Man To Man: Bromance Level


Action, Spies, Thriller, Entertainment, GO~ Reminiscent of K2, Man to Man is like the comedic version of it. Touted as the new Netflix foray into the Korean entertainment industry, I am just hoping they won’t knock off the airing schedule and free subtitles! Man to Man tells the story of a ghost spy named Kim Sul-Woo. He is an expert spy who has been on many missions with his latest one being to infiltrate a hidden mansion in Europe to find a hidden figurine. This figurine is of upmost important to huge companies in Korea and the politics attached to the upper crust society. However, to do this, he must become the bodyguard of a popular action movie star. The owner of the mansion loves this movie star and had invited him to the mystery home for a party. Said movie star is Woon Gwang, a notoriously hard to get along with man who is a dramatic flair. Sul-Woo with his charm manages to instill himself next to the movie star to the consternation of Do-Ha, the star’s manager. Do-Ha is Woon-Gwang’s utmost fangirl and a little on the psychotic end. She is completely distrustful of Sul-Woo’s intentions which are ironically correct as he has ulterior motives. However, again and again, Sul-Woo proves himself worthy to be the bodyguard and saves them from several awkward situations. With half the drama being comedy and the other half action, it is an interesting mix of a drama that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

I wonder if this type of drama will attract more international viewers as Netflix intends. However unfortunately, Netflix will have a weird airing schedule for the drama with airing 8 eps at a time. Korean dramas do not work this way and this may end up costing some valuable viewers. For example, who will remember in a few weeks, what happened in the previous half of a movie and to finish that in the next 8 weeks! Fortunately for us, there are still sites out there that will sub this drama as it airs for us viewers who like a normal airing schedule. As for the drama itself, Park Hae Jin is perfect as the spy in a tongue in cheek kind of way. His micro expressions are so funny. He looks so exasperated at the situations he is put in because of his diva VIP charge. Much of it is dry humor. Park Sung Woo is also brilliant as the diva movie star as he has a flair for the dramatic. I am looking for a epic bromance here as we are already building the foundation for it! Now, the controversy seems to be the actress who plays Do-Ha. While she is portrayed as a strong woman type….I find her a little too psychotic at times. It is just bordering on sasaeng fan level. I have also read comments online where other viewers have found her looks to be not very helpful in her role. I think it’s just that mushroom hair that really doesn’t work on women above the age of 20…. Hopefully she will tone herself down a little more for this drama as I really can’t picture a loveline yet…with either guys. This drama is definitely one I will follow providing that the airing is consistent.

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