Morrasoom Sawad: YES!

It’s been a slow drama start for 2016. I didn’t have high expectations for any shows. Well that was until Morrasoom Sawad! So in love with the Weir-Preaw pairing.



Kwang is the daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. Her family tries to keep it together but truly everything is falling apart. Her father had several wives/mistresses resulting in five kids, including Kwan and her sister Wor who share the same mother. There is also Nop – no one knows who his mother is – and two younger siblings from a relationship between the father and a maid. No need to say that the maid has long been upgraded to the status of legitimate wife. In addition to the tension that rises because of who is a legitimate child vs. who is not, Kwang’s father has been wasting money like no other by spoiling his kids left and right, contracting debts, pawning his belongings, and investing in useless businesses.

In the midst of all this mess appears a knight in shining armor –  lakorns NEVER get really original. Phu, the former leader of a gang now turned construction mogul, falls for Kwang. Phu starts courting Kwang and helping her family. He gets close to Kwang’s father, who is always looking for investors or cold cash, and becomes a frequent sight in Kwang’s household. Phu and Kwang develop feelings, and he could have easily helped her. If this wasn’t a lakorn it could have been perfect. Let me pause here to clarify that Kwang is barely 18 and Phu is in his early 30s. Phu proposes to wait for a year before making things concrete and official. Before the year is even over, things get ugly. 

Kwang’s Hot Mess of a Family

Everyone in Kwang’s family minus Kwang herself is hell of money-hungry. The father who never says no to his kids or his stupid wife. The sister Wor who is not only money-hungry, but also obsessed with her social status. For Wor, it’s not only about money, but also about birth: Who are your ancestors? Yes, she’s that obsessed…

I feel like Kwang’s stepmother deserve a whole blog to herself. Maybe even a book. She does a great job at stealing money from her husband. The worst is not how money-hungry she is but the way she educates her children. The stepmother is always making a scene in front of the children – from slapping the maids to cursing at Wor. She also makes sure to teach her children the value of money – stealing from her husband is OK because it’s her money as well. She also teaches them about the importance of being a good wife who keeps other women away: She needs to make sure that no other women snatches her hubby or they might be homeless. I get it… You can think those things but is that the type of discussion you want to have with your young children?! I don’t think so.

Kwang’s Clingy Neighbor (Wanna Be Boyfriend)

P’Pol, Kwang’s neighbor and a university student, is in love with her. Hum, actually he says he loves her. I see some type of unhealthy obsession. When P’Pol sees Kwang getting close to Phu, he does everything to keep them apart. Lying? Not a problem. Playing the victim card? Sure, why not. At first, I found his infatuation for Kwang cute – young love. But it quickly becomes sickening. He was too deep into his own feelings otherwise he would have realized that Kwang only saw him as the next door neighbor/older brother type of figure.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 8.46.22 AM

He needs to get a life…

The Women in Phu’s Life

Phu is rich, attractive and he has this bad boy thing that some women find attractive. His father used to the be the leader of a prominent mafia gang. That’s how he grew up. From what the lakorn implies, Phu has done a fair deal of dishonest stuff. Well, now Phu is trying to better his ways, but bad habits die hard. Phu’s close employees – meaning former gang cronies – still follow him around. It makes it hard to keep appearances and hard for people not to question his past. Phu, himself, still retains some of his gang member ways.


Anyhow despite being shady, but still handsome, Phu manages to seduce countless women. We only get to know about two of them but we hear about all the other ones.

Number 1: His kept mistress Wan. She is a former dara who gave up celebrity status to solely be with Phu. Wan’s agreement with Phu is clear from the get go: no feelings, don’t get into his personal life, and stay put.

Number 2: Vi. She started working for Phu as a consultant but slowly becomes indispensable to running the construction business. At first, I had a lot of respect for Vi because she’s a boss. She works hard and got her career together. It didn’t matter that she had feelings for Phu because who wouldn’t honestly? I got annoyed by her when I realized she could be as crazy as any typical nang’rai except that she is even worst. First, Phu doesn’t know about her feelings and she can only blame herself for that. Second, she uses Wan to create misunderstandings between Phu and Kwang. Basically, Vi wants the guy but without getting her hands dirty. She hopes that her tricks will help get rid of all the women and she’ll be the last one standing.

Things Get Ugly When…

The cops come after Kwang’s father.  Surprise, surprise but not really. It was only a matter of time. Kwang’s father is able to run away and leaves behind his family and  debts. At that time, Kwang has to step up and take care of her family. Her sister Wor manages to go study abroad with her fiancee – leaving Kwang without much guilt. At first, Phu’s help proves to be beneficial as he provides moral and financial support. Yet, misunderstandings caused by P’Pol, Wan, and Vi, push the couple to break up.

After a pretty ugly break up, Phu seeks revenge by seizing Kwang’s family house. Kwang and the remaining members of her family find themselves homeless and penniless. Kwang starts taking little jobs to support her family. Fast foward five years later when she meets Phu again: Things are about to get interesting!

MS 2


This drama is so intense. Never a dull moment. I tend to avoid Channel 7’s lakorns because they drag and end up boring me. I hope this won’t be a Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat type of mess: great cast, great beginning and poor script decisions. I have never been a Weir fan but I feel like he is like wine: The older he gets, the better looking he is. So lately, I have been paying more attention to his projects. I like him enough that I could follow all his new projects.

~ maniac Ride



7 thoughts on “Morrasoom Sawad: YES!

  1. Might check this out, I’m trying to stay away from the “crazy people” drama, but it sounds interesting. And in my mind, Mai Sin Rai Fai Sawaat never happened.

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