Mirror of the Witch: Dark Magic


The beautiful teasers are what drew me to this fantasy sageuk. Sae Ron plays Princess Yeon Hee, abandoned sister to the Crown Prince. Before the twins were born, the Queen was having trouble conceiving because she was barren. The Queen Dowager, who was extremely controlling, decided to call in a shamaness to use magic to get an heir to the thrown. Furthermore, the kind was a lame duck whose decisions were always overruled by the Queen Dowager, his grandmother. Without heeding the Taoist monks who were in control of the spiritual side of the nation at that time, the Queen Dowager persuaded the shamaness to use black magic to make the Queen pregnant. However, because the children were born through bloodshed from a priestess who was used as a sacrifice, they were cursed. To preserve the crown prince of the twins, the shamaness transferred all the of the curse to the princess instead. It was said that on the twin’s 17th birthday, both children would die. The shamaness made the head Taoist monk use a purifying ritual to burn/kill the princess so that the curse would not come to pass. However, the king ordered the Taoist monk to save the princess instead beforehand. Thus, the princess grew up isolated from the rest of the nation under a talisman guarded house in the forest. Enter, Heo Jun, who seems to be a scam artist in need of 500 nan for some purpose. He makes a hard living trying to sell fake products and gambling. One day, a rich scholar bets that he can’t retrieve a kite that was flying over a “cursed forest”. Heo Jun takes this bet in order to earn the necessary money. He finds that this kite actually belongs to Princess Yeon Hee. He enters her guarded area to talk with her and feels bad that she has been isolated for so long, unable to see the pleasures of the world. Unfortunately, the kite’s strings were cut and neither of them ended up with the kite which had been stuck in a tree. Dissapointed, Heo Jun disappears before her guardians come back while Princess Yeon Hee’s good friend Poon Yeon tempts her to escape her prison to visit a lantern festival.

I find Yoon Shi Yoon to be a fun actor who chooses interesting and variety of different projects. While I have not found his character to be intriguing yet so far, I hope to see how his past has made him this way. He seems like a smart individual, and seems to have a good set of values even if his current occupation says otherwise. Meanwhile, Sae Ron is ethereally beautiful, perfect for her developing role as a princess and future witch. For a girl who hasn’t seen much of the world outside, I’m surprised she hasn’t tried to escape yet or find out why she is trapped like so. This story has hints of The Moon Embraces the Sun and Moon, but is definitely still unique in its own right.



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