The Princess Weiyoung


My tastes in tradition Chinese dramas are very specific. I love the ones where the heroine surpasses her peers in either intelligence or martial arts, or even better, both. Princess Weiyoung hits all of those points and has a perfect cast to match. Tiffany Tang plays Xin Er, the princess of the Northern Dynasty whole is loved by all for her intelligence and kindness.

However, one day, the Jiang Clan of Northern Wei decides to take it upon themselves to overthrow Xin’er’s family so that they can enjoy the power instead. Much blood is spilled and Xin’er’s entire family is completely wiped out except for her and her personal bodyguard. While on the run, Xin Er is saved by the illegitimate daughter of the Imperial Tutor. Weiyoung is shunned by the Jiang family because her mother is of low birth. Her family tries multiple times to assassinate her so that she is unable to go to the main house. Thus, she lives her life in the countryside and ends up dying while defending Xin Er from harm.

As a result, Xin Er decides to take over Weiyoung’s identity and get revenge both for her friend and the deaths of her family. She survives numerous attempts on her life by the Jiang family and eventually moves into the main house under the fake identity. There, she encounters much resistance from the main madam and Chang Le, her rival in love and status.

The Jiang family tries every which way to discredit her and kick her out, but she is able to outsmart them all and even gain praise for the Emperor himself. With her kindness, she manages to gain loyal supporters by her side even in the tiger’s lair. She also manages to catch the eye of Prince Gaoyan and Prince Nanan, potential heirs to the throne. Prince Gaoyan moves her heart as he has saved her from several difficult situations. However, she must keep her distance due to her real identity and her quest of revenge. Of course, Chang Le also has her eyes set on Prince Gaoyan and plots with her mother on how to get rid of her rival. It is a game of cat and mouse where a wrong step could mean one’s life.

Tiffany Tang usually plays the Candy type leading lady, but this time she is trying the revengeful type that outsmarts others. It is usually a role I see Liu Shi Shi or Ruby Lin in a lot, so I am glad that she is expanding into new territory. I really can’t wait to see her take her enemies down one by one. As for Prince Gaoyang, I enjoyed him a lot in Mu Gui Ying Guai Shuai, so I am glad to see him in another period drama again. He makes a lovely chemistry-filled pair with Tiffany Tang with whom he has acted in several other dramas before. As for Vanness Wu, I have mixed feelings.

On one hand, I enjoyed him in modern dramas such as Autumn Concerto, but on the other hand, he fits a little odd with the period style. The way he carries himself has a modern feel to about it and that’s not to mention the cornrows in his hair! However, his acting is pretty decent and I find myself drawn his darker side. Much of the cast is beautiful eye candy whether they be male or female. Everyone has such elegant costumes and jewelry! I do have to say though that Chang Le went heavy on those eyelashes! They are the only thing I can see when I look at her! This drama is quite brilliant at the moment and moves at a good pace. I can’t wait to see Princess Weiyoung take down everyone who opposes her!

3 thoughts on “The Princess Weiyoung

  1. Sadly I have read the translated novel and also listen to the audiobook, MC there is really different from the drama MC Tiffiny Tang is portraying.
    I remember the 5 steps flood solution that MC came out with, it is just a bait to entrapped Chang Le, her brother and even father. It is a ploy to gain something from the Emperor and that is depicted differently in drama. So many points of difference. Wonder if you have completed the drama?

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