Beautiful Mind: Blank Emotions


Juxtaposed to Doctors, Beautiful Mind feels like the opposite of the other drama. While the other medical drama focuses on the humanity of the field, Beautiful Mind tells a darker story. In this drama, Dr. Lee Young Oh is a doctor who has antisocial disorder. He is unable to emotionally connect or empathize with another human being. Instead, he has learned to read body language in order to figure out how other people are feeling. He decides to return from being abroad to work at his father’s hospital. He is a genius neurosurgeon, but acts very clinically cold to all situations. There, he manages to collaborate often with a cardiac surgeon named Suk-Joo. However, Suk-Joo is suspicious of Dr. Oh’s true intentions in the hospital and why he wants to work with him. One of Suk-Joo’s patients, Jin-Sung, is a young female police officer who is headstrong and persistent. She becomes involved in a suspicious case that is tied with the upper levels of management in the hospital. However, the man she was pursuing ends up being run over multiple times and dying on the operating table as Dr. Oh and Dr. Suk-Joo did a collaborative surgery on him. Jin-Sung ordered an autopsy on the body as she believed it to be a homicide, but the results were suspiciously innocuous. She watches the security tape and blames Dr. Oh for being shady. However, it is a misunderstanding as Dr. Oh was researching a rare fungus in the victims head for a more famous surgery case that he wanted to perform live surgery on. Although he was called to ethics board at first for the misunderstanding and did not get to start the surgery, he ended up being the only person who was able to save the presidential candidate who had a cerebral aneurysm. Dr. Oh also manages to save Jin-Sung’s life as she needed emergency pericardial fluid aspiration due to her previous heart condition. Although this misunderstanding between them was solved, there are still tense feelings between them and now a newfound suspicion of the shady dealings at the hospital.

So far, I am impressed with Jang Hyuk’s cold as the OR acting. He plays this psychopathic character very well and it is frightening as well as intriguing to watch him try to gauge other people’s feelings or his seemingly malicious intents. As for Jin Sung, played by Park So-Dam, this is the first drama I have seen her in. I don’t love her, but I don’t hate her. Her acting is tolerable for me, but I hope to seem some development in her character. However, I guess I am mainly watching for how Jin Sung will be able to change Jang Hyuk for the better or help him adjust more smoothly to society. As for Yoon Hyun Min, he has always been a solid second lead for me. I hope to see him in lead roles in the future!


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