Plerng Boon

Plerng Boon

This drama is angsty from beginning to end, which is totally the type of lakorn that I like. Before I go into more details about this show, I need to declare loud and clear that I love Janie as a nang’rai. Her acting in this lakorn was absolutely flawless and I am not sure that I want to see her play a nang’ek anymore  .

The storyline is fairly simple: Two friends and one man. Pim and Jai Rerng are childhood friends who’ve shared laughs and tears throughout the years. Pim is the kind hearted, pious and sweet one while Jai Rerng is strong willed and a go-getter. Nothing wrong with Jai Rerng’s character until you start looking at some of her flaws… Jealousy and greed. From secretly breaking a trophy won by Pim and stealing the limelight from her friend, it’s clear since the first episode that Jai Rerng is trouble. All this unbeknown to Pim (Yes, she’s that kind of naive female lead).

Jai Rerng’s jealousy might seem trivial at first but that’s until Rerk enters the picture. Rerk moves next to Pim and the two quickly become friends.  Pim quickly falls for him, but our girl Jai Rerng is faster and bewitches him. I am not lightly using the term “bewitch” but Rerk seemed almost obsessed with Jai Rerng. Rerk one-sidedly always put her first. Unsurprisingly their relationship doesn’t last long. Jai Rerng quickly dumps Rerk to get married with someone else – Terd, a successful businessman.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 9.21.50 AM

Rerk when he discovers that Pim and Terd are getting married.

Rerk who is heartbroken gets comforted by the only person who has always been there for him. Pim of course. The friendship grows and evolves into a romantic relationship at which point Rerk proposes to Pim. The lakorn could end here but no. That wouldn’t be fun.

When Jai Rerng’s marriage hits rock bottom, she turns to Pim for comfort and sets to wreak havoc in her friend’s marriage. Rerng moves in with the married couple supposedly because she has no where else to go. Let me pause here. This is just wild. Why would anyone let someone like Jai Rerng move into his or her house?! Despite several warnings from her family and her own husband, Pim goes ahead and take Jai Rerng in. What a dummy Pim is…

Rerk who is still not over the pain caused by Jai Rerng is rather hostile. Yet, he also seems to not be immune to Jai Rerng’s looks…

With this overview of the plot, let me rant and drop some spoilers:

  • The affair between Rerk and Jai Rerng is expected since the beginning of the show. The lakorn opens up with Pim catching her husband and her friend getting down to business. From this moment on, my first obsession as a viewer was to figure out how we got there.Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 9.13.29 AM.png
  • Everyone is somewhat guilty for creating this love triangle. Rerng is guilty because of her greed. She desperately needed a man who could feed her lifestyle. When her marriage fails (partly because her husband is broke),  she doesn’t spare her best friend’s husband in hopes to regain the money, attention and status. Pim is guilty because she has always been too naive. She refused to see Jai Rerng’s true colors and wouldn’t listen to anyone when warned. Rerk is guilty because he can’t differentiate love and lust.


  • When I compare Rerk’s relation with Jai Rerng to his relation with Pim, I notice that the one with Jai Rerng is irrational and solely guided by desire. With Pim, Rerk is more level headed. It’s less about lust and more about genuine feelings.


  • Part of me believes that Pim should have never married Rerk in the first place. Given his previous relationship with Jai Rerng, Pim should have guessed that trouble could ensue. Pim also condemned herself to always feel doubtful about Rerk’s feelings for her. Even on their wedding day, Pim asks Rerk if he truly loves her. Personally, I don’t doubt that Rerk used Pim to make Jai Rerng jealous at first.


  • I am also tired of r-scenes in lakorn. It’s not necessary to move the plot forward and it’s painful to watch. Here the r-scene is supposed to show us that Janie took a wrong path in life and that’s where her path took her, which I believe is silly. I hope directors come up with something else to drive lakorn plots forward. Enough of this. It’s also wild because Rerk as the cheating husband is given a chance to redeem himself and that is not the case with Jai Rerng. The double standard is bewildering.

This is probably one of the best lakorns I’ve watched recently so I definitely recommend it! Not a dull moment at all throughout the show.


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