Year End Special: Minutes Refund

Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat

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When I think about the potential of this show and what it ended up being, my eyes get sore and I get a headache. The story started out great: angsty, great character development and a significant amount of scenes between our main leads. But then the director decided to give too much screen time to supporting characters and side drama. That’s when the show started hitting the fan. I didn’t quite understand when the male lead fell in love with the female lead with so little scenes between them [and so much hate between them] and how they MIRACULOUSLY ended up being together at the end. I am even more disappointed because I know both main actors are super talented. I hope next time they reunite for a drama they’ll give a good talk to the director and tell him not to ruin it… Please.

High Society

A drama with good visuals, including great outfits but seriously nothing more. I feel like once in a while DramaLand puts on a pretty drama with gorgeous actors, but little substance. This is one of the best exampleS in my opinion. I could never get into this show no matter how many times I tried. My brain and my heart just wouldn’t cooperate.

~ maniac Ride


Hyde, Jekyll, and Me


Even a drama with star power Hyun Bin, does not make an interesting story. Compared with Kill Me Heal Me which ran at the same time, HJM became a parody. It bounces out three personalities, none of which captures our attention, except to the Candy in the drama. Literally, bubbles and candy lights. It floundered and flopped, and just couldn’t gather into one cohesive plot.


I know I will get hate, but I tried, I really did. Vampires did not work, at least not the way Ahn Jae Hyun portrayed it. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a Twilight remake or not. It became comedy at parts where it was suppose to be serious for me. Whispers:  I just wasn’t sure if it was the actors or plot that turned me off.

Orange Marmalade

Confusion, such confusion. I tried again with vampires and thought I was watching a drama about the modern struggle of oppressed vamps against the human race played out on a schoolyard level. It was getting good, and then suddenly I was watching a period drama. Everyone on the subway went back in time, or maybe it was reincarnation. What.

~ phoenix

6 thoughts on “Year End Special: Minutes Refund

    • I swear I got so annoyed I could have smashed my laptop if I didn’t think about the cost of replacing it! How could the director mess up with all this potential…? SMH

  1. i give up on ‘orange marmalade’ too.. what a waste for yeojingu talents… the script is such a mess.. just like u mentioned about the joseon thing suddenly back to the modern life.. i was like.. did he feel dejavu or something? i cant take it so i give up on it. but… i survive high society.. i got to admit that its boring.. but hyunsik pull me to watch him till the end.. i skip most of the part but pay attention to his part.

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