Cinderella and the Four Knights: The Eye Candy Overdose


I think they could have found a better title.

The title is not that enticing because you expect  the basic Cinderella trope when the show adds several twists to the well known fairy tale.

Eun Ha Won is a high schooler who lives with her father, evil stepmother, and (evil and not so smart) step sister. The father is often on the road for work, and Ha Won isn’t spending quite as much time with him as she would want to.

What keeps her going despite the countless abuse from her stepmother and step sister? The thought of college. She has been juggling countless part-time jobs to be able to pay for her initial college deposit.

Ha Won dreams of becoming a teacher-something her late mother had wished for.

Things turn out for the worst when she realizes that she has to pay money for the storage of her mother’s ashes. Using almost all the money she had saved up, Ha Won goes ahead and pays to preserve her mother’s ashes.

Well our female lead is now broke broke broke. That’s when the Han’s family enters. The Han grandfather, the chairman of a large company, asks Ha Won to live in Sky House, which is where his three grandsons live. He will make sure that all her studies are paid for, and she is financially stable. Of course there is a price to pay. Ha Won must bring the three grandsons closer (Good luck Ha Won), which is not easy when the cousins can’t stand each other at all. Two of the cousins in particular – Ji Woon and Hyun Min are constantly at each other’s throats.

Let me describe each cousin in the grandfather’s own words:

  • Hyun Min is not someone who tries to spread love around him: He is a player.
  • Ji Woon is not someone who pushes boundaries, and refuses to be tamed: He is a thug.
  • Seo Woo is not a singer/songwriter: He is a good for nothing.

Prior to the chairman’s requests, Ha Won had already encountered the three grandsons. The encounters were not always pleasant (That’s actually an understatement), and she is not feeling it (I wouldn’t either). Yet, when she is forced to leave her house she has no choice but to accept the chairman’s mission. The chairman has one more condition: No dating inside Sky House. Well, that’s easier said then done. He might want to put a leash on each of his grandsons.

The love pentagon

Hyun Min first introduced Ha Won to the world as his fiancee during his grandfather’s xxx wedding (He got married quite a few times). When Ha Won moves into the house, Hyun Min asks her to keep playing the fiancee – something she is NOT on board with.

Ji Woon sees Ha Won as a gold digger (The thought of gold digging had me listen to the hit from Kanye West and Jamie Foxx). Basically Ji Woon can’t stand Ha Won. He doesn’t trust her. He just wants her to be gone. Well, that’s not happening anytime soon. In the past few episodes, I’ve also seen him rescue Ha Won several times, and bonding with her. Things are a little complicated for him because he is trying to get Ha Won away from Hyun Min. I can’t wait for him to catch feelings for Ha Won really hard, get find out about driving her away from Hyun Min, and the GROVELING (duhhhh).

Hye Ji is the one who (implicitly) asks Ji Woon to keep Ha Won away from Hyun Min. She is a childhood friend of Hyun Min, who is deeply in love (More like obsessed) with him. Honestly, I can’t stand Hye Ji. She plays innocent but it’s only a matter of time before she turns evil. She’s been playing the goody two shoes but low key she’s trying to use Ji Woon’s feelings to get rid of Ha Won. ANNOYING.

Seo Woo is one of the few characters on Ha Won’s side. He is easy going and just doesn’t seem to be involved in the intense feud between Ji Woon and Hyun Min. It’s hard to say if he has feelings for Ha Won. I see him more like a good friend – supportive and a good listener. That doesn’t mean things can change.

The chairman’s secretary, Yoon Sung, also seems to be introduced as a potential love interest (or maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part): If I could take a decision, I would let Ha Won end up with Yoon Sung. I am shipping them so hard. He is so mature and doesn’t have all the baggage (at least not yet) that the three cousins have.

Why is this different from the basic Cinderella story

Our Cinderella, Eun Ha Won, doesn’t only deal with the evil stepmother and step sister but also a birth secret: It turns out the man she has called “Dad” all her life isn’t father isn’t her biological father. That is actually why she is forced to move out. Following an argument with her father (not the real one), she leaves the house heartbroken.

There isn’t one prince charming, but four potential prince charming. And they are all related to each other. The chaebol cousins and the secretary of their grandfather.

Ha Won’s evil step sister who is into the Kang’s cousins, especially Hyun Min. I guess the second step sister got replaced by Hye Ji…

Our Cinderella is resourceful (most of the time). She is not always waiting for people around her to come to her rescue. But if you are thinking about the fairy godmother who transforms a pumpkin into a golden carriage that’s not going to happen. Ha Won does live in luxury in Sky House, but she often refuses some of the privileges she could easily benefit from – clothes, money, etc.

I have a few hypotheses in terms of character development. Stay tuned!

~ maniac Ride


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