Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: Raising the Bar


A cute college drama inspired by the real life story of Jang Mi Ran, an Olympic gold medal winner for weight-lifting. Kim Bok Joo is a promising collegiate level weight lifter who has a positive outlook on life even though her family is poor. She and her good friends in the weight lifting club are not very popular with the boys and are in a rivalry with the rhythmic gymnastics team. Meanwhile Joon-Hyung is a talented swimmer, but seems to have false-start anxiety and complications when it comes to the real competition. He decides to go into therapy in order to resolve this problem.

One day, these two athletes end up bumping into each other and find a familiarity in each other’s faces. It turns out that in their childhood, Bok Joo had saved Joon-Hyung from a fall. Thus, the two strike up an unlikely friendship with much teasing from Joon-Hyung’s side. For Bok Joo, she ends up having a crush on a weight loss doctor that she met on the streets and that had treated her like a lady. She has always been self-conscious that her sport made her seem manly and Dr. Jae Yi treated her differently. Thus, she decides to sign up for his weight loss program so that she is able to see him more.

However, that is in conflict with her competitions as she is suppose to increase her weight to enter a new weight class. On the other hand, she wants to be praised by Dr. Jae Yi for losing weight. Thus, she starts to lie to both parties, the weight-lifting team and the doctor, about what she is really doing. Furthermore, by coincidence, Joon-Hyung is actually the cousin of Dr. Jae Yi and her double life comes to a head when he finds out that she has been going to his clinic.

To be honest, I was surprised at first when I heard that the lead role was going to be Lee Sung Kyung. She is a model who always gave off the air of a femme fatale and who dressed to the nines. However, I am very happy with her choice of this role that is completely different from what you would expect her to play. She plays a muscly and tomboyish character who is trying her hardest to be ladylike, but also pursue her sport. It is great seeing her little quirks that give her character that spark. As for Joon-Hyung, I would love to see him in more different roles as he is once again a swimmer athlete like he was in School 2015. However, this time he is emoting better and is very playful. I can see him falling already for Bok Joo and his performance is vastly improved with Moon Lovers. As for the supporting actors, they are very natural and fresh as well. The whole drama is fun and breezy, a perfect little romcom.

3 thoughts on “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo: Raising the Bar

  1. I love this drama and the otp romance is soooo cute, love the friendships and group dynamics. This is the first college or school drama that actually feels like college life (if that makes sense)-sans the school work

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