Criminal Minds: Korean Remake


Power couple with a power remake. I love profiling criminal investigation dramas. Criminal Minds, the Korean version, is pretty amazing and surprisingly graphic. I haven’t watched the American version, so I have nothing to compare it to other than past crime K-dramas. Lee Joon Gi plays Hyun Joon, a past explosives expert who is recruited into the profiling team after collaborating with the core profiling team during an investigation. While Hyun Joon is the emotional one of the group, Sun Woo played by Moon Chae Won is the rational and logical one of the group. The rest of the team comprises of a cold as ice boss with PTSD, a super genius, a genius hacker, and savvy PR team leader. This well oiled machine investigates serial killers and their different motives in order to prevent the next victim from dying. While each episode is it’s own case, there are a few larger cases intertwined that haven’t been quite solved or has gone awry. However, there is never a dull moment as our team gets involved with these dangerous situations.

I really adore Joon Gi and Chae Won as they are both amazing actors. Furthermore, the team dynamics are really entertaining when everybody’s talents and personalities shine through. I’ve always had a deep interest in the human psyche, especially criminology and they psychology behind the crimes committed. It is disturbing and frightening how evil humanity can get. So this drama is right up my analyzing alley! Plus, its cathartic when the criminals get caught! I hope this gets several seasons!

3 thoughts on “Criminal Minds: Korean Remake

  1. Im still thinking whether to watch this series or not. Alot of people said they were disappointed with the series, maybe they put too much expectation on it? I dont know… but one of my friend who trAnslating the show said its not bad… she watched ep6-9, all 4 of them are good..

    • I feel like remakes get judged pretty hard. It’s not amazing but I feel like it’s a decent watch. Very talented cast! But the setup is more like a American TV show which is maybe why some people are disappointed with the pacing.

  2. I watched the 1st 4 episodes and it’s not too bad. So far the storylines are the same as the American version. Since I’m a huge fan of the American version, I kind of predict what will happen already so that’s the bad part on my end. Overall, if I have to rate it, it’ll be 8 out of 10 stars.

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