Solomon’s Perjury: Truth Trials


Dark and thoughtful (with a dose of sociopathy), just the way I like them. Solomon’s Perjury is definitely reminiscent of White Christmas, the short little series a few years ago that broke out a lot of popular actors today including Kim Woo Bin, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo Hyuk, Sung Joon, and Hong Jong-Hyun, just to name a few. I hope that Solomon will also highlight the new generation of acting talent by featuring some not as trendy popular actors/actresses. To get to the nitty gritty, Solomon is about high school students taking a death investigation into their own hands to uncover the truth for which the parents seem to be wanting to cover up.  In the beginning of the drama, we meet So Woo, a quiet young kid who got into a fight with the school bully, Choi Woo-hyuk. Choi Woo-Hyuk nearly kills So-Woo during the fight, but everyone is to afraid to speak up. It’s beacuase Choi’s father also happened to be extremely powerful in society and whoever crossed his family ended always up squashed. With Choi’s family pressuring So Woo to admit that he instigated the fight, So Woo decided to quit school instead. However, it is hinted that So Woo has knowledge of another of the Choi family’s weaknesses and was in a shaky spot regardless. Unfortunately a few weeks later, his body is found in front of the school, buried in the snow. Two students, Seo Yeon and Joon Young are the first ones to discover the body of their classmate. While the police and school hurry to close the case as a suicide, the circumstances of his death were a little suspicious. Both Seo Yeon and Joon Young are traumatized by this event and ended up bonding over the situation. Joon Young’s life at home has also been hard due to his abusive mother and he had contemplated ending his life at one point as well. However, with Seo Yoen’s support, he decides to keep on enduring. One day, a letter is delivered to Seo Yeon’s house because her father is a detective who was on this case. The letter accused Choi Woo Hyuk and his cronies of pushing So Woo to his death, making the case now a violent homicide instead of a suicide. Of course this spurs on more rumors in the school and this opens the investigation back up to the consternation of the school and Choi family. To the students, it seemed that the adults were doing a slipshod investigation and they want to find the real truth. Fortunately, at this school, an anonymous person called the Watchman seemed to take interest in spurring the student population in opening up their own investigation.

I like the way this drama feels, dark, bitter, and frankly, really realistic. Often and again, schools in Korea are shown as life and death environments where getting the best grades is everything. If you don’t make it, you are cut. Power and money is on your side if you have it. You are powerless and underachieving if you don’t have the influence to give you a leg up in school. In these harsh environments, its more satisfying to see students break out of this monotony, and take a moral stand for once. While, we still have not gotten to the trial parts yet, we are getting a good luck at the stories behind our important characters and why they make the decisions that they do. Kim Hyun-Soo is a young actress who has been in several dramas, but in small supporting roles. I hope her performance in this piece will launch or at least be a giant stepping stone in her career (to the popularity levels of Kim So Hyun and Yoo Jung). She is definitely rocking the role, playing a sensitive, yet realistic heroine who will spur the investigation. Her decisions, which may seem selfish or self-centered at first, are quite practical given her situation. It will be great seeing the growth. As for Seo Ji-Hoon who plays Joon Young, I just want to give him a big old hug. His home situation is so abusive and appalling, I am surprised he held out for so long. While I have only seen him in a few specials, I hope this drama will help him develop his acting more. This is one of those exciting mysterious dramas that I don’t know whether I want to wait till all the episodes come out or eat up each episode as it comes out!

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