Age of Youth: College Days


So honestly, I am ambivalent about this drama. I like it for what it is, but I guess I came into it with higher expectations. I started it due to the hype about how it was so unique and different than your usual drama. To that, it definitely hit the mark. However, it did not hold my attention the way I thought it would. Age of Youth tells the story of five young adults who live together at Belle Epoche during their university years. Each young lady has a story of her own and goes through growing pains. Jin Myung, one of the older girls at the house is busy trying to survive by working multiple part time jobs to attend university as well as pay rent and her vegetable brother’s medical bills. She never gets any sleep and is always exhausted. Next is senior Yi Na uses her beautiful appearance to give herself an easy life of luxury. She entertains multiple boyfriends who pay all her living expenses and more. Then we have Ye-Eun who is very devoted to her boyfriend and has strong opinions. Sometimes she may be a little tactless in her words. rooming with Ye-Eun is quirky Ji Won who is desperate to find a boyfriend and goes on multiple blind dates. She has a bright personality and likes to drink. Finally we have newcomer Eun Jae from a rural town and who is very innocent. She is also quite timid and at first is at odds with the rest of the house’s occupants. Age of Youth takes us through each girl’s hardships whether that be with life or love. We see how at times they fight each other like crazy, but also how they are pillars of strength for each other. Slowly, they warm up to each other and have each other’s backs.

This drama really reminds me of my university days. When living with so many people in a house, it is only natural that personalities clash and fights will happen. However, these girls are lonely when they are by themselves and do craze the company of each other even if it is not apparent at first. There is no overarching storyline with a specific climax, but more of a slice of life feel that reminds me of Japanese dramas. We are able to peek into these very normal people’s lives that is not fraught with chaebols and birth secrets. Furthermore, all the actors, while not famously known, are solid actors. While this drama is on hold for me right now, it does not mean that I will drop it. It is a drama that I think I can pick up at a later point of time.

One thought on “Age of Youth: College Days

  1. Definitely a drama worth watching when you have nothing to watch at the moment. That’s why I end up watching it in the 1st place. I love every single character because they all had flaws and know they are not perfect. We see that in all of them throughout the show but one thing I do love and enjoy this show is the fact that they had each other back.

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