2017 End of Year Drama Review: Minutes Refund

Here we are this year again, begging for the precious minutes we lost watching some dramas…

The Liar and his Lover: I was lied to about the drama, from the casting to the chemistry….



The Emperor: Owner of the Mask: Nobody cares about the mask, nor the emperor really. I just want more plot about the smart second lead.



Mad Dog: I came in for Woo Do Hwan, but left because of the slow plot.



Man to Man: Quirky and a little overhyped, was expecting more coolness from our spy.



General and I: I wanted to love it, I really did. It had all the workings of an epic love story with smart people, but I got lost in the middle.



Two Cops: Great premise, great bromance, less Hyeri please.



Criminal Minds: When adapting a American show into a Korean one doesn’t work as well going as doing it the other way like Good Doctor.



The Eternal Love: SO CUTE, but nothing deep enough plot or chemistry wise for me to hold onto.



The King’s Woman: My perfect dysfunctional couple, which I unfortunately spoiled myself at the end for and now I can’t finish it.



Lost Love in Time: All the pretty with our OTP, but I think magic is just not my thing really.



The Fox’s Summer: This drama should have been entitled The Snail’s Summer. That is how slowly the show progressed. Don’t waste your time unless you have a lot of it.

Fox Summer


I Am Not a Robot: After 10+ episodes, I officially give up. There is zero chemistry between the two leads… Almost like two robots in love. That’s how much chemistry there is.



Game Maya: The ending of this lakorn was so wack. I blame the abundant and unnecessary side plots, leaving little time for the leads to go over their misunderstandings. A sad ending might have even made more sense.

Game Maya


U-Prince Series: I hated the first installment of U-Prince. I should have known better and dropped the entire U-Prince franchise. It just gets worst due to a combo of bad acting and sub-par plots.


5 thoughts on “2017 End of Year Drama Review: Minutes Refund

  1. i hate the first story of U Prince too but nooooo you must at least watch Part 3: T-rex, for T-rex. maybe fluffy and simple plot is not your type but T-rex is so cute i want a new drama with just him lols

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