Whisper: Dark Intentions



While I do admit that this drama is a little over dramatic at times, I nonetheless am still interested. Following her husband Ji Sung, Lee Bo Young is also part of a drama where the corrupt upper crust of society uses power and money to get their way and out of illegal doings. However, Bo Young plays Young Joo, a police officer whose father is wrongly accused of murdering a informant. While her father’s trial seemed to be going well at first due to a just judge, it quickly went down hill as the judge gave in to the dark side. The judge, Dong Joon, had been once known for his morals and justness while standing up to the upper crust. He had refused to let those with money bully him into changing verdicts and refused all bribery. With this, Young Joo, had thought she would get a fair trial for her father and she even brought concrete evidence to supplement her father’s innocence. However, Dong Joon eventually was backed into a corner where he would loose his entire career and never get reappointed as a judge if he didn’t give in to Chairman Il-hwan. The Chairman was the head of a famous, but also infamously corrupt law firm that helped the rich get away things. Dong Joon tried with all his might to resist being influenced, but ultimately, he joined hands to save his career that he had worked so hard for. Heartbroken and furious, Young Joon who was now fired for meddling in the case, decided to get her revenge. She filmed a video where it appeared that a drunk Dong Joon had raped her and used this to blackmail him into helping her get her father free. Dong Joon, who had now become a lawyer at Taebek, the law firm was backed not only into a corner by his in-laws, but also by Young Joon. He has no one to turn to and must get out of this web of evil, but at what sacrifice?

Oh my oh my, I absolutely love these two actors, as well as the newer second leads. Bo Young, like her husband is a expressive actress who really delivers in her roles. Her role is really badass as she is willingly to sacrifice body and dignity to achieve her goals. However, I am NOT a proponent of her underhand manipulations of filming a rape video while the judge was under the influence. That is pretty wrong of her to do, as she has dropped down to the low of the low due to her tragic events in her family. However, I am impressed with her guts and willingness to risk everything. Meanwhile, Dong Joon played by Lee Sang Yoon is quite an interesting role. At the moment, all I feel is pity for him as he is surrounded by such corrupt people who are all trying to use him. He tries so hard to hold on to his morals, but he is being pushed down again and again. I hope he will find his feet soon and bring on the revenge on the people who have bullied him so. I hope that they can put their differences aside and work together against overthrowing such a corrupt organization. As for Kwon Yool and Park Se Young, they are deliciously dark and manipulative in their own right. I am so eager to see what kind of underhandedness they will employ and how they will match up on our revenge-pair.

PS. I am up to episode 6….and the dark dark chemistry between our four leads is palpable. YAAAS.

9 thoughts on “Whisper: Dark Intentions

  1. I’m so in love with the drama and love how my OTP is getting closer to each other, depending and trusting each other and starting to fall for each other!! YAY!! :d
    for now I believe Dong Joon started fighting back not only pushed by everyone as they please, he still get cornered but he make sure to payback as much as he get and I love his team work with Young Joo!! :d

    • Yes I completely agree! Ep5 and 6 were fantastic. They both are the type to throw themselves in a situation even if they know their lives are at risk. I also love how they are working together now. Ahhh I can’t describe how much i love this drama right now. It’s got just the right amount of dysfunction. Plus our 2nd lead evil pair….i feel for them. They also love each other to death.

  2. I love the drama and I agree, I don’t like her method of blackmail especially in today’s society but I am impressed by her tactics and how she’s always a step ahead even when we think she’s failed. The ending of 6😱😱 and that kiss to breathe in 5 had me shook

    • Yaaas. The kiss was so intense considering the situation. Woo Jin was also shook…..tho part of that may be from blood loss haha. And damn do you remember that snarky comment she made to So Yeon about her husband in bed. I was like ….plz get this lady a ice pack cuz that burn was quite something.

      • OMG😂😂 she was like he was good and why don’t you try him for yourself 😱😂😂 I kept replaying it because I thought i heard/read the subs wrong. That burned me

      • 😂😂 that’s what she get’s for thinking she’s better than everybody. I hope they have more of these scenes in the future

      • Me too. Tho I do feel pity for our second pair. They obviously love each other to death and are willing to sacrifice for one another. It’s a dark and twisted relationship just like our main leads.

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