Year End Special: 3 Short Dramas to Binge On

We are kicking off our 2015 in Review blogs! I wanted to start by talking about three short dramas that I thoroughly enjoyed this year. Those dramas are easy to binge on if you don’t have anything scheduled during the weekend. In no particular order:

Splash Splash Love


Dan Bi is a senior in high school who is getting ready to take the SAT. Well, getting ready might not be the best way to describe Dan Bi’s situation as she is almost certain of failing. On the day of the exam, Dan Bi runs away once she reaches the school’s gates. Fear at its best. Jumping in a puddle of water, Dan Bi finds herself in the Joseon Era. Her weird clothes and gagdets, including her cellphone, make some believe that she was sent by the Gods to relieve Joseon from the drought its been plagued with. Dan Bi stays as a eunuch next to the King and as she teaches him about numbers and science they grow closer.

To be honest, I started watching ONLY because of Yoon Doo Joon (any BEAST fans out there?) but what got me hooked is Kim Seul Gi’s cuteness. What’s nice/funny with time travel dramas is the confusion and the fear that everyday objects create for people living in a different era. A cellphone? Not a big deal for most but the King is fascinated by it. He wonders how images of the rain got in the phone for instance.

I Order You

I Order You

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll realize that we tend to overlook some dramas for a while. Then once we start watching those ignored dramas, we are hooked. That’s the case for this one. One thing though: I wouldn’t watch this show late at night without any snacks in your fridge or pantry. This show will make you hungry! And I’ve experienced this firsthand.

Song Ah’s love life? Non existent until she meets Gook Dae, the chef and owner of Flada. A restaurant that specializes in lunch boxes. The relationship between Song Ah and Gook Dae is pretty rocky at first as she enters a contract with him – working 100 hours after breaking Gook Dae’s 100 year old plate. But since the get go it’s clear that those 100 hours that Song Ah has to work is just an excuse for Gook Dae to spend time with her and feed her delicious meals.

Things between Gook Dae and Song Ah get complicated as she learns that he was previously married… I am only at episode 9 so I am waiting for the ex-wife to appear soon and temporarily wreck havoc.

Noble, My Love

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 1.22.13 PM

Level of cheesiness? 200%, which is not surprising since it’s adapted from a webtoon. But I find myself needing one of those once in a while. Check my review of the show here!

~ maniac Ride


One thought on “Year End Special: 3 Short Dramas to Binge On

  1. Were we thinking about the same thing this past weekend? I just posted my thoughts about Splash and Noble on my blog on Sunday.

    Yes, BEAST fan (raising my hand)

    It was good to read your thoughts about these mini dramas.

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