The K2: Bourne


Watching this simultaneously with Empress Ki is like watching two Ji Chang Wooks. One that is a cowardly wimp versus another one is a Jason Bourne style badass. Or in a way, we are reprising a upgraded level of Healer who has become more deadly. Wook plays Je Ha, ex-special forces soldier who seems to be on the run and working menial jobs to lay low. He meets our lead lady, Anna, in Spain where he seemed to be finishing up a mission.

Anna is the illegitimate daughter of a assemblyman who is trying to run for presidency. Anna’s mother seemed to have died through mysterious means and Anna is sequestered in this monastery to keep her out of the way or hidden. However, she is constantly trying to run away since she believes the people who have her captured are villainous. In one of her escape attempts, Je Ha manages to help her for a bit, even though he is injured. However, it was for naught when she is recaptured and he ended up returning back to Korean in order not to get involved with foreign police.

Back in Korea, we get a peek into the assemblyman, Se Joon, and his wife’s tense relationship. His wife, Yoo Jin, is not the mother of Anna, and seems to be in a contract relationship with Se Joon. Yoo Jin is the daughter of a powerful conglomerate and it seems that Se Joon is using that power to back up his candidacy. However, they don’t have a loving relationship at all and seem to be sabotaging each other. Se Joon keeps on having affairs while Yoo Jin tries to catch him at it. She is calculating and manipulative deep down and tries to keep a mask of innocence and romanticism for the public. Unfortunately, Je Ha becomes involved in their power struggle when he takes on a banner fixing job at Yoo Jin’s company. He sees things that he shouldn’t have and now is being hunted down by both parties for recruitment or worse.

I am all about Ji Chang Wook dramas. Ever since Healer, I have enjoyed his acting and he picks great projects with decent storylines.

As for Yoona, I find her decent so far, but haven’t seen that much of her yet other than her escape attempts. However, she has a dark reclusive role in this drama, so I am excited to see how she will execute this type of role. On the other hand, our other Yoona, the charismatic wife of the assemblyman has a meatier role. She seems frighteningly dispassionate, cold, and calculating. A excellent character to hate, and probably a devious one for our Je Ha to overcome…or perhaps be entangled deeper with?

So far, the cinematography was what got me within the first 10 minutes. It is filmed beautifully, with scenic shots and different angles, more similar to a Korean movie than a drama. While the background music was a little overwhelming at first, the hymn-like OST provides an intense effect. Furthermore, the fighting choreography is definitely on point. Similar to your Bourne legacy fight routines where we get complicated footwork and bursts of intense action. I am so so drawn in since I’ve had Healer withdrawals. A darker, much darker Healer. I’m ready.


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