dare: Chinese Sherlock!


As a big fan of psychological crime dramas such as Missing Noir M and BBC/American Sherlock Holmes, I undoubtedly wanted to try Love Me If You Dare. Complete with the harpsichord-esque background music that appears in all Sherlock-y dramas (I’m looking at you, Korean I Remember You), our Holmes and Watson in this Chinese version are Simon (Bo Jin Yan) and Jenny (Yao Yao).

Simon is a brilliant criminal profiler who acts as consultant to cases for the local police force. However, he is self-centered, eccentric, and unsociable to the extreme. He cares passionately about his work, and also seems to have gone through a traumatic incident not long before moving to the rural town he is staying at now. Meanwhile, Jenny is his assistant, hired at first as a translator for documents, but proving her own skills and talents in case deduction.

While Simon and Jenny get to know each other as employer and employee, he becomes increasingly impressed with Jenny’s talent and help in his investigations. With only 4 episodes in so far, we go through their first case where a merchant of the local town has been kidnapping children and butchering them using a machine he created. Through close investigation and Simon’s brilliant deductions, the police force manages to catch this rampant killer. Jenny also shows her skills in defending herself and is not just a sitting duck when the killer almost gets away after a police chase. With Jenny’s presence, Simon is able to develop more empathy and social interactions with other people. Mixed in this group is Xu Ran, good friend of Jenny and part of the police force. He seems to have a crush on Jenny and is somewhat distrustful of Simon, but reluctantly impressed with his skills at the same time. However, the biggest adversary seems to be a hidden stalker named Xie Han. Xie Han follows Simon and Jenny closely. He seems to be in the know of Simon’s past traumatic ordeal and is set on getting to Simon even if he has to kill Jenny in the process.

Another point of the drama that draws me in is Simon and Jenny’s chemistry together. I enjoy that Jenny stands up to Simon and subtly rebukes him if he gets out of hand with social interactions. She brings the humanness and warmth into Simon’s life and will with no doubt play a key factor in healing his past traumas.

While it may seem morbid of me, I have an intense fascination with psychological crime thrillers. Perhaps it comes with working in a surgical/trauma ICU, but I really like to watch these deductions and how these profilers work out how criminals think. As it is largely unsubbed right now, I may wait until it airs several more episodes before marathoning it (which won’t take long since Chinese dramas air at the speed of lightning). I don’t think I can stand the wait, especially since it is thriller! I just want to know what happens next!

– phoenix


11 thoughts on “Love Me If You Dare: Chinese Sherlock!

  1. I’m so excited every Thrusday. I watch it raw and then with subs. Wallace is just too damn hot to pass…. This is my first time seeing Sandra and so far, she’s doing a good job. I cannot wait to see what happen next.

  2. I’m only a couple episodes in but do you feel like his friend could be the stalker? I feel like he always conveniently slips on clues. Especially the way he said he wants to know what the professor thinks or comments on when she becomes his assistant.

    Also, he knew when she was at the fish market. The boy went fishing when they began delivering to the professor as well. I feel like his friend is a little too connected in a way. Any thoughts?

    • Hmmm that is an interesting thought. However, I was looking at the casting, and there is a major character that we haven’t been introduced to yet. A more middle-aged person who I think is our stalker villain. However, I like your idea and that would have been an interesting twist.

      • It would be, wouldn’t it? Maybe he has some kind of connection somehow. Sometimes I feel like he asks too many questions or gets too involved where it isn’t necessary. He has all the right tools to get to know the professor too. Control over his vehicle and its programming and lifestyle.

        I just found it strange the way he knew that she was at the fish market and had to ask her to purchase fish for the professor and soon after, the boy goes missing. Then he asks her to tell him exactly what the professor says. It’s just a little too much. I would feel strange if I were her.

      • You may be right! He may be feeding information to the stalker, we never know! Since he is so close to our professor and is involved in a lot of the cases that they are on, he has insider access to everything. Perhaps he is the great manipulator of the drama and the stalker is just a pawn

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