Year End Special: Growing Pains

Talent from toddler to teens! I’m so used to seeing these actors playing child versions of adults in my favorite dramas. However, these youngins’ are grown up fast and are now leading men and women in their own dramas! Here are 5 of my favorite child actors that have matured into amazing young adults (teens).

Yeo Jin Gu (18yrs) – Uniquely known by his mature deep voice paired to such a young age and face, he started acting back in 2005. He is commonly paired with Kim Yoo Jung as a child actor for saquek dramas. Furthermore, at such a young age, he has played many difficult roles that require heavy angsting and crying. He has become such a master at these broody roles and has progressed to lead roles now as a young adult. Most memorable performances for me are in The Moon Embraces Sun and I Miss You as the childhood version of the adults and Hwayi, the movie, as a lead role.

Dramas: 16 / Movies: 14

Kim Yoo Jung (16yrs) – A constant presence in the movie and drama world, Yoo Jung started acting back in 2004! She is also most often casted in saquek dramas for the childhood version of adult leads. Mastering the mannerisms and speech of traditional speak is an amazing feat for such a young actor. She commonly takes the roles of the pure and innocent girl or first love. She is known for her beauty as well as singing voice. Most memorable performances for me are in The Moon Embraces the Sun as a child and Angry Mom as a young adult.

Dramas: 28 / Movies: 18

Kim So Hyun (16yrs) – The other side of the coin (if one side is to be Kim Yoo Jung), So Hyun started acting in 2002. She is also casted in saqueks, but more so in modern dramas as the childhood version of adult leads. She commonly takes roles of the extremely downtrodden underdog or the feisty type. However, she plays the evil role pretty well too! Of note, she wears forehead bangs really well in all her roles. Most memorable performances for me are I Miss You as a child and Who Are You – 2015 as the lead role (s).

Dramas: 28 / Movies: 8

Lee Hyun Woo (22yrs) – A child actor who has played in a variety of different type of dramas starting in 2005. He seemed to have focused most of his childhood acting in saquek roles as a child, but now makes his career in school dramas. He takes a lot of the funny romcom type roles as a child and progresses to “student” type roles as he matures. He portrays that carefree teenage style very well. Most memorable performances for me are Lobbyist and God of Study as a youngster, and To The Beautiful You and Moorim School as a young adult.

Dramas: 16 / Movies: 9

Kim Sae Ron  (15rs) – With a delicate waif like-appearance, she started acting in 2009. She takes on a variety of roles, usually for modern dramas, but each role still plays up her child-like innocence. Most memorable role for me with her as a child was Ahjussi, the movie, and her growth into a teen in High School-Love on.

Dramas: 11 / Movies: 8


2 thoughts on “Year End Special: Growing Pains

  1. i absolutely love all the child actors you listed. I’m still infatuated with the young kim yoo jung and Yeo Jin Goo playing the younger counterparts of Illjimae characters. They were so adorable. I loved kim so hyun in Rooftop prince where she plays the evil sister.

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