Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Scarlet Heart Ryeo

If you know about my love for Bu Bu Jing Xin, you know I have high expectations for anything closely related to it (sequel or adaptation). Since my expectations are kind of through the roof this better not be Bu Bu Jing Qing type of disaster. The let down from BBJQ was so big that I had to wash my eyes and cleanse my brain by rewatching BBJX (see our review of BBJQ here).

For those who are not familiar with Bu Bu Jing Xin or who haven’t watched this version yet, let me give you a quick rundown of the plot.

While trying to save a young kid from drowning, Hae Soo jumps into a lake. She’s able to save the kid but drown as an eclipse takes place. She regains consciousness in a bathing area surrounded by the sons of King Taejo, the founder of the Goryeo Dynasty.

Panic ensues…

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.11.15 PM.png

For a while, Hae Soo thinks she’s dead but then she picks up clues and realizes that she actually traveled back through time. Her goal from then on: Find her way back to nowadays Korea. Ah, easier said than done. It seems like there is no way and she might want to get used to the idea that she is stuck in Goryeo. Plus, as viewers we do need her to stay there in order to have a show. Sorry (but not sorry),  Hae Soo.

As she starts her new life in Goryeo, she starts to learn more about who she is supposed to be – her cousin is no other than the wife of the dashing and smart Prince Wang Wook. Of course, she also gets caught up in some of the political intrigues involving the royal family.

The first intrigue being the assassination attempt of the Crown Prince Wang Moo. She sees Prince Wang Yo take the lives of the assassins who failed to kill the Crown Prince. At this point, I am not sure she knows why the group of killers was slaughtered or that she even saw the face of Wang Yo.

Quick comment about Wang Yo: What’s up with the eyeliner? I have so many comments from phoenix to include in this review. We’ve been texting about this show quite a lot and this is from her: Wang Yo got some serious guyliner on…Maybe he’s born with it or maybe it’s Maybelline 😂.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.41.10 PM.png

Love Lines

It’s clear from the get go that several of the princes are potential love interests. I am only going to talk about the two main here. So far, I count four princes that I see or I can see developing feelings for Hae Soo. 

Prince Wang Wook 

Wang Wook is the husband of Hae Soo’s cousin. Hae Soo lives with them and they are the only family she has. Wang Woo wasn’t close to the previous Hae Soo but with our Hae Soo this is changing. He keeps saving her from harm’s way and she keeps bringing a smile to his face.

They would make a cute couple but I am bothered about Wang Wook being her cousin’s hubby. I get it – those things were possible back then but still… Her cousin has given her shelter, love, and tries her best to protect her. So Hae Soo going to repay her by snatching her hubby? Obviously, there is more to it and there are aspects of the Wang Wook – Hae Soo relationship that I like. I feel like Wang Wook is more what you would expect a first love to be.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.18.21 PM.png

It’s deep infatuation and butterflies in your stomach.

Another thing is I picture (not sure yet since all the episodes are not out) Wang Wook being more pragmatic with his feelings. Based on what I have seen in BBJX, I expect Wang Wook to be in love but still do mental math: Is Hae Soo a good match? Can I renounce everything for Hae Soo? The answer to the last question probably being NO, which leads to the portion about Wang So.

Prince Wang So

Wang So is depicted as the prince who grew up outside of the palace. Saying that he is estranged from his siblings would be an understatement. It’s like he doesn’t belong.

Another cause of estrangement is the scar on his face. Good looks mattered even then 😐. Wang So lives with people talking about the mask, his face, and the cause of the scar with the person who caused this scar being no other than his own mother.

Because of the same scar, we don’t get to see much of the Wang So’s face (Yet?) because it’s covered by a stupid mask 😕. Personally, the scar isn’t even that bad but you know dramas are all about being dramatic lol.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.06.11 PM.pngTo put it in phoenix’s word: The problem for me lies with in Fourth Prince… So dramatic…So isolated? Like dang…what’s up?

My reaction when she said that: 😂😂😂.

Anyhow, I am a strong shipper of Hae Soo – Wang So. I think he deserves the love and the affection from Hae Soo more than any of his other brothers. Not saying the other princes shouldn’t be loved but it just doesn’t need to be Hae Soo lol.

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.06.38 PM.png

If Hae Soo is the person that will give Wang So the love he never had then it’s only fair that he gets it haha (I am probably saying that because it’s Lee Joon Gi too. The handsome face!). I can also see Wang So doing his best to keep the love if and when he is given the chance to receive it. Not the type to give up.

All his life, it seems like Wang So craved the affection of his parents, especially his mother. Wang So’s Mama seems more busy putting together political schemes than giving affection to Wang So. Surprisingly, she deeply shows affection to her other sons. Maybe she feels guilty for the scar so she pushes him away? I am not sure and I hope the show gets to the bottom of it soon.

Right now, Wang So is a little rough on the edges (especially with Hae Soo) but I can’t wait for the change eh eh.

Also can we talk about Wang So’s hair for a second: phoenix wants to know how the bang stays in a perfect swoop even after fighting/murdering a group of people. Pretty much fit for a Pantene commercial!

Overall the show isn’t so bad but it’s not the BEST. Sigh. I guess I’ll just have to accept that BBJX was one of the kind. I try to not compare the two shows but it’s hard to do. Almost impossible.

Yet, I have to say that Lee Joon Gi’s acting is flawless. He is able to display so many emotions – rage, frustration, sadness. Wang So’s character has so much depth and I can’t wait for the show to slowly peel all the layers of his persona.

~ maniac Ride


10 thoughts on “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

      • now im done ep4. for me.. its a completely new series because i kinda forget what happened in BBJX, all i remember is how she was in relationships with 8th prince, later switch to 4th prince but in the end married 14th prince. xD my comments for this version, so far i think the actors+iu sounds too modern in certain scenes.. but i think that might what the director wants. i read alot of criticism toward iu and baekhyun, but imo iu was cute.. i love her scenes because she’s cute. maybe because im not that fluent in korean, i couldn’t feel her awkwardness, i think her acting is fine. and for baekhie, there are a few scenes that he sounds so awkward like reading a textbook (even i could tell) but 70% of his scenes are cute for me. that is what 10th prince is.. that how i remember 10th prince from BBJX is, he’s cute, childish, i think people(knetz) just throwing hate to him because he is baekhyun, they not even watching the chinese version to understand his character. i like the storyline so far. other than the over dramatic and try hard sound effects, i think i don’t have anything to complain about. just.. i think wang wook’s wife looks older than him.. maybe because she is sick? but she really looks like his noona instead of wife.

  1. I’m just treating this drama as something completely new. I have a deep love for BBJX, but I’m not letting it overshadow this drama and I’ve stopped trying to compare the two. I’ve started enjoying the MLSHR once I let go of any possible connection. 😊

  2. I’m glad I stuck it out with this one…. b/c now I’m madly in love with this drama. Since I watched a bit of BBJX, I knew Hae Soo would fall in love with Wang So so I kept watching it to see what happen. Now I’m like going crazy about the finale (2 episodes left)… Please change the ending on this one.. PLEASE!!!

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