2017 End of Year Drama Review: Worth Every Second

Princess Agents: After watching all the flashbacks, we still don’t know who she really is.

Princess Agents

School 2017: The story of X and his school wifey, cute enough to give you cavities.


Witch’s Court: Let me rearrange that mind of yours!


My Secret Romance: Candy girls and candy-delicious men.

My Secret Romance

Defendant: The long con and Prison Break (Korean version).


Voice: Breathy whispers and teeth grinding, ready or not, Here I COME!


The Happy Loner: I only need myself….and okay you too.


Circle: So, what happened to the Alien plotline part? It’s okay, the bromance was enough.


Stranger: Bae Doona. The rest of the story doesn’t matter.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: Gentlemen in distress, waiting for the princess in shining armor.


Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me: Devil, please just talk to each other.

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Tunnel: I need more time with my daughter and also, let’s catch this serial killer in the future so I can actually have a daughter.


Black: 444. End of story. Literally.


Whisper: Dysfunctional loves = hot chemistries.


Save Me: Our wishes will be fulfilled. I believe it.


Chief Kim: The Epic Love story of TQ Psycho and Gluttonous Sociopath!

Chief Kim

Ode to Joy (Seasons 1 and 2): Grab a box of tissue and get cozy. Five friends/neighbors with nothing in common navigate their love lives, family drama and financial issues together.

Ode to Joy

Ka Badin (The King’s Servant): A noble family falls from grace. Not a new trope but the son’s journey to regain his family’s status is breathtaking. This is James Ma’s best lakorn in my opinion.

Ka Badin

Plerng Boon (The Frenemmies): When your best friend turns out to be your worst nightmare and wreaks havoc in your marriage.

Plerng Boon

The Cupids’ Series: Cinderella * 8. Cuteness overload spread over eight mini-series – each story featuring a different couple’s love story.

The Cupids

A Love so Beautiful: A plot similar to Itazura na Kiss but so much better. It’s basically Itazura na Kiss on steroids with a female lead who actually has a backbone and a male lead who clearly shows his feelings.

A Love so Beautiful

Ra Rerng Fai: Revenge, revenge and more revenge.

Ra Rerng Fai


5 thoughts on “2017 End of Year Drama Review: Worth Every Second

  1. Princess Agent NEEDS a S2 like come on! To end with her in the water??? Im thinking that her dad is the enemy or some general in the kingdom because they hinted that her mom was the dad’s love but then she left and fell for someone they all know. Loved, loved, loved Witch’s Court and the content. It needed to be talked about and Stranger was BEYOND amazing tje cast the stories the mystery and reveals😭😭 we need a S2. Glad you added Whisper. I haven’t seen it on others list Also Ka Badin was my fav lakorn of the year

  2. Bae Doo Na! Bae Doo Na, Bae Doo Na! Haha! My reason for sticking with Secret Forest too lol. The drama was good but whenever I confused or sleepy she grabbed my heart and I continued watching. You watch so many dramas! Great job! 👏

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